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Apparently, Expired Deworming Tablets Were Used in Zamboanga?

When I heard of the news a few days ago about the deworming process gone wrong and man I am so amazed at the stupidity of the Department of Health which I might call as the Department of No Health because of what happened. Really Secretary Janette Garin? Those were "normal effects"? Wow, I can't help but scream foul although there are other possibilities why the medicine caused headache. However an angry parent may have shown what could be credible evidence that the Benzol medicine given to them was EXPIRED.
While I am reading all the call to boycott everything Made in China because of the supposed quality of all products, so what's next? Blame it on China? What? Will they say that the medication was Made in China? Now I am aware of the fake medicine industry in China but remember, that incident can happen anywhere. China might be a Communist government but it's been serious in axing people and promoting quality control these days. If you read the recent inciden…

President Nobita Aquino's Skipping An Earthquake Drill Is Very Uncalled For!

When I think of the stupid fact that President Nobita decided to skip the earthquake drill, I am sorry but he should consider what he's doing is very uncalled for.  Knowing that the Philippines is part of the Pacific Belt of Fire then you have to really be ready for any possible earthquake that can hit it.  Sad to say but what he did is a microcosm of the Philippines' having its state of being UNPREPARED.

If you want to know why Japan and Taiwan are usually ready for disasters is because they have that habit of preparedness.  Just think, most of their heads of state are very disaster prepared because the people have a culture of being disaster prepared.  Unfortunately, the Philippines has never been known for being disaster prepared.  Maybe China might solve its recent fiascos with elevators and escalators in a mall before the Philippines can ever get prepared for any real disaster.

I hate it whenever people tell me, "It's no big deal, it can happen anywhere."  …

Mar Roxas Should Show Leadership And Management Skills NOT Become A Transformar

When I think about the tasks above, now I don't think it's degrading for any rich guy to do some manual labor as a form of exercise. The issue is not Mar Roxas doing the menial tasks that many Filipinos tend to look down at but that he has become almost anything but a good leader.

It just reminded me that a group of laborers is never effective without a good leader. For example, the boss arrives to the spot of the laborer. He doesn't necessarily do painting for lifting of sacks. Even if he may try to experience what the others are experiencing and to know how to lead properly. When the boss is there to instruct everyone then the laborers become an effective work chain. Let's just think when the boss divides them by groups to do specific tasks. It's just like how factory effectiveness can be determined by how tasks are divided and assigned among laborers.

What Mar Roxas needs to show us is not that he can become different workers but how he can actually lead the w…

Even When A More Qualified Person Talks About Solutions, Many Filipinos Still REFUSE To Listen To Him/Her!

The smart Pinoy is never respected by the stupid Pinoy... nuff said!

People tell me I should just shut up asking questions if I think I am a hero (they canonize the wrong people anyway) or some politician, then if they can't listen to me then I don't expect them to listen to the people who are better than I am. If they cant listen to even one person who is concerned, I don't expect them to listen to people who are even far more qualified.

I remembered how the culture of anti-intellectualism continues to breed stupidity in the Philippines. Upon going to school, I keep hearing that it's just for a degree. What they ignore is that Bill Gates though he didn't finish College but he definitely finished high school and entered his first two years of College but just that, the world wasn't ready for him yet and that he actually took a vocational course useful for his business plan but he valued his friend who was a computer engineer. Without that friend with degree un…

How Can The Philippines Progress If A Lot Of Filipinos Don't Keep Their Word When It Comes To Payments?!

It's a problem that plagues every decent Filipino are those Failipinos who really just don't want to keep their word when it comes to payments.  There's always the range of excuses that happens when it comes to being unable to pay on time.  It doesn't take a Donald Trump or Bill Gates to understand BASIC economic principles.

