The Willful Stupidity And Hypocrisy of Anti-Elitist Failipinos

I have written a previous entry on celebrating poverty, I may want to write on the stupid value of anti-elitism. To be an elite means, "to be a successful or powerful person." The mentality of anti-elitism is where you hate the rich for being rich and you think because you are poor, you are never wrong. In short, it's just another form of victim card mentality especially when you think of it, they have their mentality to get mad at the rich people. Even if the One Direction concert is over, I still can't forget the whiny tears of some people who got mad at the rich people that the VIP tickets were sold out. You can go ahead and think I'm a One Directioner (which I'm not) but that ticket line incident will remain as one of my favorite examples of what's wrong with most of Filipino society.

After looking back and forth from that rather stupid incident, it also helped me see the problem of anti-elitism. What does it mean to be anti-elite? It means you are against people who are successful or powerful. Successful doesn't always mean powerful since not all successful people have the power like Henry Sy or Lucio Tan. They may possess millions of pesos worth of savings but they lack the ability or charisma to actually create another SM Mall chain or Lucio Tan's chain of businesses. However, one may be considered elite even if they are not well-known if they have at least millions of pesos worth of earnings and savings. I always thought that any form of anti-elitism is one good reason why so many Filipinos remain in poverty... it's because they CHOOSE to believe in the idiocythe Failipino stupidity of welfare state idealism. Because they hate the elite, they may even want to consider that being poor is better of because of the stupid idea of rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent.

Why are anti-elitist Failipinos so willfully stupid?

The idea of anti-elitism is stupid because it goes along with the ideology of Pwede Na Yan mentality. Now I say one must accept one's limitations but one cannot know them until they do some effort to find out their limitations. The problem of Pwede Na Yan mentality also springs form most public schools that provide a mediocre education with visual proof of poorly maintained facilities. Having gone to a public school, I would admit their comfort rooms are not comfortable for use. The classrooms are so badly maintained. So where's the allocated budget for public school repair? Maybe it was dispersed by DAP and PDAF for nonsense use rather than improvement of facilities owned and maintained by the government right?

Note that not everyone will become wealthy or nobody will work for the wealthy. It's not a problem if you are not rich but it's when one is satisfied with one's incredibly mediocre state of life especially in the dirt and misery of extreme poverty. What do I mean by mediocre state of life? Try observing the squatter areas. I went to the squatter areas for once just to observe their mediocre state of life like they are satisfied with eating food from the garbage can or pagpag, having no proper way to dispose their waste, children wading on the canal waters and other dirty activities. When I think they are frolicking and laughing while doing their nonsense, I really think it's just as severely stupid as having plenty of money yet you are still ungrateful for what you have because you want to have more or grumbling about your problems while doing nothing about it.

The problem of the anti-elite mentality can also be rooted upon ungratefulness or biting the very hand that feeds you. Instead of being thankful for the elite who pays them to assist in manual labor, they tend to backbite about their bosses even if they are treated fairly. You can think of it that time comes when the boss has to scold them for doing some inappropriate stuff like habitual tardinessor anything that goes against following SIMPLE GUIDELINES, they would say, "You are oppressing me just because you are rich. You are Anti-Filipino with what you do." which again, they always confuse discipline with dictatorship. While no employer should abuse their employee then no employee should rebel against their employer except in the act of self-defense.

Why are anti-elitist Failipinos big hypocrites?

Whenever I hear of somebody who's getting mad at the rich just for being rich, it's very easy to assume jealousy isn't it? I admit I do get jealous and jealousy is a natural emotion in all people, the problem they have is that it's the unhealthy type of jealousy which in return, they may think others are jealous of them. I can sometimes assume you get mad at certain elite if the rich/poor gap is so wide or two, you were mistreated but the problem may also be rooted with jealousy. When I think of the whole bad comments against half-Chinese UP graduate Tiffany Grace Uy, I am sensing jealousy from the lazy and incompetent who want success without hard work.

It might also be accompanied by the fact that many anti-elitist Failipinos are not only getting jobs from the elite but also, they benefit from the stuff by the elite. It's stupid to really have anti-Chinese Failipinos who say, "Philippines is only for Pinoys." However, they are enjoying the stuff brought by Filipino-Chinese like San Miguel Beer, Tanduay, Jollibee, SM Malls or they have expensive taste like they must have the latest i-Phone (which by the way, is a high-en product) so if they hate the rich, why do they aim for high-en product or two, go malling in SM? If they hate the rich, they shouldn't even buy expensive stuff like i-Phones or go to SM because they are results of what the elite has to offer to society. If they hate elite then they should reject anything produced by the elite.

Not to mention, I have also heard of their stupid Cinderello/Cinderella mentality. Before you offer me some constructive criticism and say, "That's Cinderella, not Cinderello. Please check your spelling.", the term is not common. Cinderello is a male Cinderella who expects his princess charming, that is a rich girl to get him out of poverty which I am just gender-flipping Cinderella. I always thought what if their anti-elitist mentality was because a certain Failipino man courted a rich lady (maybe she's Filipino-Chinese) and was rejected because he's an irresponsible bum or two, no rich man would pick the Cinderella wannabe as well.