Forget About Free Lunch All The Time... Work To Get Lunch Instead!

I remembered the statement, "There is no free lunch!  Don't expect it!"  I always thought about how stupid it was when a former laborer of mine always wanted to eat lunch with me.  Knowing his mentality that he's always magpalibre or asking others to pay for him or that he's always buying in credit to vendors who desperately need cash... I suspect that he wants me to pay for his lunch because I have the money.  The free lunch mentality is nothing more than the idea of a welfare state.  They want the government to do everything for them.  Sad to say but I am afraid that the Commission of Human Rights is really contributing to a culture of impunity isn't it?

The whole free lunch mentality is stupid.  Do you know the Chinese proverb of giving fish and teaching how to fish?  The problem is more people refuse to learn to fish because they want to be given fish not just for a day but for a lifetime even if their body allows them to catch fish.  I can understand if you were providing for a physically and/or mentally disabled person or a very old relative like a middle aged person who spends for his aging parent's medical expenses and check-ups.  However it's a problem when people who are still young and healthy are being given fish instead of being taught how to fish because sooner or later, they will  just take the one who's giving fish for granted.  It's a sharp contrast to how an aging parent who used to teach his or her child to fish eventually receives fish when he or she can no longer fish.

Free lunch isn't so free either when you think about it.  Just think... do you know how much money is invested in cooking in the chain of even just one meal?  It takes money to raise crops and farm animals for consumption.  It takes money to harvest and store the crops.  It takes money to make sure the butchering process is safe and sound.  It takes money to deliver the crops and the refrigerate the meat.  It takes money to make sure that the vegetables, fruits and meat are properly stored.  It takes money to pay the chefs and to maintain the kitchen.  It takes money to buy the safest and best equipment available for cooking.  In short, every step of the way of making the lunch involves money in the process and it's not free.  The people in the supply chain in short needed to disperse and receive money in the process!  Without that money, the supply chain cannot function properly.  If a tenant refuses to pay for rent, where in the world will the landlord or landlady get money to repair any damages should they happen?

What is not so surprising is that a lot of people who want free lunch are also anti-elite.  I may have failed to see that they are anti-elite not because of the sad reality that some rich people are evil but that their employers refuse to give them more benefits than usual.  They want pay but they refuse to work.  Maybe they expect their bosses to give them free lunch when that is such a costly and stupid idea because of the supply chain process all requires money.  Maybe they hate the rich because they don't always get free lunch.  I have nothing wrong against one person paying for the lunch of his peers as long as the other peers take turns in paying for the group lunch.  But for them, it's always palibre all the time and not about taking turns, in short it's just about them!

I also thought about giving free lunch too.  If you want free lunch, don't expect to get a five star lunch because free lunch is meant to be cheap.  When I think of being given free food at a seminar, I only expect some tuna bread and a can of juice because of the budget involved by the organizers.  If you want a five star lunch, work for it then.  Sad to say but the Failipino mentality just wants achievement without hard work which is impossible.  So what's next?  People will be calling the Commission of Human Rights because the free lunch wasn't a five star meal?  That's just plain stupid!