While I am not a financial machine that can produce USD 5 Billion (then again, you know Failipinos are so anti-elite) nor am I a a graduate of Oxford or Harvard but I can understand the basics that... IF YOU DON'T PAY ON TIME THEN YOU HAVE NO WORD OF HONOR.  Don't give me the excuse I am not an economics graduate that I don't have the right to speak about this (Failipinos are also an anti-intellectual bunch) that I don't have the right to speak about it.  You already learned the principle of paying on time as early as elementary or high school!  It doesn't take a doctorate in economics in Harvard University (or any hard to ent…

Many Filipinos Need To Learn That The Habit of Trying To Look Super Rich Can Leave You Super Broke

It's really an issue that a lot of Filipinos tend to have the wrong definition of being rich. Aside from the prevalent anti-elitist stupidity set, I thinkt it's hypocritically just a game of jealousy because other people have more money than they do. I have noticed how many Filipinos have a very poor understanding what it means to be rich. It's all grounded on a superficial mindset where "To see is to believe." never mind that not all first impressions can lead you to reality.

I just thought about the habit of making yourself look super rich can get you super broke. When somebody criticized them for their spending habit, they are more than willing to throw the stupid and annoying, "You're just jealous." card. I just think about how these braggarts can get annoying with how they want to look as high class as possible. I can name some instances that I was easily impressed by such people when I was younger without realizing I had more money than they …

Why Aren't Decent Filipinos/Pinoys Affected By The Word Failipino?

I have noticed that whenever the word "Failipino" is used, bad Filipinos and Pinoy pridists show up and overreact without even reading the post properly.  Even if the word Failipino was used this way, "The law abiding Pinoy has every right to get mad at the Failipinos that are ruining their beloved country."  You then get a comment like, "You (insert bad word) that's Filipino not Failipino!" towards the post and I don't think they even bothered to finish reading the post.

So why aren't decent Filipinos affected by the word Failipino?  Because they know for sure they do not qualify to be called Failipinos.  They are the enlightened population that chooses to do what's best for the country, speak up and make a stand against the culture of dysfunction that is widespread in the Philippines.  They do not have the FLIPFAG mentality which is loving incompetence/ignorance purposely for all generations.  They seek to fight for the betterment of th…

Is The Philippines Really A Nation Of Happy People?!

Above is a picture in Tondo that I am using from Dennis Lee's blog. Considering that the State Of the Nation Address should have been in Carcar, Cebu - Iwant to write this post because the people of the Philippines are like ampaw or puffed up rice or cereal that floats on the milk. In short, they are out of touch with the reality of the situation. People are having their mental opium and overdose of pain relievers. At first you think the people in the picture are happy, they are just having a misguided notion of happiness. Worse I remembered some stupid Murican said, "Well I love the Filipino people, they are happy in spite of being poor." does not even realize the reality of the situation. What he does not realize is that behind the silly smile of the Philippines is a sad nation.

Not all laughter is mirth and a smile is not always because you are happy. I tried to think about people who have mental breakdown or a rude awakening may laugh boisterously but that doesn…

Yes President Nobita Aquino Has Accomplished His Promise Of Daang Matuwid!

I would really like to "congratulate" President Nobita Aquino for having really accomplished the Daang Matuwid which he promised since 2010 and the road has never been straighter. I can already see that the Daang Matuwid is already there and indeed, we have a Daang Matuwid indeed! And if President Nobita says we have a Daang Matuwid, he is right to say that! His supporters are right to say that there is a Daang Matuwid but they are only telling half of the truth.

Unfortunately the Daang Matuwid that we have is not towards progress but towards oblivion. In order to summarize everything, every SONA he delivers might as well be called as "Stupidity of Noynoy Aquino" and he is a leader who has No Direction. People can say, "The economy is doing great, we are Asia's next miracle." However whether you like it or not, the Philippines is having yet another Daang Matuwid towards oblivion. The furnace has a straight path but it only leads to the fire.

The Sad Fact That Menial Labor Is Belittled By Failipinos!

