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Happy Halloween From The Frustrated Presidential Couple Wannabee

Just because this blog usually has long articles doesn't mean it doesn't have time for shorts. Here's a picture of Mar Roxas and his equally if not more annoying wife Korina Sanchez-Roxas with that could be them trick or treating. I guess people just can't forget all the nonsense Roxas went through to try and get his vote to become president. 
I guess if he ever became president then maybe, just maybe China would have already destroyed the Philippines before the first 100 days could be accomplished. Maybe, just maybe more Chinese drug dealers would move to the Philippines because he'll grant them protection all in the name of human rights. I guess he could be getting a lot of money from such people at the cost of the Filipino people. Hopefully both clowns will get what they deserve as part of the fight for a better Philippines.

A Short Assessment On Judy Taguiwalo's Performance As DSWD Secretary

I don't intend to believe that President Rodrigo R. Duterte can "do no wrong" but I don't deny this fact: Judy M. Taguiwalo is doing things right with how things should be handled. Just in, DSWD under Taguiwalo's leadership had decided to prioritize the least fortunate victims of Typhoon Lawin
Quoting from Interaksyon's news report, it's revealed that although the government was able to provide more than a million people with emergency shelter assistance but around 200,000 claimants said that they were not given the same aid. She blames politics to why preventing people from being treated fairly in the relief good distribution. This is the problem behind the Imperial Manila system and that's why federalism would be better. A decentralized Philippines would help in the development of the nation.
Taguiwalo also noted with her stand on foreign aid (taken from the oligarch media Inquirer) saying, "To our beloved countrymen, just a few explanations…

Let's Face It That Agot Isidro Is Delusional

It's really disappointing to think how people can be so willfully stupid. With this comment she made, she's saying in English, "It's just now I've experienced traffic that bad. Is that the accomplishment that Duterte wants to boast about? He can't even fix simple traffic. He's prioritizing boasting and flaunting instead." I don't even know what reaction is so appropriate for such a stupid comment.
Did Agot ride a helicopter during the heavy traffic under the Noynoy Aquino administration and the Duterte Administration won't let her ride a chopper anymore? Is she thinking that traffic under Aquino means progress while traffic under Duterte is not okay? No, heavy traffic is NEVER okay regardless who's president. But for the Noytards, Noynoy can definitely do no wrong and he's always right. Considering that she's also part of ABiaS-CBN and the whole Aquino network then she's already starting to make people forget Noynoy's horr…

Habitual Tardiness Is A Huge Enemy To Progress

I wrote the article on how habitual tardiness contributes to inefficiency, I would like to talk about how habitual tardiness is a real enemy to progress. It's annoying for any decent Pinoy to keep hearing, "But it's Filipino time! We're Filipinos and we must always be late!" type of excuse. No, being late is not an act of nationalism. It's just an act of stupidity. Do you want Pinoys to be always tagged with being late or do you want Pinoys to be tagged as punctual people? For the pseudo-nationalist, they'd probably choose the former than the latter.
Let's think of how habitual tardiness contributes to inefficiency. There's always a time table that the managers and executives follow to keep a company in check. This schedule is followed strictly based on optimization of operations within the organization. This schedule is done to make sure there will be less lag and more progress. But if the schedule is not followed and tardiness is tolerated then…

Noytards Should Let Noynoy Get Run Over By A Train Before They Demand President Duterte To Ride His Jetski To China

Senator Richard Gordon is right that President Rodrigo R. Duterte needs to control his mouth. Maybe we're seeing a lot of Noytards who are saying that President Duterte didn't fulfill his promise of riding the jetski. I agree, the president should haven't said that unless if he was just joking. But let's raise another issue. Of course, Dutertards please shut up also because not everything Duterte does is right either. I agree with Duterte's plan for free trade, federalism and parliamentary government but he needs to work hard with controlling his mouth. He can't be Deadpool or the Punisher and be the President at the same time can he?
Did the Noytards ever forget the hyperbole that could have made a great movie called Sagasa 2016? Both Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Emilio Pabaya promised that if the expressway would not be finished by December 31, 2015 then they would allow themselves to be run over by a train. Both of them failed to fulfill their promise even afte…

The Chinese Government Can't Be Blamed For Importing Drugs To The Philippines

With President Rodrigo R. Duterte's current alliances with China, some people may suggest it's just staged because the drugs were from China. This is an unfair generalization that all Chinese are involved in the drug trade. It would be as stupid as to say that all Filipinos are drug mules because a lot of drug mules that got executed in China are Filipinos. Let's just get started with the basics between China and the Philippines.

