Filipino Youth Should Take Inspiration From Tiffany Grace Uy, NOT Pinoy Big Brother!

When I think about Tiffany Grace Uy's 1.01 grade in B.S. Biology... that is something worth getting jealous about than the fickle popularity of show business. When I think she wants to become a doctor, it made me think that her hard work has made me think I was lazy when I was in high school. I feel like I want to use her to inspire a new generation of kids to follow her path instead.  I doubt it she is after popularity.  I guess her decision to become a doctor is in order to help others.  

What kids must also learn is that becoming a celebrity is no walk in the park. I remembered the time I wanted to enter show business so I'll have an easier time running into politics. After becoming part of a school play, I realized memorizing all those lines were never easy. I had to stay awake, find time to study and then memorize my lines. Think of the number of times that you will be very busy and be unable to move around because of fans. At the same time - popularity is a fickle thing and there will always be better people than you. If an actor or actress goes against popular opinion then it means more trouble than the regular person who goes against popular opinion like you may consider Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Lea Salonga-Chien got antagonized for daring to be different. Sad to say but most people still think becoming a celebrity is the way to instant success.


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