When I think about the issue that Filipinos were called as "domestic helpers" and the Philippines as a "nation of servants", I still remembered the outrage by butthurt Failipinos while decent Filipinos did their work humbly.  Come on, don't tell me they forget that OFW means Overseas Filipino WORKER.  Oh wait, haven't I forgotten that they think that the OFW phenomenon according to the Failipino way of thinking means they are taking over the world right?  Oh boy, why are they acting like masters of the world when in fact an OFW occupation means you work for a foreign boss.

I have observed how the attitude of Failipinos is their stupid haciendero mentality.  I noticed how they just throw garbage anywhere because there is the janitor to pick it up.  It reminds me of how it has become a common eyesore to see a student answer back at a teacher who told them to pick the unnoticed trash up and throw it.  For them, there is the janitor so why bother?  Even if th…

Understanding The Philippines And Why It Must Engage In International Marketing

Image taken fromBusiness Jargons
I remembered the time when I had a lecture with a no-nonsense international marketing teacher and exporter who warned about the problems of too much economic restriction and the refusal to participate in a healthy amount of free trade. The more I think about the international marketing subject, the more I think Filipinos need to understand the need to participate with the international market both local and abroad.
I hate to admit it but many Filipinos have a very uneducated view of economics. If you think about it, I've noticed rallies happen a lot during school days or a lot of these activists are usually out-of-school youths. Whenever I was in the classroom taking down notes or having an exam some of them even hold their stupid protests. Some members of those annoying Filipino leftist groups are attending rallies against foreigners instead of attending their classes or purposely skipping exams to please their stupidity. I feel sorry for the pare…

Philippine Democracy Is Currently A Government Of Stupid People, By Stupid People And For Stupid People

Democracy itself is not entirely wrong and a majority vote isn't always wrong but numbers do not change an established fact or what is right and wrong. Sad to say but history has proven how many times a majority vote can also be wrong because of the stupid mob. If you think stupid people are harmless - think again! You can think of how stupid people still have a cunning side like when they play the victim card, the jealousy card or any card in their sleeve to gain sympathy. The best way stupid people can still do harm is when they increase their numbers. Likewise, the same is happening to Philippines... because there are more stupid Filipinos than smart Filipinos, the Philippine democratic system has become a government that is of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people.

It made me think of the elections last 1998 and 2010. It made me think why do you think Joseph "Sherap" Marcelo Ejercito Estrada and President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco A…

Many Filipinos Should Stop Asking What The Philippines Can Do For Them

Remembering the famous words of the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy Sr. he once said something like, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."  Sad to say but those words are usually ignored these days.  Many Filipinos and Americans tend to do the opposite when they ask what their country can do for them instead of what they can do their country.

Two functions of the government are to maintain authority and to be an administrator.  No person can run a government alone and be efficient.  There are three branches namely the executive, the legislative and the judicial.  The executive is responsible for carrying out laws and approving of laws by the legislative body.  The legislative body is the law making body where laws are written and discussed on in Congress.  The judicial body is where the court system is overseen.  When you think of it, the proper function of the government is there to rule over people and to ensure order and safety but…

The Filipino People Need More Discipline, Not More Democracy

Some Filipinos tend to call me a Communist because I propose for a disciplinarian government and that I applaud Singapore as one model for progress. Aside from my posts on having a well-balanced economy -- I would also propose it's time for the Philippines to really learn discipline.

I would like to address the fact that the Philippines cannot really expect progress unless people first learn to follow guidelines. If you observe day by day, a lot of Filipinos do not practice any discipline. Do observe how many of them just throw their garbage anywhere in contrast to those who throw their garbage in the right places. You can see how reckless driving is a very rampant no thanks to loose traffic enforcement. Go to the government office and you can see people who refuse to line up properly and workers who refuse to do their properly. In short, it's all a result of not following guidelines.

Do I say democracy is really evil and that the Philippines should become a Communist state?…

Is The Philippines Ready For A Huge Fake Food Outbreak?

