Even When A More Qualified Person Talks About Solutions, Many Filipinos Still REFUSE To Listen To Him/Her!

The smart Pinoy is never respected by the stupid Pinoy... nuff said!

People tell me I should just shut up asking questions if I think I am a hero (they canonize the wrong people anyway) or some politician, then if they can't listen to me then I don't expect them to listen to the people who are better than I am. If they cant listen to even one person who is concerned, I don't expect them to listen to people who are even far more qualified.

I remembered how the culture of anti-intellectualism continues to breed stupidity in the Philippines. Upon going to school, I keep hearing that it's just for a degree. What they ignore is that Bill Gates though he didn't finish College but he definitely finished high school and entered his first two years of College but just that, the world wasn't ready for him yet and that he actually took a vocational course useful for his business plan but he valued his friend who was a computer engineer. Without that friend with degree under him (and vice versa), Microsoft would never rise up. If they can't listen to even the smallest piece of advice I have learned from other people (who are better than me) then I don't expect them to listen to the bigger brains who are more qualified to talk about economics than I am. For those stupid idiots, they are the smart ones and the more intellectual a person is, the more stupid he or she is for them. Hmmm... so that means people more qualified than I am are even more stupid than I am?

Now let's just say I start to talk about the basics of a stable economy like encouraging more foreign investment, avoid borrowing more than you can pay, avoid lending too much money and be reasonable with tax rates which I've also learned by some experience especially I've been a victim of bad credit. They'll say, "Shut up you aren't an economics graduate!" or "If you are so great, why don't you run for president?" or "You aren't Donald Trump and you didn't make all that money! Why do you have five billion U.S. dollars?" Now I am thinking even if I quote from Donald Trump they still demand I be Donald Trump which is stupid considering that he is he and I will NEVER be him. Then we can have the scenario on what if Donald Trump came to the Philippines to speak about more concrete solutions than I could ever offer because he is MUCH more qualified to speak about them than I am. Do you think they will listen to him? Chances are only a few Filipinos are willing to listen but most of them are most likely to say, "Declare persona non-grata on Donald Trump!" after the speech is done because he attacked very important issues such as removal of unreasonable economic policies to help generate employment and more income for the nation.

Certainly not everyone can become masters in the field of economics and politics and neither am I. I just created this blog to help create awareness of our issues. Problem is, people choose to attack the person instead of the argument and even when somebody more qualified steps in to speak of even more concrete and specific solutions, they still don't listen to the better person. Just because I don't have the financial acumen of Donald Trump doesn't mean I wouldn't know the basics of economics and people don't need doctorates to understand basic economics. Then again, will they even listen to Donald Trump if he ever spoke to them? I don't think so.... maybe they might even insult Donald Trump, punch him, uppercut him or whatever because he spoke the truth that needed to be spoken. Ironic if the truth that he spoke was understood by me who is not even half of what he is.

Who are majority of the voters voting for anyway and it's never been based on qualification but only for popularity because they have a really stupid democracy. They would rather vote for an athlete or a celebrity who knows NOTHING about politics and economics than they would vote for a big time businessman or lawyer who can provide better solutions than I ever will. When I look at the Senate why are movie stars filling it up? When I look at the elections last 1998, 2004 and 2010 just take a good look who really won, Last 1998, it was Joseph Ejercito Estrada who won the elections when House Speaker Jose De Venecia (no matter how boring he is) would have made a better president in terms of knowledge. Last 2004, it turned out to be that the late Fernando Poe Jr. was the winner when he was not even qualified. In 2010, just think Gilbert Teodoro would have made a much better leader than President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino.

It also made me think what if Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aguirre Aquino would one day run for president. Today, he's just popular because he looks like his late Uncle Ninoy AND because he's an Aquino and not because he's really qualified thanks to his achievements. But what if one day Bam Aquino who is a financial genius would say, "We need to open up the economy and learn from Japan. We need to get rid of 60/40 and allow more foreign investments that allow foreigners to own at least 50%. Of course, we will not sell land because our geography is a lot smaller than China but at least, let us allow foreigners to own more shares as long as they pay taxes and keep by the law. If we learn from Japan's 5S system, certainly we can truly be a much bigger miracle." then I don't expect Bam to sit anytime soon after that speech. They might even vote for the celebrity with zero political or military experience for president instead of the more qualified person because they hate knowledge. For them, they think knowledge is for fools and they are already smart enough without any additional input.

I am just afraid that the Philippines really has a democracy that's not working because of the culture of people is bent towards stupidity and stubbornness rather than seeking to undo one's stupidity for enlightenment. What is really needed is cultural revolution for an improved democracy. Our democracy should stop being just a rule by mob but rather, it should rule for the betterment of the people, for the people and by the people without otherwise becoming a welfare state. It doesn't take a political genius to understand that 7,107 islands is too many and we need proper decentralization in politics. So really, what does it take for this country to get real and have a real change? Singapore itself was just a poor country before but look at it now. If Singapore can do it, so can the Philippines and if those people who hate following rules will kill themselves because of all the new rules set to punish impunity then so be it because they aren't needed anyway.


  1. And Failipinos are still wondering why the ones capable of leading rhis country to a better future are leaving the country. Next thing we know is they want the intellectual ones to be their slaves, inevitably making the latter as stupid as them..... -_-

    Not to mention they prefer ABiaS-CBN, Ginagago Mga Audience, and Telebasura 5 rather than, say, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

    Moral lesson: stay away from these dumbasses, unless you yourself want to be like them.

  2. Well don't expect from a slave of nations or nations of servants to comprehend the real problem it is just like what they say "there is no comfort in the truth, pain is all you find"....

    This is the fate of Failipinos, Fucklipinos and Faglipinos with their self-destructing / self-defeating nature...

    1. That's the sad fact about it. More Filipinos choose the wayward path.

  3. They are plain anti-intellectual because they can't finish basic education and are still wallowing in poverty. The best thing to have the Filipino masses accept intellectualism is to improve the educational state by strengthening the emphasis on science, math and english education, high salaries for teachers, modest yet efficient school fees and equipment and encouraging student involvement so that they can accomplish basic education and rise from their poor state. As Nelson Mandela once said, education is the power we can use to change the world.


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