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Pwede Na Yan Mentality Led To #SAGASA2016

Today in history is the failed #Sagasa2016 event. I guess many people wanted to see both Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Pabaya get ran over by a train, right? As the year ends, I decided to write this post before it's 12:00 Midnight or January 1st at 12:00 A.M. So how did the whole problem start?

Three words "Pwede Na Yan" or "that will do" in English. You could consider how neglect on the part of Pabaya gives him the best renaming of all. While his real name is Joseph Emilio A. Abaya but he got called as Pabaya for his lousy performance. Noynoy's refusal to dismiss Pabaya for his lousy performance would have also contributed to the deterioration.
Is it possible that Noynoy thought that as long as there's still an operational train and people can still breathe instead the crammed MRT then pwede na yan? If he thinks that those two will do then he's already sadly mistaken. When you refuse to do maintenance check then you can expect performance to deteriorate…

Maria Ressa's Desperate Appeal To Clueless Western Media Proves She's Lost Her Credibility AMONG FILIPINOS

I remembered writing about the problem of appealing to foreign awards that Leila Dilemma received and one of them came from Liberal International. Now it's time for me to raise another issue namely Maria Ressa of CRappler. If you can't deceive your fellow Filipinos anymore then why not ask for foreign intervention or import sympathy? While I'm not against foreigners or foreign help but I don't like foreigners who act like as if they're experts of the world.

Does she have the mentality that some Filipinos have where they tend to listen too much to Americans who believe they're experts of the Philippines? I may not be anti-American but I really don't like it when Americans spend a few days in the Philippines, just swam at some of the beaches, maybe they have a Pinay whore (in contrast to Pinays who truly love their American boyfriends and husbands) and now they're "experts" of the Philippines. If Filipinos themselves can't even be qualified…

The Philippines May Run Out Of Fresh Air To Breathe Would Have Daang Matuwid Continued Under Marbobo Roxas

I decided to do some Youtube video viewing and it's so tragic how some industrialized areas in China are now buying canned air from Canada. So what if the Philippines had the intended continuation of Daang Matuwid? It would probably be a nightmare with Marbobo Roxas as President or worse if we had Antonio Trillanes as his vice president.
Why do I imagine the Philippines running out of air due to Daang Matuwid? Do you remember the illegal mining operation and the Chinese poachers that got off scot-free? Instead of blaming China's government (which is now trying to address the pollution problem though they should STOP bullying other countries) we better take a look at how corrupt government agencies can be. First, you need to think why do Chinese drug dealers end up moving their operations to the Philippines? It's because under Daang Matuwid they can get protection under a very weak justice system.

The possibility that could happen is that forest reserves in the Philippines…


Yup Hero TV's gone and Filipino Anime and Tokusatsu fans are BETTER off without it. I may not be so big with either Anime or Tokusatsu but I'm glad this stupid network is gone. So what killed it?

Doing business means you need both QUALITY and QUANTITY. Hero TV has very limited choices. Instead of airing more new shows that they could they usually keep re-airing Anime and Tokusatsu shows that Filipinos kept watching when they were 90s children. By doing so, they are only keeping the old audience UNTIL they get pretty bored. What about a new batch of audiences? Customer loyalty is important but how sure you that old customers will always have it?

There will always be the problem of taste fatigue. Let's say you watched these really good series but would you like to watch them over and over again? There's always the need for diversification or you don't get anything done. If the same restaurant offers the same foods without any diversification then how can it invite new…

I'm Glad That Hero To Zero TV Will Be Dead

Hero TV more like Hero to Zero TV and I could talk about a lot of disappointments I had with it. I remembered how I was still a College student and it came. Yup, it's Hero TV alright. At first, I was excited but the more I watched it the more I realized how TERRIBLY disappointing Hero to Zero TV is.

Okay, I may sound like a snob right or a "the Japanese product is so much better" idiot (which I tend to be at many times such as my extreme favoritism for the Japanese original over the Americanized version) but hear me out. If Hero to Zero TV is supposed to be an Anime or Japanese entertainment channel for Filipinos then why in the world is it always airing the Americanized version? For one, it's airing Lion Voltron instead of Hyajakuu Golion or Power Rangers instead of Super Sentai? Toei may have given licenses to World Events Productions and Saban Entertainment BUT it doesn't change the fact that Super Sentai is Japanese entertainment and Power Rangers is America…

Should CRappler's Maria Ressa End Up In Jail?