While right now, China has been suffering from food scandals done by its CRIMINAL CITIZENS left and right but the government is punishing them.  Do you remember the melamine milk scandal last 2008 and Zheng Xiaoyou the health minister responsible for the event got executed for it?  Right now I've read about 2011's fake watermelons or as of recent - fake eggs, fake rice and fake noodles again done by criminals in China.  Now it's time to actually think of whether or not the Philippines is really ready for a fake food outbreak.

The Philippines itself may not really be ready for a fake food outbreak.  Reasons you might consider can be ranked to a culture of impunity.  I noticed how a trip to your local City Health office doesn't give you the impression of health with all the garbage here and there, stinky toilets and allowing unclean food to enter.  A lot of dirty carenderias are still operating and not shut down.   You may also consider how law enforcement in most areas…

Reckless Driving - It's More Fun In The Philippines!

After reading this post from GRP Shorts, I really want to write this post about Failipino drivers.  Nothing has been more annoying than the idea of motorcycle drivers and car drivers who choose to be Failipinos.  It's really a problem that the Philippines is just so full of people who don't even follow simple guidelines.  This is also the problem of Failipino drivers are here and there as they ruin the day of decent Filipino drivers who love to follow guidelines.  For them, guidelines is nothing more than repression of freedom or as some call me, I adhere to dictatorship because I call for discipline.

I could share my experience of how it is to drive among Failipino drivers.  It's just like I made a wrong turn, they laugh at me perhaps because I didn't do it on purpose like they did.  But that is just a preview of how horrible they are.  I could share the horror of what it is to be driving among Failipino drivers who never follow guidelines.

Short Story: The Fat Murican Gets Karma!

Have you heard of the story called Karma written by Khushwant Singh? Well I thought some fat Murican in Get Real Philippines may get his karma soon. I will call him Blob Blabbersky.

Once upon a time, there was a fat Murican who lived in New Jersey named Blob Blabbersky who was a very fat moron. He was so sick of American culture left and right, feeling that America was the source of all evil. He was ashamed to be an American and wanted to migrate to the Philippines and become a Filipino.

He one day went to the Philippines for a few days. Later on, he joined the group called Get Real Philippines where he did nothing but troll everyone.

Anti-China Paranoia Won't Help The Philippines/China Conflict Over Spratlys

Now I am aware of the problems that certain people in China are causing like the problem of exploding watermelons last 2011, the melamine milk scandal last 2008, the ongoing stupidity of the Yulin festival, low quality Chinese brands... however these have caused some unfair hasty generalizations.  This just reminds me that many Filipinos are prone to hasty generalization but get mad when they are victims of it... double standard anyone?

How is the hasty generalization made?  Do you remember the incident concerning Rolando Mendoza where Filipinos were unfairly treated no thanks to President Nobita Aquino's refusal to do a proper apology?  Hasty generalization is when you decide to say that what is true for one is true for all when it is based on the truth that what is true for one is not necessarily true for all.  We can generalize that all Filipinos are humans but not all humans are Filipinos.

I am still aware of the stupidity that calls for boycott Made in China.  I really want …

Short Story: The Failipino Boy Who Cried Dragon From China

I previously wrote how the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf can be related to the Filipino society.  Now let's take a look at how the Philippines and China now plays that story.  China would be the wolf, the Philippines would be the sheep and the Failipinos are the stupid shepherd boys who kept crying wolf and raising panic.

Now it's time for me to write a short story to at least warm up this blog. =)

Once upon a time in the Philippines, there was a lazy shepherd named Filipo De Hippo who said time will wait for him. During that time, he was the only provider of food for the village with poorly raised crops and his goats always ran around, causing trouble because he slept on the job.

