Squatters Don't Contribute To Environmental Preservation Either

Before you think I'm against environmental preservation think again. As much as I am for some degree of modernization but too much of it is bad for you. Like for example, you may see some problems China suffers is no thanks to too much modernization like how a stupid Chinese woman ended up valuing her BMW instead of her son - fortunately the rest of Chinese media condemned the woman's actions. The problem there is not modernization but too much of it. Sad to say but some idiots tend to think that squatters are for environmental preservation which is just stupid. Either they play the victim card or appeal to that idiotic Commission of Human Rights.

Those pro-squatter idiots who think squatters are closer to nature to reconsider the lifestyle of squatters if it's even closer to nature. I have observed squatters are also bad for the environment with what they do. They just throw their garbage anywhere, they use the public spaces as their toilet which spreads even more germs, they waste the water supply of other people, they just ignite fires anywhere they want which contributes to carbon emission, some of them even recklessly cut down trees wherever they go (hypocritically some idiotic environmentalists think nothing is wrong with squatters for doing so while condemning some businessmen for cutting trees to be used for regular use) or pick flowers from public places or destroy the plants of others (which help contribute to oxygen). In short, these people DO NOT respect environmental preservation.

In the quest to support for the right to be squatters, any society that supports squatters can expect to be super polluted. They may go ahead and blame industrialization but as said, industrialization isn't evil unless misused. Unlike industrialization, squatting itself is evil because it misuses one's right to live by violating another person's right to live. If a businessman who enslaves his workers is violating human rights then squatters are also violating human rights of just anyone who worked hard to have legitimate residence.


  1. Cuz Failipinos love playing dirty, both in the literal and non-literal sense. :p

    1. Sounds like laziness at its worst to me.


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