A Thought Provoker: What If Those Annoying Ultranationalist Failipinos Established Their Own Nation, How Long Will It Last Then?!

I always had a stupid fantasy of actually sending those ultranationalists to some uncharted island or two, give up one island or two for those idiots. They always go anti-foreign while they are hypocritically are still using foreign stuff. I now want to imagine this scenario - I am the president of the Philippines and I've had enough of the Failipino culture. Daily, I get harassed with them angry because I am opening up the economy, they get mad because I start a plan that will make the Philippines a "real fine country" by fining people for crimes like littering and vandalism. I reinstated the anti-squatting law and I restored the death penalty for the worst case of criminals. They want me out of power but I may have a "peaceful solution". My proposal would be the "Pinoypines Basic Law". I might actually select the Babuyan Islands or any island of the Philippines that won't be good for investment. To "make peace" with the ultranationalists, I would probably give them a separate state - that is totally separate from the country which I govern. I don't care if it's unconstitutional because what is constitutional is not necessarily correct.

In my view the island should not be furnished with anything. It should be underdeveloped. I will give these ultranationalists their own separate state. I won't give them resources like water and electricity. After all, they are the "greatest and most powerful race in the world" right? My imagination can go further to actually shipping them there with the help of the Philippine Navy. In my own vision, the Philippine Navy gets upgrades from neighboring countries. However I am using the old boats to ship the Failipinos to their "promised land" the "New Philippines" which they may soon name as "Pinoypines". I would have them register to that island, renounce their citizenship of the Philippines because they feel the nation is defiled by foreigners or maybe, arrest them and ship the first few to that uncharted island. I may even ask the international court for permission to declare that island into a separate state.

I might say, "You say you Pinoys don't need foreign help! Fine! I already had the international court approve of your new state! Enjoy it! Don't expect any help! There you have it! No electricity, no modern equipment! Build it on your own! I would gladly have you back if your nation will be much better than the rest of the world." I could imagine the downright comedy I would have after giving NO BUDGET to them - they should modernize their island on their own, no help from the State if they want to prove themselves to be the most powerful race on Earth. Maybe decent Pinoys can breathe easier now that a good amount of Failipinos have been shipped into exile. I don't know what they'll be taking with them to that island... I'll allow them to pack their things but I won't provide them modern conveniences... they must do it on their own!

What I picture their nation to be is a nation built on indigenous materials and they will litter everywhere. Since they are lazy, I guess they will just poo and pee anywhere they want which spreads their dirt like no tomorrow. I think they might go by chieftain system or if they are even bigger hypocrites than I think, they might have their own presidential system. I might also imagine they may soon get used to not having modern conveniences because if they had to establish power plants and facilities to run their island, it requires work right? They might as well let their misguided notion of happiness take over their thoughts causing their independent state to be a messy place literally. With a leader who is lazy and just lets his people do what they want with their quest for "happiness" I would view their nation to be utterly cluttered and it might become worse than Bangladesh that no foreign investor would invest in their country.

I thought of the reality of how their isolationalist state would probably soon end up exploding on their faces. People may soon steal from each other. A lack of agriculture and ranching may cause them to run out of food because people might be too lazy to even create sustainable development. If there is ever any agriculture or ranching involved, it would be so poorly maintained that it may not last long or people will fight over any rations of food left. They might end up eating just anything because they are too hungry. By the time some of them return to their senses they may have been too sick to recover... it may even be too late already.

When you think of it states like Somalia and Bangladesh were still able to stand until today because there is still development. But these development hating idiots may reject any development one way or another. So I really can't imagine how they will be in the end... except maybe they will just be a couple of dead corpses on a condemned island?


  1. Very correct!! Those leftist are bunch of idiots and noobs..

  2. A lot of these idiots are from the right wing too. Idiocy is the preserve of mankind and not any particular section of the political spectrum


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