In China, get involved in any narcotic related business or any business that could harm the public welfare you can be sure of your execution. Do you remember what happened last 2008 with the late health minister Zheng Xiaoyu? The melamine scandal didn't slip off the Chinese government. The late health minister was executed for his corruption charges. Try doing drug trade in China and it may be your last day. But in the Philippines there's hardly a culture of accountability. While the Chinese government had Zheng executed but the opposite …

Seven Reasons Why Taiwanovelas Are Way Better Than Telebasuras

I didn't think about writing this but since today is Taiwan's independence day, I wanted to write this short. I could still remember the Taiwanovela craze. While there was "The Amazing Twins" but I can't deny the arrival of Meteor Garden was what started the craze. Meteor Garden was my very first Taiwanese series and it made me take a temporary break from Tokusatsu for a short time. It was a new fad and while I'm kinda bored of it right now (no thanks to that Toku break) but it may be a moment in time before I take another break from Toku.

I never started liking TV drama in general because of the telebasura fad. I could remember how often I whined constantly about there's nothing but telebasura to watch. Then Meteor Garden came and sad to say there's an upcoming remake from that stupid network called ABiaS-CBN. Meteor Garden was a remake and adaptation of the Japanese Manga known as Hana Yori Dango. I thought it was Japanese because F4 all wore the A…

A Lot Of Filipinos Need To Understand How Taiwan Rose From Poverty To Prosperity

Happy Double Ten or Taiwanese Independence Day for the Republic of China otherwise also known as Taiwan! 
Taiwan today exists as a major Asian economic tiger aside from Singapore, Hong Kong and SOUTH Korea not North Korea. While I don't claim to be an economist (which I'm not) neither am I a political analyst but I'd like to share basics on how Taiwan's economy prospered based on more qualified sources than I am (which I couldn't do this post without them). Please don't throw the "But the Philippines is an archipelago and Taiwan is an island!" No, the Philippines can be made a great nation if it learns from its progressive neighboring countries.
There's a lot to learn with Taiwan's economic policies. The country wasn't always what it was today. No, it didn't self-industrialize. Don't even think of buying Heneral Lunatic's idiotology of self-industrialization as what made first world countries they are today. The land reform pro…

A Look At ABiaS-CBN News Channel's Biased, Misleading PSEI Performance Analysis

With many Filipinos lacking knowledge in basic economics, it's very easy to be misled. I'm not suggesting all Filipinos should get a degree in economics or become doctorates but they should at least study its basics. Due to a lack of basic knowledge, it's very easy to be deceived by the likes of Neri Colmenares, Heneral Antonio Lunatic or just those protectionist lovers who should just be exiled to North Korea and Venezuela (or other countries worse than the Philippines).  Remember, there's also such a thing as a spillover so Noynoy may have enjoyed the fruits of Gloria's work. Duterte may be suffering from Noynoy's blunder. Erap may have had a bad time since it was during the Asian Crisis when he sat. 
From Get Smarter About Money (and you don't need a degree to understand its basics) to what may have caused a downward or upward growth in the economy. Remember they may not all be present but these are six factors that we must understand about external fac…

Four "I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing" Similarities Between Former President Noynoy Aquino And Emperor Palpatine

This rant may sound like to be nonsense. One can say that comparing Noynoy to the evil genius Emperor Palpatine is too good a compliment. I remembered reading the article in Get Real Philippines that compared Noynoy to Hitler. I guess that article was "too far" a complement since one was a highly intelligent villain and the other is full of incompetence. But I thought it'd be fun to actually try and compare Noynoy to the Star Wars villain, Emperor Palpatine. It may sound stupid but I hope this stresses a point.
Winning the highest seat by getting a sympathy vote
If you ever saw "The Phantom Menace", I remembered how Palpatine won. He won by sympathy vote. While Noynoy may not have the intelligence to cause trouble in his hometown to get a sympathy vote and neither would the Trade Federation ever want him, it can't be denied that Palpatine won by a sympathy vote. During the Naboo blockade, the vote of no confidence against Chancellor Valorum was successful. …