It's no secret that the Yellows and their Filipinos allies are now threatening to sue their critics for "defamation". But here's the question - do they even realize that they're guilty of more than just simple libel? They're already attempting to ruin somebody's reputation as aggressively as possible. One of such person is MARIA RESSA of CRAPPLER. Here's a closing statement from Get Real Philippines on its most recent article about the same person:
Truth be told, Rappler went down together with the Liberal Party. It was their partisan politics that sent them down. As a journalist, Maria Ressa should have known not to show her bias in reporting the news. She couldn’t help but be nice to the Aquinos. She is still beholden to the name.
Ressa already calls people with contrarian views “bots” and “trolls”. She is the one peddling lies and exaggerations with inflated number of deaths attributed to “extra-judicial killings” and when she calls Duterte “authori…

The Achievements Of President Mar Roxas And Vice President Antonio Trillanes

It's time for another joke post on what could have been achieved if Marbobo Roxas and Antonio Trollanes became president and vice president. Let's try and do an imagined year end report with the Philippines still existing but barely surviving. Now let's do a possible list of achievements that could have been done by these two if they were president and vice president from June 30, 2016 up to December 31, 2017.
Continuing the anomalies that were in the previous administration
Do you remember the anomalies such as the Disbursement Acceleration Program, pork barrel, Bilibid's lack of control, fake news that keeps the politicians in power and drug syndicates? Well, you can have it a lot here. When Marbobo said he knows where we can buy shabu then why didn't he have those places raided and sacked? There's going to be the high chance that all these anomalies will skyrocket that fast!
Repressing freedom of speech with the anti-cybercrime "libel" law
While it&…

The Sooner It's RIP CRappler The Better

I just read Get Real Philippines' latest post on CRappler where Maria Ressa is once again throwing her nonsense. Blaming Facebook for CRappler's inevitable demise? 
Here's what the article has to say and I'm not posting everything word for word though so I can write more of my mind in it:
Maria Ressa, CEO of “social news site” Rappler has gone too far. Rather than own up to her failure to build a credible news media organisation that could compete in the free market of ideas, she, instead, takes it upon herself to appoint Facebook as “the new gatekeeper to information” and then proceed to accuse the social media giant for failing to “moderate its greed” and step up to that role.

MSNBC has become the latest Western media organisation to air Ressa’s monumental tantrum over how social media is conspiring against the “goodness” of Rappler and everything she stands for. It has backward-engineered a story from Ressa’s dubious premise and populated it with the usual cast of vi…

A Parliamentary Philippines Would've Ran Over Noynoy With A Vote Of No Confidence Last 2016

Do you remember the time when Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Pabaya both made the promise that if they couldn't finish the expressway then they'll allow themselves to be run over by a train? I decided to write about how things would have been different under a parliamentary system in relation the problem of the broken promise. Remember, they said if they can't finish the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor then they'll allow themselves to be run over by a train.

Under a parliamentary system, this would actually get Noynoy ousted out for a better prime minister or chancellor. The failure to create the expressway that he promised would displease not just the Majority Bloc but also the Minority Bloc. This would really call for a vote of no confidence against Noynoy and the call for Pabaya's termination and possible imprisonment for misuse of funds.

The problem of the presidential setting was that throwing him out of office or letting him fulfill his promise will mean Jejoma…

Defy The Firecracker Policy, Have An Unhappy New Year In The Hospital

President Rodrigo R. Duterte's firecracker control policy is part of maintaining public safety. It's not even repressive as you may think is. It's not a total ban either as there are firecracker designated areas with police supervision. Now you think it's unjust? Well why not try defying it and let's see where it will go.

As if seeing people spending Christmas in the hospital wasn't enough do you want to see more people spend the New Year in the hospital? Just because there won't be cops everywhere doesn't mean the consequences aren't there. Play with fire and you will still get burned. Play with firecrackers especially those that have been banned (such as Judas Belt and Whistle Bomb) and you may consider getting yourself injured.
There's a good reason why firecracker control is implemented. It's to greatly reduce the chances of injury. There are always safety precautions to keep dangerous stuff like knives, guns and chemicals out of reach. …

Goodbye ABiaS-CBN's Hero To Zero TV And Good Riddance

Yup you heard it: Hero TV to set its end of the year broadcast and here's what Anime Pilipinas has to say:
It’s the end of an era. Sources familiar with the matter has told Anime Pilipinas that Filipino language anime channel HEROtv is set to have their final broadcast on Wednesday, January 31st, after 12 years of broadcast.

The Filipino-dubbed movie channel TAG, which was broadcasting for just over a year, is also shutting down at the end of this month.

