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Mar Roxas Is Wrong About Federalism

It's not a guarantee that just because a country practices federalism that the taxes will automatically be lower than unitarian governments. But looking at what DILG Secretary Mar Roxas said that, "Federalism will lead to higher taxes." is really an unsubstantiated conclusion. Talk about reaching into the conclusion before the facts and figures are studied. But again, isn't it that many Filipinos have that bad habit of making comments before they even finish reading and analyzing posts? I guess Roxas must be doing the same on the Internet huh?
For Roxas, can this guy get any more dumber? What was known the last time was that he supported economic liberalization but in an act of flip-flopping went against it. Now he's decided to say that federalism would automatically raise taxes. What he may have conveniently ignored or didn't know is that Malaysia is a federal state but it has 25% maximum for taxable income while the Philippines for a unitarian government h…

Mar Roxas Is A Microcosm Of What's Wrong With Many Filipinos

Having found this really funny picture of Mar Roxas as Mister Pogi, I think any Filipino who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z may remember this guy. Known to American audiences as Hercule (Hercules minus the s), the character is a comic relief who gets the adoration of the masses while he grabs credit for what he didn't do. Do you remember the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z if you are a Dragon Ball fan? Gohan was the REAL HERO who defeated Cell and in one of the animated movies, he defeated Bojack... but both victories were credit-grabbed by Mister Pogi. Likewise, Mar has dared to claim many achievements that were not his to be his like the cheaper medicine act or the help in Tacloban. Tacloban had plenty of other aid and not just the government when it came to helping the Typhoon Yolanda victims.

Leni Robredo's Campaign Might Be More On "Paawa Na Naman"

Last time, I wrote about the ugly cycle of necropolitics and this coming election has that problem all over again. If you remember, people just voted for the late Corazon C. Aquino because her husband Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" A. Aquino Jr. was murdered at the Manila Airport. Then her death may have triggered the election of Benigno Simeon "Nobita" C. Aquino III. Now it's time to really take a look at what's going on with Leni Robredo's campaign.

Like the late Cory, it looks like this is "paawa na naman" or asking for pity from voters. Instead of tackling on RECENT issues, why is Leni again focused on martial law? Now I don't deny that the martial law years had a lot of issues to answer for but that doesn't leave the legacy of PNoy Pride a clean legacy either. Plus, why is everyone really blaming Bongbong for something he didn't do and glorify President Nobita Aquino for a heroism he didn't do? It wasn't President Nobita who …

WTF: Neri Colmenares Sings A Foreign Song

What really makes those ultranationalists amazing is how hypocritical they are in their crying out foul against foreigners to get out but they are enjoying stuff created by foreigners. Let's just think that a few years ago, there was a proposal that would forbid Filipinos from bringing imported audio and video media from abroad. Fortunately, that stupid proposal didn't push through. Now let's really focus on this rather funny video of this clown. 
How much of a hypocrite is he with shouting against foreign investments? Guitars were introduced by Spain during their occupation, he's in an American-style office, he's being recorded by a camera that's obviously not made in the Philippines and just everything here isn't authentically Filipino. I just thought if he wants to promote "Sariling Atin Only" mentality then he should do this...

National Self-Industrialization Will NOT Solve The Internet Problem!

It's understandable that one of the biggest constraints of the Philippines when it comes to Internet service quality is that the country is composed of 7,107 islands. So here Rep. Neri Colmenares of Bayan Muna is really showing more reasons why the Party List to where he belongs to is better called "Bobo Muna". I mean, do you even remember how this guy is really against economic liberalization where he claims that foreign businesses will crush the local businesses. All this while getting involved with Western stuff like he hypocritically gets published on the social media, he holds a microphone, he wears Western style clothes, uses a smart phone which NONE of them were invented by Filipinos or Filipino brands.
Since the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands then do you think having very few Internet service providers (ISP) would work? Singapore can have fast Internet with having a few ISPs because it's an island but not with the Philippines. Because there&#…

Another Six Years Of Daang Matuwid Is B.S. Plain And Simple!

