Many Filipinos Need To Learn That The Habit of Trying To Look Super Rich Can Leave You Super Broke

It's really an issue that a lot of Filipinos tend to have the wrong definition of being rich. Aside from the prevalent anti-elitist stupidity set, I thinkt it's hypocritically just a game of jealousy because other people have more money than they do. I have noticed how many Filipinos have a very poor understanding what it means to be rich. It's all grounded on a superficial mindset where "To see is to believe." never mind that not all first impressions can lead you to reality.

I just thought about the habit of making yourself look super rich can get you super broke. When somebody criticized them for their spending habit, they are more than willing to throw the stupid and annoying, "You're just jealous." card. I just think about how these braggarts can get annoying with how they want to look as high class as possible. I can name some instances that I was easily impressed by such people when I was younger without realizing I had more money than they did.

I just thought about what it was back in my elementary days. I remembered how jealous I was of the "cool kids" bunch. They had this cool stuff and that cool stuff. I didn't have many video game systems like they did, they had the popularity because their parents gave them the latest stuff. I'll admit I got jealous without realizing that my jealousy was superficial. They kept bragging they were rich based on their high class lifestyle, they bragged at how much money their wallets had, they bragged that they had the latest video system... blah blah blah... and whatever comes to mind. Later on, some of these people would brag about their going to expensive places, expensive restaurants and say they'll never eat at places I ate because "it's for the poor". Funny really that some of them are really broke as a joke.

When I started to think of the culture of living like you have all the money in the world or an infinite amount of money is very stupid and that sometimes having lesser cool stuff saves your cash and frustration. It made me think when my iPod 5 broke, I don't want to buy another one because it's too expensive. Instead of an iPhone where parts and batteries would be too expensive, instead I went for a higher class Samsung phone. With a Samsung laptop (which I think cost me around PHP 14,000+, really I forgot) instead of a MAC I had much easier time getting repairs. With a Toyota car, I had some problems it was easier to get the parts I needed. I didn't weep too much because I wasn't having a broken BMW. Sure I could afford an iPhone, BMW and a MAC but I choose not to. Just because you have the money doesn't mean you should buy the "coolest stuff" available.

What many Filipinos need to register into the brains is that being rich is not about owning all the nice stuff but in how much money you've earned and saved. I may have a Samsung Galaxy Phone, a Playstation 3, a flat screen TV but again some of my nice stuff were given as gifts or two, even if I bought something with my own money but that doesn't make me richer than my much richer cousins who may not have the stuff I own. If you want to know what makes so and so richer than I am is not the stuff they own but how much money they have. Practical knowledge tells you that the more you spend, the less money you have and the more you save and earn, the more money you have. For all you know, some people who look so glamorous on the outside have bad credit standing and are actually broke as a joke.