ABS-CBN, the parent company of the two channels, decided to close them down due to lack of advertiser support.

Anime Pilipinas has tried to contact the representatives of HEROtv and ABS-CBN for comment, but no response as of press time.

So why do you think Hero TV is shutting down? It's a lack of advertising support. Who would want to support a channel that's oh so mediocre in its performance? It's a pale comparison to Animax which has more diversity. Did they think that by frequently re-airing all the shows Filipinos hav…

Presidential Train VS. Parliamentary Train

Do you remember the time when Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Pabaya both made the promise that if the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor were not completed that both would allow themselves to be run over by a train? It was so last 2016 and now it's already going 2018. In short, two years ever since the broken promise to help put an end to what Noynoy called as the "panay pampapoging serbisyo" which may mean as show business type of service. Unfortunately, Noynoy's administration was set on one thing: SHOW BUSINESS POLITICS.

Now how would a parliamentary government have done things better? Here's a diagram to help explain things:

Okay, let's consider if Prime Minister Noynoy and Minister of Transportation Pabaya were both scrutinized by a shadow cabinet of the opposition or minority bloc. You could consider how Pabaya as the minister of transportation would have to compete with the shadow minister of transportation. The other would involve Noynoy having to answer t…

R.I.P Philippines? No, It's R.I.P. PNoypines!

Here's one of Leah Navarro's latest likes. It makes me wonder WTF is wrong with her? It's a shame how I once enjoyed her singing but now she's just an idiot. She re-tweets this tweet from a Twitter account called R.I.P. Philippines. R.I.P. Philippines? No, it's better to call it R.I.P. PNoypines because whoever owns that account is pledging not toward the Philippines but to the Empire of Aquino. 
Here's a video of a simple Davaoena who refutes "Philippine expert" Cynthia Patay with her ridiculous right now. This is really showing how PNoys themselves make the worst "experts" and pretend to be one.
Here's my response to R.I.P. PNoypines. I would like to throw some hollow blocks at whoever owns the stupid account from a distance than throw stones where it's near. Here's what would be a good indirect response that moron who tweeted it:

Look RIP PNoypines... really? Are you ignoring the fact that floods happen WAY WORSE in Imperial M…

Will #TindigPilipinas Blame And Unfairly Criticize President Duterte (Or His Associates) For The NCCC Mall Fire In Davao City?

I gave a thought about the NCCC Mall Fire in Davao yesterday. Yup, what a tragic thing to happen that it claimed some lives. I decided to put an assumption that there may be the possibility of members of #TindigPilipinas may soon decided to blame and unfairly criticize President Duterte or his associates for the latest fire in Davao City.

It's safe to assume that members of #TindigPilipinas are most likely going to use the NCCC Davao Mall fire. You can already imagine how idiots like Leah Navarro, Agot Isidro, Korina Sanchez-Roxas, Jover Laurio, Jim Paredes and Raissa Robles will start making noise again. You can also expect non-Liberal Party members such as Jejomar Binay and Antonio Trillanes to also get involved. After all, they've got LOADS of corruption charges against them right? Why not use the latest Davao tragedy as a smokescreen?
What can be done right now is to avoid direct confrontation with those idiots. After all, they're already intellectually bankrupt. It…

#SantaClausIsReal Yet He Couldn't Get More People To Attend His #DutereResign Rally

Here's a video of Santa Claus at Freedom Park dated last October 1, 2017. Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve and it'll be the eve of his annual journey. We last saw him rallying Freedom Park where he can't get people to believe in him. Not so many believe in Santa Claus as evidenced by his failed rallies. 
He couldn't get anyone to believe in him anymore in Freedom Park and I wonder will he make a rally tomorrow? It's Christmas Eve and he's afraid that he may get ma-tokhang when he gets down the chimney (if there's ever a chimney in the Philippines). Poor him, he doesn't have his reindeer to help him either since it's already global warming. How he arrived from the North Polpol to Freedom Park is a complete mystery.
I guess it's time for the crazy old man to retire huh? 

Firecracker-Related Incidents May Skyrocket Under President Mar Roxas And Vice President Antonio Trillanes

Happy Holidays anyone? It's a sigh of relief thinking that both Mar Roxas and Antonio Trillanes didn't win the positions they ran for during the 2016 elections. Let's say they did and I decided to imagine what could have happened if these two clowns were president and vice president.

Chances are neither President Roxas nor Vice President Trillanes would want to implement any firecracker regulation policy. It's even safe to assume that they may even encourage the reckless use of firecrackers in the name of Paskong Pinoy (Pinoy Christmas) and Pinoy Bagong Taon (Pinoy New Year). You might even see that they may import a lot of firecrackers and make it accessible to the public.

