"Jay Bee" Is A Microcosm Of What's Wrong With The Failipino Mindset!

It's a hard thing to watch in a culture that rewards the lazy Failipino and punishes the diligent Filipino and I guess this Jay Bee guy might be the greatest beneficiary.  Looking at that censored picture of "Jay Bee" (I think he uses this name because he conned a Jollibee delivery man) whose real identity is yet to be uncovered, he was the same person who claimed to be an "Atenean doctor" but looking at the picture above, he might be pretty poor himself.  The deception went on when he purposely tricked a delivery man from Jollibee just to get free food.  It made me think what is this guy's lifestyle anyway to why he did all that he did?  I am happy thought that there are decent Pinoys who are actually attacking Jay Bee instead of condoning what he did.  However I am afraid that sooner or later, that stupid organization known as the Commission on Human Rights may defend his rights instead of the delivery man who was conned.

When I look at the Failipino way of spending, they simply don't know how to budget their money.  This "Jay Bee" guy may actually be an overspending guy.  Why do you think he even had to trick the Jollibee delivery man into waiting for him to just get free food when it's only PHP 200.00?  I suspect he might be gambling, womanizing and drinking so maybe, while he stays in that condominium in Manila, he may actually be very poor.  I noticed how often the trend happens that a person is in financial nadir yet they spend stuff on what they don't need.  It's really funny how some rich heirs can be seen eating at "pang-pobre" places while some of the lower income have expensive taste.  If you are very extravagant and lazy at the same time - swindling others of their money is one of the fastest ways to earn easy money aside from drug trafficking and direct stealing.  At the same time, please consider the bad value of purposely ignoring give and take.

Click the picture above and see for yourself how much of a scumbag "Jay Bee" is.  I got the picture from Kicker Daily.  Thinking about the guy's swindling activities he has actually taken advantage of people's gullibility.  The same kind of incident happened to me no thanks to a smoothtalking family friend.  One of the claims said they used to be friends with somebody who only wanted to be known as "Occhir".  I was thinking Occhir may have been deceived by smooth-talking.  I would assume Jay Bee is a smooth-talking swindler.

Do you want to know what's worse?  This Jay Bee guy has NO SENSE of shame.  Here's what Kicker Daily also mentioned he had gained infamy after bragging about what he did on Facebook and he even refused to show remorse for what he did.  Sad to say but Failipinos are ironically or paradoxically thin-skinned individuals (another term for onion skinned) but they have VERY THICK FACES.  As Ilda of Get Real Philippines says our society need to develop a sense of shame and guilt but sadly, our society is full of people who don't develop a sense of shame but are ironically hypersensitive to criticism at the same time like this Jay Bee guy.


  1. I feel really really sorry for the Jollibee Delivery Man. What kind of idiot is this "Jay Bee"?! He's an utter disgrace to Filipino/Filipina people who are decent and know well!


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