Starstruck Mentality Mindset Is An Obstacle To Getting Justice Done

Even with the start of President Rodrigo R. Duterte's reforms like getting rid of drug dealers and the like but the problem is really Filipino society itself. I'd like to bring back the problem of the Starstruck Mentality. With the current arrest of Mark Anthony Fernandez, it's work a million facedesks just looking at stupid policewomen who posed with him because he's a popular star. Good thing that the two lady cops are in hot water for that picture.
This was much different than what happened in China last 2015. Do you remember the incident when Jaycee L. Chan was arrested for drug possession in China? The police didn't care if he were actor Jackie Chan's son. No, they simply arrested him and the cops were forbidden from posing with him. As much as China needs to stop its so-called reclamation activities because it's harming its neighboring countries, I still admire them for their serious stand. They got so serious that drug dealers either flee the countr…

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. May Need More Endurance Than Usual To Handle Leila Dilemma's Rants

With the ongoing hearings and investigation of the extrajudicial killing, it's really a tough task isn't it. While he did behave during the SAF-44 trial while the late Miriam Defensor Santiago was scolding Alan Impurisima for his huge part in the failure, remember he's not getting any younger. The frustration that Aguirre may have with Dilemma may already be beyond his tolerance. Just listening to Leila Dilemma is already a pain to start with.

In truth, the position of justice secretary is no easy task. Maybe, he could have given a second thought before accepting President Rodrigo Duterte's offer. But one thing is certain, he and PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa have shown some reforms. But the task of handling Dilemma's loud talking and hysteria isn't going to be an easy job. While Dilemma does have the right to due process but she shouldn't be given the right to do what she's doing right now. Her series of press conferences are getting ann…

An Abundance Of American Media May Also Contribute To Filipino Anti-Intellectualism

Do you ever bother to watch most of Philippine TV these days? For me I don't even bother. There's hardly anything good or intellectual to watch. Aside from those stupid locally produced telebasuras day in and day out -- it seems to be that the only alternative we have these days aside from a few Korean TV series that will make you think through the plot is American entertainment. While this isn't my call for Filipinos to become anti-American like the members of Bobo Muna, Akbobo and other activist groups but I want to raise the issue about an extreme abundance of American shows. While I do support American stuff in some way but like every culture I'm selective. I like Chinese aesthetics but the dog eaters in Yulin are disgusting filth. I like Filipino aesthetics but the practice of late night karaoke has to stop. In short, for the nth time I don't favor any nationality.

A lot of American TV shows glorify anti-intellectualism to the max. While some American shows d…

Many Filipinos Have Been Brainwashed By Pro-Aquino And Pro Oligarch News Media For Many Years

ABiaS-CBN (and its associates such as ANC), Rappler, Inquirer... you name it are all pro-Aquino and pro-oligarch. What's so upsetting is that so many Filipinos are already trained to think that if you're not pro-Aquino then you're automatically pro-Marcos or for some, pro-Duterte or pro-whoever. They don't consider that sometimes or most of the time, there can be more than one outcome like it's possible for one to be anti-Aquino and anti-Marcos at the same time. It's not all the time that there's only one outcome when the other is rejected.
Whether you like it or not, the pro-Aquino and pro-oligarch news media are like the Daily Bugle in Spiderman. If you've seen the Spiderman films and any media (but don't include Toei's Spiderman), you can see how James Jonah Jameson is only interested in vilifying Spiderman and sensationalizing stuff. I still could remember how Jameson frequently tried to make Spiderman as the bad guy whenever, wherever. Does…

I Approve Of President Duterte's Fight For Economic Reforms And War On Crime But He Should Control His Temper!

Being president is no easy task. Maybe he shouldn't have run. But with the current problem of the Yellow Media or President Duterte's tendency to use sarcasm, I wonder why he somehow compared himself to Hitler. Was he being sarcastic or what? I have a feeling he's hitting his critics who's portraying him as a dictator. Let's just think that a lot of Filipinos may still have the tendency to confuse having strict disciplinary measures with martial law. So what if Duterte's comparing himself to Hitler to mock such people?

Then again Duterte should have been more careful with his choice of words. It's natural to feel frustrated about the Yellow Media like Inquirer and Rappler. If he's ever going to dare them to misrepresent him again, it's not a good move either. With the Yellow Media seeking to keep their Yellow Empire in power, they might as well nitpick Duterte's every wrong move. Right now, it's just a wrong move that Duterte needs to corre…