Filipo was a lazy boy, a palamunin who was the only provider of food for that village in the Philippines.  He was bored so he thought of an idea to add excitement to his life.  He knew there was a huge dragon in the pacific ocean who had a fondness for goat meat but it had not yet arrived so he thou…

Squatters Don't Contribute To Environmental Preservation Either

Before you think I'm against environmental preservation think again. As much as I am for some degree of modernization but too much of it is bad for you. Like for example, you may see some problems China suffers is no thanks to too much modernization like how a stupid Chinese woman ended up valuing her BMW instead of her son - fortunately the rest of Chinese media condemned the woman's actions. The problem there is not modernization but too much of it. Sad to say but some idiots tend to think that squatters are for environmental preservation which is just stupid. Either they play the victim card or appeal to that idiotic Commission of Human Rights.

Those pro-squatter idiots who think squatters are closer to nature to reconsider the lifestyle of squatters if it's even closer to nature. I have observed squatters are also bad for the environment with what they do. They just throw their garbage anywhere, they use the public spaces as their toilet which spreads even more germs,…

The Ants, The Grasshoppers And The Filipinos

Do you remember the story of the Ant and the Grasshoppher?  In Tagalog, it was called, "Ang Langgam At Ang Tipaklong".  Depending on which country you are in - it was either a rainy season (since there is no winter in the Philippines or any tropical country) or the winter in non-tropical areas.  The story has the grasshopper who makes fun of the ants for working from spring to fall - gathering food while all he did was just enjoy himself.  Finally when winter came, the grasshopper had no food to eat.  If you remember the Disney version, the Silly Symphony had included the statement that the grasshopper said, "Nature owes us a labor." but in the end he says, "We awe nature a labor."

The Philippines is a very culturally divided country.  Filipino culture might be very hard to define considering that some areas of the Philippines are filled with lazy people while other areas are filled with hardworking people.  Remembering my Filipino history classes, it wa…

How The Philippines Can Relate To The Illustrative Story Of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?  Depending on which version you read - the boy either dies or he is submitted to face the consequences of his own actions.  He always threw the wolf false alarm because he felt it was "boring" and he always had a good laugh whenever the villagers came to his help when there was no wolf at all.  By the time the wolf came, nobody helped him because they are sick of his false alarm.  The illustration can be seen like this - the sheep are the Filipino civilians, the boy is your average Failipino and the villagers are the Filipinos who are in charge of public safety.

While the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" was not a true story and it was just an illustration of a false alarm but today, it's not just boys who cried wolf.  You also have men who cried wolves or women who cried wolves or girl who cried wolves.  In short it's already the person who cried wolf.  I hate to admit it but the Failipino sense of hu…

I've Observed Eight Evil Ways On How Failipino Humor Can Be So Offensive!

It's no secret that the Philippines is indeed one of the places where an offensive sense of humor is the norm right? It's all done in the name of "democracy" indeed which sadly, they only have a dysfunctional sense of freedom. Such people think I'm a Communist or a Nazi whenever I fire foul at their offensive sense of humor. The offensive jokes done by many Filipinos is best called as "The Failipino sense of humor" because they fail to consider the mental, financial and/or physical welfare of the person who is the target of their foul sense of humor.

1.) You ask a serious question, they give you non-serious answers

I could remember the time that I needed to have my documents processed and the working student only kept answering me nonsense. Out of anger, I decided to get even with her by actually choking her with my bare hands until she answered properly. Another incident may involve them giving very vague answers like "siya" (which can mean a…

The Pasig City Demolition Incident Today Proves Squatters Are No Laughing Matter!

Whenever I hear a report similar to what happened today in Pasig - I am amazed at how the squatters are still as violent and arrogant as ever. Even the word informal settler is not bad enough, they are squatting over a property that is not theirs. Some people say that I am a Communist or Nazi whenever I say that squatters are human rights violators because they have a warped view of democracy. The Pasig incident today injured 23 people (a mixture of cops and demolition crew members).
The squatters have their own weapons which had bottles of acid, bags of human waste (PUKE) and stones thrown by residents. I would say that the demolition crew did come unprepared because when it comes to dealing with slum people, they are a very violent group. The fact they resort to using their crude weaponry proves that they are a bunch of uncivilized idiots. Worse, they may have the Commission on Human Rights to jump to their defense because CHR really means Criminals Have Rights in a stupid welfare …

Filipinos Should Learn To STOP Relying On Their Incompetent Government!