If you've heard of the deadly smog in India during the Diwali celebrations then you may get a worse incident with the Philippines under President Roxas and Vice President Trillanes. If government offices will start distributing free firecrackers under their orders then think of what will happen …

Those Who Insist Breaking President Duterte's Firecracker Control Policy May Consider Spending The Holidays In THE HOSPITAL

I'm sure glad that President Duterte implemented the firecracker control policy. I don't want to spend Christmas and New Year having all that noise pollution, the thick smoke and not to mention the bloody sight that happens with people getting injured in the residential areas. I'm sure glad that part of the policy is by limiting the use of firecrackers to designated areas with trained professionals. This way the number of injuries will be reduced.
Are you thinking that President Duterte's policy is unjust? Well, here's a bit of a challenge to those who hate him for some of his new policies. Let them go ahead and play with firecrackers. Let them get injured. This would be the greatest challenge. If and if ever they get hurt by the firecrackers they're playing then they have zero right to complain about their injuries. They don't see it that President Duterte placed the order of firecracker control to lessen injuries. If they ever get injured then they shoul…

Antonio Trollanes Should Hear Himself Talk First

It's funny how I'm not a Democrat I'm Nacionalista's Senator Antonio Trollanes has been chewing himself whether it's accusing others of spreading fake news (while he does so himself) or just anything. Now he accuses President Duterte of what he's guilty of. He even dares to say that President Duterte will fall for two reasons which is why the latter will fall namely his lust for power and greed for money.
It's more than time to bring up the issue. Don't tell me that Trollanes himself isn't guilty of lust for power and his greed for money. Why do you think he launched that failed coup to start with? Why do you think he's maligning President Duterte in BBC with the Stephen Sackur interview? Why do you think he's now part of the Legion of Doom #TindigPilipinas? Don't tell me this guy isn't greedy for money. Can he explain all his undeclared Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth or SALN? Why do you think President Duterte purpo…

Don't Tell Me The Yellowtards And Now #TindigPilipinas Aren't Allowing Nastiness To Run Online?

I can't help but applaud at the hypocrisy of the Liberal Party and now #TindigPilipinas. They are talking about not letting people get away with spreading fake news and nastiness. But wait... don't tell me they aren't guilty of it? You don't need to be a political analyst or a lawyer to see how sites like Silent No More PH and Change Scamming are guilty of spreading fake news and nastiness.

While it's sometimes better to play Aguirre than the late Miriam Defensor Santiago but there are times you need to play Miriam than Aguirre. While it's wise to cover your ears as much as possible from the nonsense of the Dilawans but there are times you need to be like Miriam. Sometimes, you need to throw hollow blocks whenever necessary. Now it's time to give an example of their nastiness. I would like to throw some Miriam-like bullets in honor of the deceased Senator. 
As if blaming President Duterte for Maxine Medina's loss wasn't enough then you can take a l…

Merry Christmas From #TindigPilipinas

Who says the people at #TindigPilipinas don't know how to have fun? We can see Kiko Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, Antonio Trillanes, Bum Aquino, Leni Loud Robredo and Franklin Drilon as jolly old Santa Claus in this picture. Any Christmas wishes for them? Comment!

ABiaS-CBN Reporter Doris Bigornia Suffers The Consequences Of Not Following Simple Guidelines

Here's a picture I got from Autocar Philippines which also showed the incident of ABiaS-CBN Reporter, Doris Bigornia. For one, I really can't stand her idiocy. I guess she's the type of person who hates to follow even the most simple guidelines. If there are certain guidelines then there are certain reasons to why they're there... just like fastening your seatbelt when you're in the car, right? That's because these rules are meant to protect people from consequences.

I wonder what was Doris thinking when she wasn't buckling up? Did she think she could fight the "oppression" of the Duterte Administration by not fastening her seatbelt? I guess President Duterte also enforced a lot of policies for the purpose of public safety. Idiots like her may only think of seat belts, divider cones, no smoking in public policy, firecracker control policy and the like as "symbols of oppression". While it's okay to be critical of President Duterte but…

Will Martial Law Be Needed To Free Philippines From SISI?

It's no secret that the SISI terrorist group has infiltrated various offices in the Philippines whether it'd be the executive, the legislative and the judicial. If Marawi was placed under extended military law due to the possibility of Maute remnants and repairs of the damaged city require high security - then maybe the National Capital Region should be placed under martial law as well.

