Yes President Nobita Aquino Has Accomplished His Promise Of Daang Matuwid!

I would really like to "congratulate" President Nobita Aquino for having really accomplished the Daang Matuwid which he promised since 2010 and the road has never been straighter. I can already see that the Daang Matuwid is already there and indeed, we have a Daang Matuwid indeed! And if President Nobita says we have a Daang Matuwid, he is right to say that! His supporters are right to say that there is a Daang Matuwid but they are only telling half of the truth.

Unfortunately the Daang Matuwid that we have is not towards progress but towards oblivion. In order to summarize everything, every SONA he delivers might as well be called as "Stupidity of Noynoy Aquino" and he is a leader who has No Direction. People can say, "The economy is doing great, we are Asia's next miracle." However whether you like it or not, the Philippines is having yet another Daang Matuwid towards oblivion. The furnace has a straight path but it only leads to the fire.

He should have known better to remove the stupid economic overprotectionist policy even if people will protest against it. True you need to protect local investors but not to the point you risk investments and employment. Just imagine what if he removed the 60/40 economic restriction and balanced free trade and protection that is both foreign and local investors are given adequate protection for healthy competition that is, there is no special treatment for either party. If he really just got rid of 60/40 and allowed 50% to 100% ownership, there will be lesser need for OFWs. Again, how many times do I need to keep shouting it out that the OFW phenomenon does not mean that Filipinos are taking over the world?

I could also think about the stupidity of his so-called fight against corruption. If he really was serious about fighting against corruption then his friends are not exempted and neither is he. During the Corona Impeachment trial, he was just playing the blame Gloria game. If he's serious about fighting corruption then why hasn't he really handled the likes of his appointees like Stinky Soliman (who might be buying fake rice from Chinese crooks for all we know), Kill Henares is playing dirty taxation policies, Etta Rosales in the Commission of Human Rights is only defending the rights of offenders, Jose Butcher Abad is misusing funds that could have been used for developmental expenses, Joseph Pabaya isn't doing anything useful for the Metro Railway Transit, salaries are still very low... SERIOUSLY THIS IS ALL DAANG MATUWID TOWARDS OBLIVION.