Short Story: The Failipino Boy Who Cried Dragon From China

I previously wrote how the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf can be related to the Filipino society.  Now let's take a look at how the Philippines and China now plays that story.  China would be the wolf, the Philippines would be the sheep and the Failipinos are the stupid shepherd boys who kept crying wolf and raising panic.

Now it's time for me to write a short story to at least warm up this blog. =)

Once upon a time in the Philippines, there was a lazy shepherd named Filipo De Hippo who said time will wait for him. During that time, he was the only provider of food for the village with poorly raised crops and his goats always ran around, causing trouble because he slept on the job.

Filipo was a lazy boy, a palamunin who was the only provider of food for that village in the Philippines.  He was bored so he thought of an idea to add excitement to his life.  He knew there was a huge dragon in the pacific ocean who had a fondness for goat meat but it had not yet arrived so he thought of making it into a prank.

"The dragon from China is coming!  The dragon from China is coming!" cried out Filipo.

A huge army of people came to bring in their weapons to defend the goats that would later be butchered during the town fiesta.  However there was no dragon.

"Filipo what's the big idea of trolling us?" said one of the Pinoys.

"You are wasting our time.  We have better things to do like our businesses!" said a Pinoy who was peddling his way to deliver flour to a Tsinoy who was making siopao.

"Ha!  I'm not trolling you people!  I'm just here to show everyone how stupid you are to fall for my tricks!" said Filipo laughing.

Filipo continued the same old scheme.  The dragon was a wise creature.  He knew that if he would soon attack the goats, the Pinoys who had bought new equipment from the United States and Taiwan.  The other Pinoys didn't want to waste their time especially with all the Failipinos that were making their lives miserable.

One unexpected day, the Dragon from China really did appear.  He spoke in an audible voice.

"Thanks to you Filipo and you throwing your pranks, I shall now capture all your goats!" said the Dragon from China.

"DRAGON!  DRAGON!" shouted Filipo but nobody believed him.

"Cry hard as you can Filipo... your countrymen will never believe you!  I dare you to call Father Time to save you because you say he waits for you!" said the Dragon from China as he violently chased Filipo.

The Dragon from China soon roasted and ate all the goats.  There was none of Filipo's goats left. The poor Failipino saw the damage that he did.
The villagers saw that Filipo indeed was responsible for the mess.  All his goats were eaten and there were none for the fiesta.  Not long after, Filipo's fellow villagers saw the tragedy.

"The Dragon from China ate the goats!  Nobody would help me!" said Filipo crying out loud.

"You should have never tricked us like that.  Luckily, the Dragon from China felt guilty about eating your goats and decided to bring us to this Tsinoy who sold us even better goats.  The dragon himself prepared us good roasted goat..." said the villager.

"You can't buy from the dragon, you must buy from me!" said Filipino.

"Monopoly is so yesterday.  Besides, you should know better than to fool around because competition is coming in." said another Pinoy.

"Yes, in fact, the Dragon from China brought in KFC and McDonald's.  You will no longer serve us with your incompetent monopoly now that the Dragon from China ate your goats.  We can have a fiesta even without you!" said a Pinoy who was now herding sheep.

"Thanks to the Dragon from China, I don't have to go abroad.  He told me that OFW life is more miserable.  Thanks to him, I have a new job because of a Tsinoy who was running an organic farm." said a Pinoy farmer.

"The Dragon from China ate your goats and it did us a favor.  After all, you were too lazy to even tend to them and they always caused trouble to our livelihood.  Now with competition either you shape up or ship out.  This year and forever, you are forever banned from the fiestas you so love!" said the Pinoy who just got a job.

Filipo was not invited to the fiesta.  Instead, the Dragon from China became a welcome guest after he settled the differences between China and the Philippines by economic treaties.  Poor Filipo indeed was defeated by the incoming competition.

The moral of the story:

When you think Filipo, he represents why the Philippines is so screwed up because their is no competition.  The Dragon from China is a force of nature that destroyed him by eating his goats thus destroying his oppressive grip of poor business practices with backward thinking.  Failipinos hate competition and when they have very little competition, they continue to choose to be Failipinos.

On the other hand, the decent Pinoys have awakened not ever since the Dragon from China not only ate the goats but also brought the Pinoys to a Tsinoy who sold better goats and gave them better services.  Then the Dragon from China brought to the village more jobs thus ending the grip of Filipo's farm.