Philippine Democracy Is Currently A Government Of Stupid People, By Stupid People And For Stupid People

Democracy itself is not entirely wrong and a majority vote isn't always wrong but numbers do not change an established fact or what is right and wrong. Sad to say but history has proven how many times a majority vote can also be wrong because of the stupid mob. If you think stupid people are harmless - think again! You can think of how stupid people still have a cunning side like when they play the victim card, the jealousy card or any card in their sleeve to gain sympathy. The best way stupid people can still do harm is when they increase their numbers. Likewise, the same is happening to Philippines... because there are more stupid Filipinos than smart Filipinos, the Philippine democratic system has become a government that is of stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people.

It made me think of the elections last 1998 and 2010. It made me think why do you think Joseph "Sherap" Marcelo Ejercito Estrada and President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino won their seats? President Nobita didn't need to do Hocus PCOS as the votes were rightfully his. Sherap didn't need to do any manipulations as he was winning anyway. These people got into power no thanks to the culture of anti-intellectual stupidity. Remember that President Nobita nor Manila Mayor Sherap did not get into power themselves as stupid voters vote for stupid politicians. Whether you like it or not the Philippines might as well be called the Failipines and Filipinos might as well be called Failipinos unless they get rid of their loving incompetence and ignorance on purpose.

When I think of anti-intellectual stupidity who are winning the elections fair and square? Stupid people! Who do stupid people vote? Popular people regardless of low credibility instead of people who can really help the nation. Credible people only gain popularity in a nation of enlightened people but sadly the Philippines is a nation where most people are fools. You have people voting for celebrities and athletes who usually KNOW NOTHING about politics nor have any credible achievement. They also end up voting for activist groups like Bayan (Bobo) Muna, Gabriela (Gagabriela), Migrante (Migraine) International and Anak ng Bayan (Bobo) because these groups are also a group of stupid activists. The nation is just lucky if they get intellectuals like Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago, former House Speaker Jose De Venecia, Gilbert Teodoro or Richard Gordon. But no, people just vote for people who appeal to their stupidity because for them, they are the smart ones and they (according to their tiny brains anyway) just here to expose how stupid the intellectuals are.

Further evidence of anti-intellectual stupidity caused by a majority vote is also with our economic policies. I even want to blame our people more than our government to why economic overprotectionism is prevailing. There is always a balance between restricting the economy and liberating the economy. The problem is that the government always pampers the local businesses making a lot of them incompetent including the Filipino-Chinese established ones. I really have had enough of the majority who keeps thinking that foreign investment is foreign invasion and they ignore the fact that foreign investment will work better than overly relying on labor export... which makes me want to sing the song "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" even more because of the phrase "when will they ever learn" addresses the issue when will those stupid people ever learn because they refuse to learn.

In return, the cycle of stupidity continues because certain people in the government take advantage of the stupidity of people. An incompetent leader is easily manipulated by his subjects. This in turn creates the oligarchy where a huge amount of power is grabbed by a few number of people who control the economy at their slightest whim. They take advantage that people just love economic overprotectionism and their welfare state mentalitywhich continues to put them in power. This may have led to the problem of a super duper centralized Philippines which is faulty considering that come on, the Philippines has 7,107 islands! It needs more decentralization aside from economic liberalization. Sad to say but most people just love to wallow in their stupidity right?


  1. I can't fathom this...hopeless nation...never saw a nation where the people just want to waste away their existence from electing selfish, hypocrite, pork/rice eating leaders...I think Filipinos should stop eating rice three times a day, pork twice a day, and smelly fish every day. No wonder many Filipino's faces get bigger.


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