Politicians Should Be Judged Based On Their Actions NOT Their Family Background!

Do you know political dynasties are happening that is instead of one per family, one member jumps in then the rest follows?  Aside from the lack of strict implementation of the Anti-Political Dynasty law, you may also consider that people actually vote for people based on their family background and not based on personal achievement.  I always thought why the Aquinos have messed up the country is not entirely their fault - people vote for one Aquino after the other because of the late Ninoy Aquino. Likewise, there are a good amount of Marcos loyalists to explain why there's more than one Marcos involved in politics.  It's really an Aliens vs. Predator war.

What I have noticed is that Bongbong Marcos as much as I don't think he would be a good president should be judged according to what he does, not according to his father's actions.  Yes, the Marcos years were foundations of national decay for the Philippines but again, accountability is individual.  Some good kings sire bad sons, some bad kings sire good sons... it's a choice.  Bongbong should be judged according to his actions, not according to his father's sons.  Just because one is a Marcos does not mean they are automatically corrupt or evil.

The same goes for President Nobita.  As of late I read this and that about the late Ninoy Aquino who was supposedly a Commie but it may just be mud thrown from the Marcos loyalists.  Whatever he does his own choice of actions.  While the late Ninoy fought for freedom of press when the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr. had gone too far, President Nobita created the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law.  Sad to say but the Marcos loyalists have presented a lot of unweighted accusations against the Aquinos to further their own agenda and vice-versa.

So really, when will people realize that Noynoy is not his father Ninoy and Bongbong is not his father Ferdinand Sr.?