Not all straight roads lead to progress and unfortunately the whole legacy of PNoy Pride is a terrible joke to start with. As President Nobita's term is about to come to an end - it's time to really reevaluate of the failures of the Nobita Aquino Administration. It's problematic how the Aquino fanatics have this mentality, "Basta Aquino, iboto ko." and they help perpetuate the cycle of necropolitics. If you remember Ninoy died then Cory became president, Cory died then Nobita became president and when he dies you might as well expect a Kris Aquino presidency. It also has me thinking about Leni Robredo getting endorsed because of her late husband Jesse Robredo. 
Starting with President Nobita's campaign that says, "Kung walang corrupt ay walang mahirap." or "If there are no corrupt people, there are no poor people." it is really a preposterous campaign promise to start with. If you're going to get out of poverty it's your responsibi…

The Hypocrisy Of Anti-American Rallyists

There are always those idiotic ultranationalists who have their "Get out (insert country)." rallies but wait, there's got to be something that really should make you laugh if you observe them closely. The picture above shows a lot of stuff like the use of American products or stuff born from American influence. Even if the denims they were wearing might be Filipino-produced but it was introduced by Americans, the use of computer print outs presumably by American branded stuff and just a lot of stuff were either from America or born out of American influence.

"If you hate foreigners, why do you enjoy stuff brought in by foreigners?" would also be a good question to throw at those anti-American Filipino activists. They hate America so much but maybe at the end of the day they go to McDonald's, KFC and then they are watching television. Even if they were watching their beloved telebasuras instead of any imported show but weren't those television sets born…

Has Kahit Konting Awa Become The Theme Song Of Filipinos?

Considering last year was Flor Contemplacion's twentieth year anniversary and yet many Filipinos still have not moved on from that incident. Many still believe that she's innocent. Then you have the problem of Migrante International's repeated stupidity with their desire for more jobs for Filipinos yet they are against opening up the economy. What happened during Flor's execution 21 years ago was that not only was she hailed as a "heroine" but a bogus movie was made. The bogus movie soon had the hit song "Kahit Konting Awa" or "Just a Little Pity" in English.
It's an observation that the Philippine media just loves to glorify the victim card mentality. After the Flor Contemplacion movie, it was very common to have Filipinos believe the fabricated version of the story than the true to life account in Singapore. The movie suffered from a lot of inconsistencies in the portrayal yet many Filipinos bought it as truth. Ever since the foundi…

So You'd Rather Commit Suicide Than Support Economic Liberalism?

It's already a problem that so many people have that annoying attitude of wanting to commit suicide if they have to follow roles for discipline. It's time to focus on the annoying trait that many Filipinos have that they love to oppose any possibility of economic liberalism for the Philippines. So I'd like to ask them the question, "Would you rather commit suicide than support economic liberalism?" aside from, "So you'd rather remain poor than be for economic liberalization of the Philippines?"

Perhaps it's because the final lines of "Lupang Hinirang" says "Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo." or "Dying because of you." I'm afraid that these words in the national anthem may have influenced a bunch of ultranationalists to rather die than support economic liberalism. It's easy to see some of them do risky stunts during their rallies against international economic forums. I guess they have it in their mind saying, …

The Problem Of Voting Celebrities Based On Celebrity Relations, Affiliations And/Or Endorsement

Here's a picture of Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares passing a Certificate of Candidacy for Senator. Angel Locsin (Angelica Locsin Colmenares) is a popular celebrity figure and from what some reports say is that she's said to be a distant aunt to a man old enough to be her father. Regardless whether that is true or not, one needs to realize the truth of the matter that many Filipinos have the problem of voting celebrities based on relations, affiliations and/or endorsements. With how things look like, looks like Colmenares will get his vote no thanks to Filipinos who are also lack knowledge in basic economics. I guess all because of his filing of candidacy with Angel, people are sure to say, "Well I don't care about economics because I'm a fan of Angel Locsin."

