The Stock Market Problem In China Is NOT A Call For Fireworks For The Philippines!

I am aware of China's current stock market dilemma and right now, I believe that Beijing has it wrong on stocks.  However I am thinking that China isn't easily toppled down and as said, remember China was just another lowly country in the past during Mao's administration but Deng Xiaopeng brought it to an awakened dragon.  It also has become a major world power.  So when I think of economic problems, there's something we have to realize in life - what goes up must come down.  Any economy experiences ups and downs... like Philippine gross domestic product goes up and goes down depending on circumstances.  

You may consider the reality that almost everything is Made in China.  As said, you can go ahead and avoid Chinese brands all you want but whether you like it or not, your non-Chinese products have a very high chance that they are made in China.  When I think about it, my smartphone was Made in Vietnam but the battery was Made in China even if neither the smartphone nor the battery was of a Chinese brand  When I think of my appliances, none of them are Chinese brands but they were mostly Made in China.  In short, China may still have tax reserves and probably the only way for China to really be beaten down is if the wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs and other businesses should move out of their country and migrate to different parts of the world.

Is a stock market crash really the end of China?  Maybe not.  As I mentioned earlier, if almost everything is Made in China then China still gets a share of profit.  Just think if all the foreign companies with Chinese joint ventures you might think that whether it's 50% to 50% ownership or higher, even 100% ownership - the foreign companies must still pay taxes or face legal action.  People can go ahead and say, "Boycott Made in China" but even if they are buying non-Chinese brands - their latest items are most likely Made in China.  In short, China still has a certain grip to the world and if they are saving the money in their reserves or two, learn from their current set of mistakes then the stock market may steadily recover.

I also wanted to think what if the Philippine stock market gets its turn to come down?  As said, what goes up must come down.  Is the Philippines ready for it?  With how government spending goes or two, the financial scandals involved with Butch Abad (DAP and PDAF), the rampant economic pampering, too much reliance on labor export policy, not fixing the problems that is causing even greater problems like floods and traffic problems and the like... how can the Philippines have better investment?  Oh boy, don't give me the Philippines is too small excuse.  Did you know Japan and Taiwan may be much smaller than China but they have beaten China's economy for some time?  When I think of the Philippines, a lack of budget and savings may soon cause a lot of people to be caught off-guard when a stock market problem will happen.  

When I think of the delusion that Pinoy Pridists have that the Philippines can beat China, they are still ignoring too many factors that can cause the Philippines to lose.  With the widespread culture of incompetence like the Mama Si Papa Napaano incident or how ill-equipped the Philippines is, China doesn't need to send its brute force to defeat us.  Even if China is having stock market problems right now, it still has a military to attack the Philippines unless U.S. intervenes.  But what if they decide to call a midnight attack no thanks to a stupid war declaration combined with delusional tendencies?  There are also other military strategies that China can use too especially if they study through Sun Tzu's Art of War.  The Philippine Army is so widely disorganized can they really beat China's Army?