I always gave a flashback why do idiots win in the first place if it because in the Philippines, stupid is the new smart isn't it?  From Sherap Estrada's "Sherap Para Sa Mahirap" or President Nobita Aquino's "Kung Walang Corrupt Ay Walang Mahirap Campaign"- both candidates won the election no thanks to voters who really deserve the name bobotantes.  They are expecting the government to bail them out of their problems which is just dumb, dumber and dumbest.  What do they want?  A welfare state with benefits from the Commission of Human Rights?

When I think about the Philippines' having a high GDP and some improvements in the economy but it's not enough to say we have a bright future.  The government itself may manipulate information like how ABiaS-CBN will keep saying, "We are Asia's next miracle." while hiding the ugly truths of the government.  Filipinos should ask themselves if there are really increased job opportunities from i…

The Stock Market Problem In China Is NOT A Call For Fireworks For The Philippines!

I am aware of China's current stock market dilemma and right now, I believe that Beijing has it wrong on stocks.  However I am thinking that China isn't easily toppled down and as said, remember China was just another lowly country in the past during Mao's administration but Deng Xiaopeng brought it to an awakened dragon.  It also has become a major world power.  So when I think of economic problems, there's something we have to realize in life - what goes up must come down.  Any economy experiences ups and downs... like Philippine gross domestic product goes up and goes down depending on circumstances.  
You may consider the reality that almost everything is Made in China.  As said, you can go ahead and avoid Chinese brands all you want but whether you like it or not, your non-Chinese products have a very high chance that they are made in China.  When I think about it, my smartphone was Made in Vietnam but the battery was Made in China even if neither the smartphone …

Many Filipinos Have A Bad Habit Of Using Tagalog OR Any Of Their Dialects EVEN IN ENGLISH SITES

Now here's a screenshot of a comment I got from lady who claims to be a professional make-up artist.  I got this screenshot from here. Now it's time to take a look at the comment to how it when. Now let's think about how the comment went. This Mina person goes all the way from speaking English and now look at her comments as she interacts with Ritinha Nssf Jzl to how she reacts. Well I don't think Ritinha Nssf Jzl should have responded also in English.

The Hypocrisy Of Those Failipino Activists Rallying Against Foreigners!

I can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy of Failipino activist groups like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Gagabriela, Anak-Patis and the like whenever they keep their "Defend our sovereignty!" rallies against foreign influences. What's funny is that they are acting like as if they aren't using anything foreign at all. Every decent Filipino wants change but these clowns always choose their waywardness which is very annoying.

The Anti-American rallies are one of the most commonly seen stupidity by Failipino activists. When you look at the picture you can see the hypocrisy. They are rallying using American-English, they are using materials that may have involved American brands (I think some of them are Philippine-made), they are wearing clothes born out of Western influence and are they sure they aren't using any American stuff? Oh they should have protested here wearing ethnic outfit, writing in Alibata, speaking in Baybayin and not be wearing anything that's American-…

Politicians Should Be Judged Based On Their Actions NOT Their Family Background!

Do you know political dynasties are happening that is instead of one per family, one member jumps in then the rest follows?  Aside from the lack of strict implementation of the Anti-Political Dynasty law, you may also consider that people actually vote for people based on their family background and not based on personal achievement.  I always thought why the Aquinos have messed up the country is not entirely their fault - people vote for one Aquino after the other because of the late Ninoy Aquino. Likewise, there are a good amount of Marcos loyalists to explain why there's more than one Marcos involved in politics.  It's really an Aliens vs. Predator war.

What I have noticed is that Bongbong Marcos as much as I don't think he would be a good president should be judged according to what he does, not according to his father's actions.  Yes, the Marcos years were foundations of national decay for the Philippines but again, accountability is individual.  Some good kings …

Filipino Youth Should Take Inspiration From Tiffany Grace Uy, NOT Pinoy Big Brother!

