Is The Philippines Ready For A Huge Fake Food Outbreak?

While right now, China has been suffering from food scandals done by its CRIMINAL CITIZENS left and right but the government is punishing them.  Do you remember the melamine milk scandal last 2008 and Zheng Xiaoyou the health minister responsible for the event got executed for it?  Right now I've read about 2011's fake watermelons or as of recent - fake eggs, fake rice and fake noodles again done by criminals in China.  Now it's time to actually think of whether or not the Philippines is really ready for a fake food outbreak.

The Philippines itself may not really be ready for a fake food outbreak.  Reasons you might consider can be ranked to a culture of impunity.  I noticed how a trip to your local City Health office doesn't give you the impression of health with all the garbage here and there, stinky toilets and allowing unclean food to enter.  A lot of dirty carenderias are still operating and not shut down.   You may also consider how law enforcement in most areas of the Philippines are very loose indeed.

Before those Failipinos start their anti-Chinese feelings, it's best to point out some things concerning the food scandals vs. how DSWD Chairperson Stinky Soliman has had her scandals.  You might think of how Stinky herself had poorly mismanaged relief for Typhoon Yolanda victims at the same time, Leyte villages received expired relief goods and she tried to cover it up.  Would have it been in China or any developed country - they might actually axe her or execute her.  But no, not in the Philippines and I am afraid that people like her will contribute to any possible fake food outbreak.

Those unscrupulous Chinese criminals who are running away from the Chinese government's chopping board may have just found the Philippines as one of the best places to do their dirty businesses.  When I mentioned about the government offices, it's very easy to bribe most of them.  Just pay some money under the table and those crooks can get protection, permits, areas, etc. and together with lazy Failipinos who want easy money - they might be the best people get to produce substandard food products and sell them to unsuspecting people.  Worse, they may even bribe the National Food Authority to allow them to sell their food products for consumption even if they are really not safe for human consumption.

Let's just say the fake food outbreak would be worse than the last one concerning melamine tainted milk.  Let's just say there will be a lot of spoiled meat, fake eggs, fake noodles, and fake rice in almost every part causing a lot of Filipinos to get sick or even die from eating them.  If it becomes a mass epidemic just how many Filipinos can afford a decent hospital?  From how I look at most government ran hospitals most of them are just plain inefficient like the cartoon above from Butthurt Philippines.  Just think of how many Filipinos who eat the fake foods would be subjected to Failipino nurses and doctors who always get distracted by something so trivial because they are very onion-skinned to the point they fail to do their jobs properly.

It may go worse if let's just say other ally nations like Japan, Taiwan or Vietnam offer to help but those stupid Failipino activists will shout out their stupid Sariling Atin Only mentality.  Like it or not, you really should learn to swallow your pride.  Do you think America would have found its independence by refusing help from the French?  Do you think the Philippines would have been liberated from Imperial Spanish rule and Imperial Japanese rule if it weren't for American assistance? Sad to say but Failipino Pride will NEVER help in the case of a fake food outbreak.