About This Blog

As a reader of Get Real Philippines and a patriot of the nation, I am simply concerned for the well-being of the country. The problem is the Philippines is plagued with issues that have prevented it from reaching progress as it should from a wayward culture that leads to several problems like bad politics and so on.

It's More Fun In The Philippines?!

The campaign, "It's More Fun In the Philippines" got launched as a slogan by David Guerrero. Sad to say but the whole slogan is a very misleading one. Is it really more fun in the Philippines? You can have all the fancy talk but if your tagline and product do not match, don't expect any returns. Money that is easy come is easy go.

Well it's time to challenge that way of thinking one way or another even if it means using harsh language to get people out of Lala-Land. At the same time, I blame the slogan for having caused a huge culture of dysfunction in society. I guess many people just want to have fun without realizing you can't have fun all the time.

Why the word Failipino or FLIPFAG? Isn't it harsh language?

The problem of the Philippines and many people is, "Be politically correct." or "You're too harsh." It's all part of an onion-skinned society.

Failipino is a combination of "failure" and "Filipino". You can say, "Just use the term bad Filipino." The term Failipino addresses the failure of certain Filipinos, it's a distinction between the Filipino (generic) and the Failipino (specific). Some people have used the word "Pinoy" to talk about bad Filipinos but the term Pinoy is a very neutral term. It describes any Filipino who fails to realize the ills of society.

FLIPFAG is an acronym that means "Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations". Again, do I need to state that becoming a Failipino is a choice and not by birth? Loving ignorance and incompetence is purposely done. They had the choice to choose wisdom and competence but they purposely chose ignorance and incompetence.

What's wrong with stating the obvious or to call a crook a crook or a hypocrite a hypocrite? Looking for fights? If I were looking for fights, I would have already approved the comments of those I call them as "Failipino/FLIPFAGs". Instead, I have chosen not to approve or respond to their attacks. The term "Failipino/FLIPFAG" will always be a negative word like crook, hypocrite or Murican (a term used to describe bad Americans).

I may want to try sounding less angry and formal but as said, the terms are somewhat needed to strike a huge point.

Why this is a positive website

People say that I am very negative-minded and that I should focus on the nice things about the Philippines. But as said, do you know when you have cancer, you cannot ignore it? If the cancer was caught early, you must have it removed and/or treated as soon as possible. I am exposing the social cancers that are ruining the Philippines. Again, I am afraid this nation is to full of onion-skinned crybabies. It's normal to be offended but how you deal with it is what matters all the more.