When I think about Tiffany Grace Uy's 1.01 grade in B.S. Biology... that is something worth getting jealous about than the fickle popularity of show business. When I think she wants to become a doctor, it made me think that her hard work has made me think I was lazy when I was in high school. I feel like I want to use her to inspire a new generation of kids to follow her path instead.  I doubt it she is after popularity.  I guess her decision to become a doctor is in order to help others.  
What kids must also learn is that becoming a celebrity is no walk in the park. I remembered the time I wanted to enter show business so I'll have an easier time running into politics. After becoming part of a school play, I realized memorizing all those lines were never easy. I had to stay awake, find time to study and then memorize my lines. Think of the number of times that you will be very busy and be unable to move around because of fans. At the same time - popularity is a fickle thing…

A Thought Provoker: What If Those Annoying Ultranationalist Failipinos Established Their Own Nation, How Long Will It Last Then?!

I always had a stupid fantasy of actually sending those ultranationalists to some uncharted island or two, give up one island or two for those idiots. They always go anti-foreign while they are hypocritically are still using foreign stuff. I now want to imagine this scenario - I am the president of the Philippines and I've had enough of the Failipino culture. Daily, I get harassed with them angry because I am opening up the economy, they get mad because I start a plan that will make the Philippines a "real fine country" by fining people for crimes like littering and vandalism. I reinstated the anti-squatting law and I restored the death penalty for the worst case of criminals. They want me out of power but I may have a "peaceful solution". My proposal would be the "Pinoypines Basic Law". I might actually select the Babuyan Islands or any island of the Philippines that won't be good for investment. To "make peace" with the ultranationali…

It's Stupid To Keep Saying, "It's More Fun Than Philippines!" To Ignore A Problem!

The stupid campaign poster of David Guerrero has no doubt really created a culture of dysfunction and impunity.  The problem of having a culture of a misguided notion of happiness is prevailing in Filipino society. Being ethnically Pinoy is not a choice, becoming a Failipino is a choice - remember that. I might consider the slogan to be an opium of the Filipino society.  Like it or not, ignoring a current problem will not make it go away.

Looking at this picture it shows why becoming a Failipino is very unbecoming of any Filipino. Nothing can be further than the truth of the picture above of the Pinoy who chose to become a Failipino instead of a decent Pinoy. He has his Pinoy Pride (Failipino Pride) on his head with rotten nationalism, poverty, corruption stuck on his bare chest, he is only wearing the bahag of incompetence (the fact he's not fully clothed suggests that incompetence wasn't able to get rid of poverty and corruption), wields his persona non-grata staff and the …

Some Common Bad Traits Prevalent In Many Filipinos and Many Americans!

While I have been writing against those ultranationalistic Failipinos I thought I need to bring up the truth Filipinos need to hear.  Another bad trait that some Filipinos are suffering is the American superiority mentality.  While I would say it was good for America to occupy the country after Spanish colonization and released it on July 4, 1946 the true Philippine Independence Day.  
I have to admit that the Philippines has also been influenced by American traits for the worse in the later years... even after the colonizers willfully gave us our independence, the Philippines ends up as a blind sheep for America rather than a country that looks for several sources to progress.  Come on, why can't the Philippines look at other countries for examples too?

Now before you think this is an Anti-American post, it's not.  I am thinking that I hope this post will also awaken any decent American in the midst of their bad countrymen.  In fact, this post is very pro-American in the sen…

Forget About Free Lunch All The Time... Work To Get Lunch Instead!

I remembered the statement, "There is no free lunch!  Don't expect it!"  I always thought about how stupid it was when a former laborer of mine always wanted to eat lunch with me.  Knowing his mentality that he's always magpalibre or asking others to pay for him or that he's always buying in credit to vendors who desperately need cash... I suspect that he wants me to pay for his lunch because I have the money.  The free lunch mentality is nothing more than the idea of a welfare state.  They want the government to do everything for them.  Sad to say but I am afraid that the Commission of Human Rights is really contributing to a culture of impunity isn't it?

