Why Aren't Decent Filipinos/Pinoys Affected By The Word Failipino?

I have noticed that whenever the word "Failipino" is used, bad Filipinos and Pinoy pridists show up and overreact without even reading the post properly.  Even if the word Failipino was used this way, "The law abiding Pinoy has every right to get mad at the Failipinos that are ruining their beloved country."  You then get a comment like, "You (insert bad word) that's Filipino not Failipino!" towards the post and I don't think they even bothered to finish reading the post.

So why aren't decent Filipinos affected by the word Failipino?  Because they know for sure they do not qualify to be called Failipinos.  They are the enlightened population that chooses to do what's best for the country, speak up and make a stand against the culture of dysfunction that is widespread in the Philippines.  They do not have the FLIPFAG mentality which is loving incompetence/ignorance purposely for all generations.  They seek to fight for the betterment of the country by doing their best and standing up for what is right.

When I think of it why the word "Failipino" is so offensive to those who choose to become Failipinos, I would assume it's because of the reality that they have their onion-skinned attitude.  Even if you give criticism in the most professional way possible they show they think with their emotions and not their thoughts.  It also has to do with their stupid Failipino Pride and their Lala Land mentality because they think they are the greatest race in the world even when in reality, they are no different than every other human being.

Just a food for thought with a bite-sized post.