Filipinos Should Learn To STOP Relying On Their Incompetent Government!

I always gave a flashback why do idiots win in the first place if it because in the Philippines, stupid is the new smart isn't it?  From Sherap Estrada's "Sherap Para Sa Mahirap" or President Nobita Aquino's "Kung Walang Corrupt Ay Walang Mahirap Campaign"- both candidates won the election no thanks to voters who really deserve the name bobotantes.  They are expecting the government to bail them out of their problems which is just dumb, dumber and dumbest.  What do they want?  A welfare state with benefits from the Commission of Human Rights?

When I think about the Philippines' having a high GDP and some improvements in the economy but it's not enough to say we have a bright future.  The government itself may manipulate information like how ABiaS-CBN will keep saying, "We are Asia's next miracle." while hiding the ugly truths of the government.  Filipinos should ask themselves if there are really increased job opportunities from investors here and abroad if they want to see if the economy is getting better.  They should compare the prices of basic goods to see if the economy is getting better.  Stop relying on ABiaS-CBN (a government sponsored website), it's just a series of half-truths leaving you more confused than an obvious lie.

While the government has the responsibility to give out reasonable economic policies, like come on, OPEN UP THE ECONOMY ALREADY, the people must grab the opportunities themselves.  While there is a time you need to wait for orders but there are times you need to act on your own in a yin/yang balance cycle.  You don't need to be told to look for a job or what job you'll take but unfortunately, the Philippines is a country that has become overly dependent on its government leading to a lazy population.  No amount of economic improvement will alleviate the miserable condition of Filipinos - they must get out of it themselves.

Do you want to know how some people even got out of poverty here and then?  Now as I said, not everyone can reach Lucio Tan's level who started off as a tobacco factory janitor to becoming one of the big billionaires.  Some of the people who got out of poverty may not be living by the billions but they are still able to live a comfortable life even if they can't afford a BMW, they can definitely afford to drive a Toyota, a nice house and even if they may not be entrepreneurs but they have a professional job and they are doing their jobs well.  They didn't rely on the government - they chose to get out of poverty themselves.