The whole free lunch mentality is stupid.  Do you know the Chinese proverb of giving fish and teaching how to fish?  The problem is more people refuse to learn to fish because they want to be given fish not just for a day but for a lifetime even if their body allows them to catch fish.  I can understand if…

"Jay Bee" Is A Microcosm Of What's Wrong With The Failipino Mindset!

It's a hard thing to watch in a culture that rewards the lazy Failipino and punishes the diligent Filipino and I guess this Jay Bee guy might be the greatest beneficiary.  Looking at that censored picture of "Jay Bee" (I think he uses this name because he conned a Jollibee delivery man) whose real identity is yet to be uncovered, he was the same person who claimed to be an "Atenean doctor" but looking at the picture above, he might be pretty poor himself.  The deception went on when he purposely tricked a delivery man from Jollibee just to get free food.  It made me think what is this guy's lifestyle anyway to why he did all that he did?  I am happy thought that there are decent Pinoys who are actually attacking Jay Bee instead of condoning what he did.  However I am afraid that sooner or later, that stupid organization known as the Commission on Human Rights may defend his rights instead of the delivery man who was conned.
When I look at the Failipino way…

The Failipino Activists And Failipino Pridists Are Deluded To Think The Philippines Is Ready To Beat China!

It's annoying to how these Failipino activists have their nonsense of Anti-Americanism but they have social media accounts, Facebook like pages and websites. After they protest against America you have them protesting against every foreign nation which is hypocritical. Don't tell me that they aren't using any foreign stuff. It really sickens me to think how these people have their stupid idiotology of Pinoy Pride better called as FAILipino Pride because they are taking pride of their failures, instead of learning from them. I want to ask them of how they even plan to beat China without the aid of American military equipment and reinforcements from other countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries that may be victims of the dragon's bullying. Are they even sure that they can win against China's huge army and modern equipment? I really applaud that other countries are aware they don't stand a chance against China but the Philippines is full o…

The Commission On Human Rights Under Etta Rosales May Have Deprived Citizens Of The Right To Defensive Killing

Etta Rosales may have quietly left the Commission on Human Rights but the stupidity remains. As of late, I have read how a person who killed a holdupper in what could be an act of self-defense, might face homicide charges. All I can say is WTF to that considering that killing out of self-defense is NOT MURDER or two, killing a mad sniper who has already held more lives in hostage. In short, has the Commission of Human Rights actually removed the BASIC RIGHT to self-defense?

Murder is defined as UNLAWFUL KILLING especially with malice afterthought. Do you want to know what is murder? Don't tell me what happened the Special Armed Forces-44 was not murder. Don't tell me that the Vizconde Massacre wasn't murder. Those were all unlawful killings that were performed. What makes me angry is how Madame Etta herself had said that the incident at Mamasapano was not a massacre, just a misencounter. Excuse me, doesn't she see all the bloody remains of the SAF-44 soldiers? Is she…

The Willful Stupidity And Hypocrisy of Anti-Elitist Failipinos

I have written a previous entry on celebrating poverty, I may want to write on the stupid value of anti-elitism. To be an elite means, "to be a successful or powerful person." The mentality of anti-elitism is where you hate the rich for being rich and you think because you are poor, you are never wrong. In short, it's just another form of victim card mentalityespecially when you think of it, they have their mentality to get mad at the rich people. Even if the One Direction concert is over, I still can't forget the whiny tears of some people who got mad at the rich people that the VIP tickets were sold out. You can go ahead and think I'm a One Directioner (which I'm not) but that ticket line incident will remain as one of my favorite examples of what's wrong with most of Filipino society.

After looking back and forth from that rather stupid incident, it also helped me see the problem of anti-elitism. What does it mean to be anti-elite? It means you are a…