The Hypocrisy Of Those Failipino Activists Rallying Against Foreigners!

I can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy of Failipino activist groups like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Gagabriela, Anak-Patis and the like whenever they keep their "Defend our sovereignty!" rallies against foreign influences. What's funny is that they are acting like as if they aren't using anything foreign at all. Every decent Filipino wants change but these clowns always choose their waywardness which is very annoying.

The Anti-American rallies are one of the most commonly seen stupidity by Failipino activists. When you look at the picture you can see the hypocrisy. They are rallying using American-English, they are using materials that may have involved American brands (I think some of them are Philippine-made), they are wearing clothes born out of Western influence and are they sure they aren't using any American stuff? Oh they should have protested here wearing ethnic outfit, writing in Alibata, speaking in Baybayin and not be wearing anything that's American-made. What should be VERY FUNNY is that maybe at the end of the day instead of eating at their local carenderia they end up eating at KFC or McDonald's or going for a 711 Ice Cream. If they hate America then why I do see them having Facebook pages, Youtube videos and all of those are produced by Americans. Oh spare me the stupid quote of they're just using their inventions against them!

As of right now, I am not a bit happy with the strife China has caused in the West China Sea together with other countries like Taiwan and Vietnam. It made me think of the Anti-Chinese rallies and their quest to boycott Made in China. Now here's where hypocrisy really KICKS IN because even if they aren't wearing Chinese brands but almost everything is made in China. They are calling to boycott Made in China or go against China. However it gets really stupid because maybe while they are rallying, they are eating siopao or siomai. I also might as well consider how these anti-Chinese Failipinos also have their hatred for Filipino-Chinese while hypocritically eating at Jollibee, going to SM Malls and drinking Tanduay on their idle moments which are all results of Filipino-Chinese businesses. Maybe at the end of the day, these same rallyists were eating in a Chinese restaurant too which makes it even funnier. Don't they hate China then why eat in a Chinese restaurant? Aren't they afraid that the siopao they are eating has fetus or whatever in it?

These people are just a group of clowns who I can't take seriously. Why don't they check up the stuff they use first or the food they eat before they rally?