Some Common Bad Traits Prevalent In Many Filipinos and Many Americans!

While I have been writing against those ultranationalistic Failipinos I thought I need to bring up the truth Filipinos need to hear.  Another bad trait that some Filipinos are suffering is the American superiority mentality.  While I would say it was good for America to occupy the country after Spanish colonization and released it on July 4, 1946 the true Philippine Independence Day.  

I have to admit that the Philippines has also been influenced by American traits for the worse in the later years... even after the colonizers willfully gave us our independence, the Philippines ends up as a blind sheep for America rather than a country that looks for several sources to progress.  Come on, why can't the Philippines look at other countries for examples too?

Now before you think this is an Anti-American post, it's not.  I am thinking that I hope this post will also awaken any decent American in the midst of their bad countrymen.  In fact, this post is very pro-American in the sense, it wants to awaken Americans from their current state.

Overspending.  I remembered a talk I had with someone who mentioned that Americans are overspenders.  If they can't afford it, they immediately charge it to their credit cards or loan.  I observed the same trend in the Philippines.  I have observed how many Filipino homes based on some studies have poor spending habits especially OFW families.  Both of them tend to spend whatever money they don't have.  If there's any good reason why America is failing is not because of free trade - it's because of reckless spending.  The Bush Administration was notorious for overspending.  The Philippines tends to suffer from economic breakdown is no thanks to Filipino politicians who misuse the public funds for their own extravagant lifestyles.

Offensive form of entertainment.  I have noticed how American TV programming is usually filled with offensive humor.  What's the source of their comedy?  You might think about how their TV shows focuses on the misfortunes of people.

Trolling other people whether in the Internet or in person.  I have noticed how it's common for a lot of Americans and a lot of Filipinos not to answer you properly when you ask a serious question. You may also have situations where they take pleasure in causing other people pain or name calling.  I have noticed how it seems to be that a lot of Internet trolls are from either the United States or from the Philippines but that's just my limited observation.

Talking gross stuff when you're one on the dinner table.  I can't forget the time I really punched somebody at the cafeteria.  We were eating together and the fact he would compare my food to poop is something really offensive.  Come on, e are all eating.  Why ruin the appetite of other people?  We only have lunch for an hour and we have to go back to work.  We're trying to enjoy the food so why add toilet humor into the situation?

Attacking people below the belt.  There are just some issues that should not be raised namely private issues.  I observed how it's common to see in American TV or Filipino TV to attack people about issues that are very private.  The Philippines has Kris Aquino with her tactlessness.  I have observed also how talk shows ask questions that should not be asked.  Some stuff are better left alone but no, some people are just plain mean aren't they?

A wrong definition of freedom.  Whenever I think of a wrong sense of freedom, I think of America and the Philippines.  When I think about it, there is always such a thing as a dysfunctional sense of freedom.  I have noticed how most Americans are pampered and spoiled.  In the Philippines, I have noticed how most Filipinos tend to confuse disciplinarian rule with Communism.  I noticed how a lot of Americans and a lot of Filipinos have that annoying misguided notion of happiness.

Anti-intellectualism.  Like it or not, both societies tend to be very anti-intellectual.  More often than not, common sense is truly challenged in both America and the Philippines.  Many Filipinos and many Americans tend to use violence and crude methods to solve a problem.  Many of them also choose to have that "too cool for school" attitude which is very annoying.  There is the preference of entertainment news over real news and sensationalism over facts.

Onion-skinned attitude.  I noticed how a lot of Americans and a lot of Filipinos have that hypersensitivity to criticism.  Now it's okay to get your feelings hurt or to be offended.  However how you react is a real issue.  I have noticed how a simple criticism can now become a criminal offense in both the Philippined and the United States.  Worse, they tend to exaggerate the effects of that criticism like, "I had ulcer and sleep

Racial prejudice.  I could mention this is a reality.  Now I admit America has had a more racist history than the Philippines.  However the Philippines is not without its own fair share of racism.  Although there are no laws that persecute Filipino-Chinese as non-Filipinos compared to the racism done against blacks, but you can't deny many Filipinos have Anti-Chinese sentiments.  Both cultures tend to have a good population who think that they are the most powerful race in the world as well.