An Open Letter to Peacekappia for December 31, 2014

Giving TOO MUCH Emphasis on the Dingdong/Marian Wedding?!

Protectionist Loving Failipinos DESERVE Their Shitty Services!

Failipino Media And Glorifying The Victim Card Mentality

The Painful Experiences Of Most OFWs During The Holiday Season!

The Need To Eliminate Lifestyle As An Indicator Of One's Wealth From Pinoy Thinking!

The Mentality That "Seniors and Authorities Are Always Right" Hinders Progress in the Philippines!

What Firecracker Injuries During Christmas And New Year May Tell Us About Failipino Culture!

Post-Christmas and Post-New Year Woes Among Failipinos!

How "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is Creating a Culture of Dysfunction!


The Fiesta Mentality Keeps Many Pinoys Poor!

Make It ILLEGAL for Establishments to Charge Higher Rates to Tourists!

Filipinos SHOULD CONDEMN NOT CONDONE Offenses Done By Fellow Filipinos!

Why Serfdom-Reliance and Protectionism Will Undo Any Economic Growth in the Long Run?!

Grace Poe is RIGHT About the MRT!

A Culture of Accountability Will Make It More Fun in the Philippines in the Long Run!

Are Those Failipino Activist Groups REALLY Helping OFWs (In General) or Not?!

When Will Failipinos Learn to Separate Kris and State?!

The NAIA 3 Incident is a Picture of FLIFPAG Culture!

Why Fixing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Top Priority!

Why Getting Mad at Other Countries For Executing GUILTY Pinoys Won't Help the Philippines

It's Time To Be an OFW With A Plan

Free Riding On Successful Pinoys Is NOT Going To Help The Philippines

Philippines' Geography is a BIGGER REASON To Open Up the Economy!

My Reaction to Cebu City Sending Help to Eastern Samar

My Understanding of Why Do Overseas Failipino Workers Remain Poor

My Reaction Towards "Emergency Powers" for President Nobita

Colonial Mentality is Just Another Poor Excuse to Cover Up Pinoy Incompetence

Who is to Blame for Bad Politics in the Philippines?

Throwing Out Economic Protectionism Will Make Investment Fun in the Philippines

Trying to Respond To A Really Facedesk Worthy Comment From E. Subijano

Getting Rid of the Victim Card Mentality To Make It More Fun in the Philippines!

Pinoy Humility Not Pinoy Pride Will Help the Philippines!

Why Cultural Exchange Matters For The Philippines

Growing Economy Won't Help the Philippines Without Cultural Change!