Apparently, Expired Deworming Tablets Were Used in Zamboanga?

When I heard of the news a few days ago about the deworming process gone wrong and man I am so amazed at the stupidity of the Department of Health which I might call as the Department of No Health because of what happened. Really Secretary Janette Garin? Those were "normal effects"? Wow, I can't help but scream foul although there are other possibilities why the medicine caused headache. However an angry parent may have shown what could be credible evidence that the Benzol medicine given to them was EXPIRED.

While I am reading all the call to boycott everything Made in China because of the supposed quality of all products, so what's next? Blame it on China? What? Will they say that the medication was Made in China? Now I am aware of the fake medicine industry in China but remember, that incident can happen anywhere. China might be a Communist government but it's been serious in axing people and promoting quality control these days. If you read the recent incidents of faulty escalators and elevators, the government even had the company who manufactured the elevators under investigation. Last 2008, Zheng Xiaoyu was executed for his huge scandal that killed not only Chinese but also other people who were killed by the melamine tainted milk. However in the Philippines, Stinky Soliman is still free as a bird and who knows, she might actually be importing fake rice, fake noodles, fake eggs and the like from Chinese friends and giving them off as relief goods.

On the side of President Nobita Aquino will he blame it on Gloria? Even in his final State Of the Nation Address he still blames Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for almost everything wrong in his administration as if he made no mistakes. Nothing has been more convenient in the Philippines than to have Commission on Human Rights defend the offender which creates a culture of impunity. Whenever I think about the Commission of Human Rights, it's always about defending the offender rather than the offended and they endorse the stupidity of victim card mentality.

With this careless handling of students, those were lives involved. So what if those 1,000 students DIED no thanks to the deworming tablets? Still defend Janette Garin? Still blame China never mind that the Chinese Army might end up crushing the Philippines to a pulp should war ever break out. You have to consider that the whole "hoping for a miracle" attitude has done more stupidity and please don't give me the Mary Jane Veloso argument because those three drug mules got executed in spite of hoping for a miracle and two, Indonesian President Joko Widodo only reconsidered the case because Veloso was caught prior to the reinstatement of death penalty in his country. When I think about it, the tablets may have been locally manufactured so blaming it on China won't make sense.

Now what if the fake tablets were really Made in China by CHINESE CROOKS? Now what is Made in China is not necessarily fake but a lot are considering that the Chinese are usually very inventive but sad to say as I'll admit it many of them use it in the wrong way. The problem that can be raised is that why is it that a lot of faulty products not only from China but also from AROUND THE WORLD keep entering the Philippines? Why did the melamine milk scandal that eventually caused Zheng Xiaoyu's head even easily enter into the Philippines? You can blame the customs again... just pay them money under the table and you're in. Some of them are very incompetent not to realize that the deadly food products have entered like crazy. Then what's next? Blame the Chinese government even if the whole operation is condemned by them and it was done by their CITIZENS and not them?!

Hopefully there will be clear results of the investigations. However do expect ABiaS-CBN to keep covering up the mistakes of the Aquino Administration. It's really time to demand transparency and Freedom of Information. This is not a joke, this is a serious issue that has affected a lot of lives!