President Nobita Aquino's Skipping An Earthquake Drill Is Very Uncalled For!

When I think of the stupid fact that President Nobita decided to skip the earthquake drill, I am sorry but he should consider what he's doing is very uncalled for.  Knowing that the Philippines is part of the Pacific Belt of Fire then you have to really be ready for any possible earthquake that can hit it.  Sad to say but what he did is a microcosm of the Philippines' having its state of being UNPREPARED.

If you want to know why Japan and Taiwan are usually ready for disasters is because they have that habit of preparedness.  Just think, most of their heads of state are very disaster prepared because the people have a culture of being disaster prepared.  Unfortunately, the Philippines has never been known for being disaster prepared.  Maybe China might solve its recent fiascos with elevators and escalators in a mall before the Philippines can ever get prepared for any real disaster.

I hate it whenever people tell me, "It's no big deal, it can happen anywhere."  The issue is whether or not the incident can happen just anywhere but whether or not the Philippines is ready for any disaster that could kick in.  Sad to say whether it was Typhoon Yolanda or the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, disaster preparedness was done rather sloppily.