The Commission On Human Rights May Have Deprived Citizens Of The Right To Defensive Killing

Etta Rosales may have quietly left the Commission on Human Rights but the stupidity remains.  As of late, I have read how a person who killed a holdupper in what could be an act of self-defense, might face homicide charges.  All I can say is WTF to that considering that killing out of self-defense is NOT MURDER or two, killing a mad sniper who has already held more lives in hostage.  In short, has the Commission of Human Rights actually removed the BASIC RIGHT to self-defense?

Murder is defined as UNLAWFUL KILLING especially with malice afterthought.  Do you want to know what is murder?  Don't tell me what happened the Special Armed Forces-44 was not murder.  Don't tell me that the Vizconde Massacre wasn't murder.  Those were all unlawful killings that were performed.  What makes me angry is how Madame Etta herself had said that the incident at Mamasapano was not a massacre, just a misencounter.  Excuse me, doesn't she see all the bloody remains of the SAF-44 soldiers?  Is she really trying to defend the killers of the SAF-44?  Wow what has this administration gotten into?  If that wasn't murder, then I wonder what it is.

Killing for self-defense on the other hand is not murder because there was no malice afterthought or two, it was done to save a life.  Do you remember the Rolando Mendoza Incident or the Manila Hostage Crisis that happened on Monday of August 23, 2010?  I really hate to recall that incident because it showed how the Philippine SWAT team means Stupid Weak Abnormal Tactics because they were very unprepared.  I really suspect that they were hesitant to shoot no thanks to some human rights regulations.  Is it a violation of human right to shoot down a mad gunner who has others detained?  The whole disaster could have been averted would they have shot Rolando Mendoza down but no, the whole incident was severely mismanaged.

The Commission of Human Right has always been, "Respect the rights of the criminal first." never mind the victim and the victim's family.  When I think of how horrible they are in upholding their title, do they even know whose rights are they really defending and do they know what a human right violation is?  I suggest shipping them to North Korea so they will see real human rights violations.