What is SISI doing right now? They are trying to undermine the current administration as to maintain power that they had last adminsitration. Even if Leila Al Sabah has been arrested, Abu Sayad is no longer in power, Abu Suyop lost the presidential race - you still have Ali Punga, Talib Abdelkanin, Tabah bin Tahmad, Ali Mango and Fakeehah Nasira who are all still in power. Ali Baba is still rallying with his stupidity.  Worse, Nasira is still the assuming Vice President of the Philippines. Should Duterte be ousted, SISI will succeed in taking over the Philippine government.

Right now, Fakeehah…

You Want Your Folks Home For Christmas Yet You're Against Economic Liberalization?

It's almost Christmas and I'm thinking about the song, "I'll be home for Christmas." But that is one song that's often sung because of the 1987 Constitution. Now I'm using CRappler against itself again with this video of children of OFWs talk about Christmas without their loved ones. But it's not just CRappler I'm going to use as an example but also stupid activist groups like Migraine International
Yup, here's Migraine International again with their usual nonsense. They're also using children for their agenda. How many times do they wish (or so we think) that the labor export policy will be trashed but these group of idiots are so against economic liberalization? They would rather adhere to the delusion of self-industrialization rather than accept that they should also responsibly accept foreign investment to help the countries progress. Are they still hoping for the magical national industry to happen? 
These people are so stupid beca…

Why Don't We Throw The Blood Red Comment At Kris Aquino Too?

Here's a bit of a joke thrown against Raissa Robles' Twitter. This really shows the extreme double standard of the Dilawans. They only care about what's right and what's wrong only when it's convenient for them. They have every right to criticize but not to be criticized. They have the right to do what they want but not others. Worse, they are practicing something that they're all good at - accusing others of what they're guilty of.
Should I mention how often Raissa falsely accuses President Duterte of cherry picking history all the while the Yellowtards are doing it? I guess she's also forgotten the blood that the Aquinos and Cojuangcos spilled such as the Hacienda Luisita Massacre or not to mention - Benigno Aquino Sr. was a traitor to his own country during the Imperial Japanese occupation.
What do yo think of this scenario?

I Wish Beverly Caimen Made Her Debut With Kyuranger's Opening

As Kyuranger comes to an end and Kamen Rider Build is barely its first half - I just want to throw in a bit of a joke that I wish wasn't a joke from my head. I want to imagine what if PANDORA featuring Beverly Caimen made their debut as early as February 12, 2017 instead of September 3, 2017. While it's good to have her debut in Kamen Rider Build but I still can't help but wish it were Kyuranger instead.
If it did, I think it could really be a big dirty finger at Philippine TV networks that despise real talented Filipinos while promoting a culture of mediocrity. It would really be an earlier blast at the mediocrity encouraged by the Philippine entertainment industry. Should I mention it's really reaching that unreachable star if she sang Kyuranger's opening theme. 
The lyrics of Lucky Star in English are as follows:
Woo Oh Oh…

Looking at the sky, we wonder how many stars there are
Feeling frustrated about not being able to count them all, we go

On this world, there ar…

Did We Forget Kris Aquino Also Used The Presidential Chopper For Her Convenience?

It's crazy to simply focus on what's wrong with Isabelle Duterte's photoshoot at the Malacanang. I still disagree with Harry Roque saying that nothing's wrong with it. For one, I think it's something to do with what Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. once said you have to do a little wrong to get your message across. I guess this is it and now it's time to talk about another incident.

Do you remember the time when Kris Aquino used the presidential chopper for her convenience during the Marbobo Campaign Period? As much as I think Isabelle shouldn't have done what she did but let's face it - Kris used the presidential chopper which would use more gasoline than Isabelle's photoshoot. How much money is used when you use the chopper vs. a photoshoot?

Right now, it's time to think about it that while I still think Isabelle should have done her photoshoot somewhere else but... don't you think Kris should have gotten some form of punishment…

Isabelle Duterte's Photoshoot VS. Leni Loud Robredo's Yoga Session

Yes, it's wrong for Isabelle Duterte to do her photoshoot at the Malacanang Palace. Just because her paternal grandfather is the president doesn't make it right. I agree with the criticisms but those who criticize her shouldn't forget this one also...

Yes, Leni Loud Robredo turned the Office of the Vice President into a yoga station. It's stupid to criticize Isabelle's photoshoot at the Malacanang if we fail to bring up Leni Loud inviting her friends to do yoga in her office.

If there's anything right now, it feels like the photoshoot done by Isabelle (as wrong as it is) is now being used to bait the Yellowtards' hypocrisy.