It's Stupid To Keep Saying, "It's More Fun Than Philippines!" To Ignore A Problem!

The stupid campaign poster of David Guerrero has no doubt really created a culture of dysfunction and impunity.  The problem of having a culture of a misguided notion of happiness is prevailing in Filipino society. Being ethnically Pinoy is not a choice, becoming a Failipino is a choice - remember that. I might consider the slogan to be an opium of the Filipino society.  Like it or not, ignoring a current problem will not make it go away.

Looking at this picture it shows why becoming a Failipino is very unbecoming of any Filipino. Nothing can be further than the truth of the picture above of the Pinoy who chose to become a Failipino instead of a decent Pinoy. He has his Pinoy Pride (Failipino Pride) on his head with rotten nationalism, poverty, corruption stuck on his bare chest, he is only wearing the bahag of incompetence (the fact he's not fully clothed suggests that incompetence wasn't able to get rid of poverty and corruption), wields his persona non-grata staff and the tacks under one foot has, "Miseries and present problems ignored." It's really stupid if anybody could march around barefoot while there's a tacks stuck under your foot and not feel any pain... ironic that many Filipinos have onion-skinned tendencies. Worse, the Philippines wields the persona non-grata staff on the wrong people.

Do you know that the testimonial matters more than the tagline? I always thought about how preposterous taglines are made to make a quick buck. Sure a preposterous tagline can fool the gullible or get attention but what if the expectations were different? Let's think of the situation where a tourist expects to have fun in the Philippines but sees the awful slums in Manila, has to pass through the stupid NAIA, gets swindled, worse gets conned and nobody helps him. Let's just say the commercial said something as stupid as, "It's more fun in the Philippines, you will never be cheated. Filipinos are the most kind people in the world." It's really going to be a painful backfire.

I hate to admit it but many people think ignorance is bliss or say, "What you don't know won't kill you." or "What you don't know won't hurt you." when such statements are plain stupid. Maybe the second statement is true but not always. When I think of the fallacious practices of one country after the other or why people do stupid things - it's because of either a lack of knowledge or willful ignorance. When I think about anti-intellectualism in the Philippines - indeed being anti-intellectual is more fun in the Philippines. Because for the Failipino way of thinking is that learning is painful, knowledge is painful and they just want to have fun. It sickens me to think how many Filipinos choose the wayward path of the Filipino - they hate the name but they love the lifestyle just like squatters hate to be called squatters but they love squatting.

What is worse is that because people choose to enjoy their blunder, it becomes easy for corrupt politicians to take advantage of their ignorance. If people were more knowledgeable and pro-intellectual, the Philippines may have recovered from the effects of the Marcos years. Instead, the intellectuals are afraid tor un for office because it takes money and they won't win. The non-intellectuals however can go ahead, run and win because people just love having stupid leaders like in the No Direction picture above.

Now for a little but of fun against their idiocy.  Hehehehehehhehe!!!!!!