The Sad Fact That Menial Labor Is Belittled By Failipinos!

When I think about the issue that Filipinos were called as "domestic helpers" and the Philippines as a "nation of servants", I still remembered the outrage by butthurt Failipinos while decent Filipinos did their work humbly.  Come on, don't tell me they forget that OFW means Overseas Filipino WORKER.  Oh wait, haven't I forgotten that they think that the OFW phenomenon according to the Failipino way of thinking means they are taking over the world right?  Oh boy, why are they acting like masters of the world when in fact an OFW occupation means you work for a foreign boss.

I have observed how the attitude of Failipinos is their stupid haciendero mentality.  I noticed how they just throw garbage anywhere because there is the janitor to pick it up.  It reminds me of how it has become a common eyesore to see a student answer back at a teacher who told them to pick the unnoticed trash up and throw it.  For them, there is the janitor so why bother?  Even if there is the janitor but cleaning up the place is a cooperative effort isn't it?  The janitor's job is to assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings, not to do all the cleaning job.  I am happy for Filipinos or Pinoys who choose not to become Failipinos.

It made me think of why I am again impressed other developed countries (like Taiwan and Japan) where their schools usually have no janitors.  Students and teachers cooperate to keep the schools clean which teaches them the utmost importance of doing menial tasks.  Sad to say in the Philippines, I have observed how cleaning the classrooms are not so strictly enforced compared to most Chinese schools.  I remembered how the term "janitor" was looked down as a degrading term and that was a term used against me by a bully.  Ironically, he became a janitor somewhere and a real life loser - even his closest peers left him because he was a loser.

Do you know a lot of wealthy Filipino-Chinese tycoons had very humble upbringings?  As I love to mention it, Lucio Tan used to work as a JANITOR in a tobacco factory to pay for his tuition fee in Far Eastern University where he graduated B.S. Chemical Engineering.  I just thought what if he refused to be a janitor because it's "very degrading" - I don't think he would have succeeded.  Now even if not all people will become billionaires but if they would value menial labor and learn how to budget their money, they can get out of poverty to meet their basic needs.

Sad to say but Failipinos are the type who just want easy money.  That kind of mentality makes them easy recruits of drug syndicates from other countries.  Even if Singapore gives them a high salary of  PHP 13,035.95 to PHP 16,294.93 a month, it won't keep up with their extravagant "I'm royalty" mentality.  Becoming a seaman does promise high salary but still, it isn't as fast as one gets when they do the task of drug dealing which is really "easy money'.  I hate to admit it but belittling of menial labor might have already been a reason why many Filipinos become Failipino drug mules for the promise of easy money.