Many Filipinos Should Stop Asking What The Philippines Can Do For Them!

Sad to say but this is the failure of the Philippines...

Remembering the famous words of the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy Sr. he once said something like, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."  Sad to say but those words are usually ignored these days.  Many Filipinos and Americans tend to do the opposite when they ask what their country can do for them instead of what they can do their country.

Two functions of the government are to maintain authority and to be an administrator.  No person can run a government alone and be efficient.  There are three branches namely the executive, the legislative and the judicial.  The executive is responsible for carrying out laws and approving of laws by the legislative body.  The legislative body is the law making body where laws are written and discussed on in Congress.  The judicial body is where the court system is overseen.  When you think of it, the proper function of the government is there to rule over people and to ensure order and safety but never to provide for the needs of the people.

However in the Philippines you can see that many Filipinos want to be under a welfare state which really makes people very stupid by their own choice.  Right now, the Philippines is nothing more than a country that has a culture of punishing diligence and rewarding laziness.  Just think that latecomers are hardly punished which indirectly punishes the punctual people because in the end, both receive the same pay and the latecomers are not penalized.  If we are to think of what a welfare state is they want the government to do everything for them.  Having been under a welfare state has turned many Filipinos into the path of choosing to become a Failipino.  Spoonfeeding has turned the Phillipines into the Failipines and the Filipino into a Failipino.  It has created a nation of super lazy people when the government should not encourage laziness but diligence.

Now I don't call for the abolition of the government but rather I want to get rid of the notion that the government must provide for all the needs of the people.  I don't exonerate the government from its irresponsibility either but people are also just as irresponsible if not worse.  I do hate to admit it but the government is really catering the reverse of what Kennedy Sr. said about asking what you can do for your country and not ask what your country can do for you.  Instead, they just keep on going on with their palamunin support system which is wasting good government funds could have been used in stuff like in improving defense.

The failure of depending on the government in one animated GIF....

The failure of overly depending on the government can be seen on government-sponsored training programs.  If you recall those two divers that failed miserably in Singapore they were undergoing government training and sponsorship.  I have nothing against the government sponsoring athletes but the latter must never wait for sponsorship of the former.  If I were to compete, I would get a competitive coach who would do everything to make sure I am ready.  You can see how most public schools fail have a very high chance of failing miserably in competitions whether it's the public.  I attribute the failure to these people and institutions waiting for the government to support them when they should really make an effort to do their own part.  This was a contrast to Michael Christian Martinez who didn't wait for endorsement or support from President Nobita Aquino.  Martinez and his mother both made the effort to train and enter themselves.  As you can see, successful Filipinos do not heavily depend on the government but rather, they seek to succeed themselves.

I am not saying that people should stop paying taxes or getting benefits like Pag-IBIG and SSS.   Rather, they should make most of the effort to succeed for themselves.  If you look at successful people they did not get any help from the government at all.  I can use Jollibee as an example where Tony Tancaktiong started out as a modest man running an ice cream parlor before he owned the fastfood chain.  The only involvement the government had with Tancaktiong was with registration and legitimization but not to help him succeed.  If the government have any tasks with businesses it's to maintain the flow of supply and demand in the sense they should be shutting down businesses that are harmful to society and protecting those that benefit society whether or not they are foreign or domestic establishments or two, make economic policies that will help progress the nation like removing  the stupidity of economic overprotectionism by balancing restrictions and free trades to healthy levels.

Unfortunately the mindset of many Filipinos has always been set on loving incompetence and/or ignorance purposely with the intent of having it for all generations.  They just want others to do the work for them.  They want success without hard work.  This in turn has caused a Philippines that is run by so much incompetence and stupidity.  Are they still thinking we have a bright future all because some idiot who knows nothing says we do?  Get real please!