Five Common Obstacles To Getting The Philippines' Exports To Exceed Its Imports

Whether you like it or not the Philippines really needs to participate in international marketing to progress. Part of international marketing involves the route of export and import. It's a problem if the Philippines cannot get its export to exceed its imports. Here's five common obstacles that needs to be overcome with the Philippines' role in the export industry. But of course, there's more, right?

A lack of accountability in the manufacturing process

In the Philippines, the word accountability is almost a stranger in the country. News like a slippers factory blowing up for any factory fire with high fatalities makes you think about poor safety standards. It can be observed that a lot of times, many businesses can easily get their approvals even if they don't pass through safety standards. That kind of practice really leads to a lot of disasters in the future. It can't be denied that while fires may not break out immediately but substandard manufacturing pra…

China's Flexible Ownership VS. The Philippines 60/40

I remembered writing an article on how China progressed overtime with Deng Xiaoping's promotion of economic liberalization in contrast to Mao Zedong's economic policies. Now it's time to really discuss about China's economic liberalization policy vs. the Philippines Rule of 60/40. What makes them so different are the results.
China Unique mentions some things about doing joint ventures in China. These businesses are usually 50-50 up to 90-10. Although China doesn't always allow 100% to foreign investments but they certainly have very flexible restrictions. Just imagine if you can have a 50% and above share with a local partner then that would mean you still have more control. There are specific zones on China that allow 100% ownership in Special Economic Zones. When it comes to owning at least 50% of shares with a local partner, the foreign investors have more or less fair play. It means that both the foreign investor and the Chinese partner are on even plain. When…

Growth Rate For Economy Isn't All That Accurate To Measure Economic Performance

Here's a table that may show two kinds of students in the Philippines or just around the world. Now let's look at the growth rate of the two students. The first is the good student and the second is the bad student. If you ignore the results of the first exam and the second exam, you will think the second Pinoy is the outstanding student. But what if you decide to think about going beyond growth rate, there is something you need to understand. The fact that a lot of Filipinos really lack knowledge in basic economics leads to them being misled by the "growth rate phenomenon".
Let's take a look at the percentages vs. actual performance. The smart Pinoy's growth rate may just be 1% but take a look at the two exam results. He nearly scores perfect in both his exams and there's only a point difference so that's why there's only a one percent growth rate. On the other hand, the lousy Pinoy's growth rate is 10% because it's 1/10. You might say t…

Do The People Of Migrante International Realize That OFW Mishaps Multiply No Thanks To Economic Overprotectionism?

Considering it's March again and last year was the 20th death anniversary of Flor Contemplacion, I might actually focus on the economic ignorance of Migrante International. These people deserve to be called as "Migraine International" because their stupidity gives migraines to any enlightened Filipino. Listening to their invalid or illogical arguments has always given me migraines. It's best to ask them if they really even know basic economics.

Aside from the fact it's getting old of using the victim card mentality to gain international sympathy for guilty Filipinos, I could also talk about their mind-boggling lack of knowledge with basic economics. They want more jobs but they are also against opening up the economy. These people are presumably deluded with the fantasy of a nation's self-industrialization without accepting foreign direct investments. They might be thinking that the Filipino government can offer them all the jobs they need without liberating…

So You'd Rather Remain Poor Than Be For Opening Up The Economy To Foreign Direct Investment?

While listening to the ultranationalists' stupid rants and their pride in a culture of foolishness, it also reminds me of the stupidity of their leftist economic views. Considering today is the very start of March and it might be best called as victim card mentality month, I'd also raise the issue of those activists who hate foreign investors but complain about a lack of jobs. It's simple to see that the idea of implementing a national self-industrialization instead of receiving foreign investments is nothing more than a deluded fantasy. It's time to really ask those leftist idiots, "So you'd rather remain poor than open up the economy to foreign direct investment?"

Filipino leftists say that those in favor of economic liberalization should study history and that first world countries progressed due to self-industrialization and not by foreign investments. Who are they trying to kid with their stupidity but stupid people themselves? Singapore and China b…