Many Filipinos Have A Bad Habit Of Using Tagalog OR Any Of Their Dialects EVEN IN ENGLISH SITES

Now here's a screenshot of a comment I got from lady who claims to be a professional make-up artist.  I got this screenshot from here. Now it's time to take a look at the comment to how it when. Now let's think about how the comment went. This Mina person goes all the way from speaking English and now look at her comments as she interacts with Ritinha Nssf Jzl to how she reacts. Well I don't think Ritinha Nssf Jzl should have responded also in English.  

Now look at how Mina responds. First she speaks in English mixed with Tagalog but it's full of bad words. When you think about it, her next comment which I placed also shows that she's now speaking in TAGALOG when the site is an international site. By the way things look like she is just beating the wind because Tagalog is not that widely spoken except by Filipinos and perhaps by foreigners who have Filipino spouses. Speaking in Filipino or any non-English language in an INTERNATIONAL site is totally out of protocol. I am afraid that the quality of English in the Philippines is may already be in the danger zone.

What I find amusing is that why insult a person who cannot understand Tagalog with Tagalog? It's really the act of beating the air or anything you can't beat. Does this person think Tagalog is the "superior language". If she wants to keep hurling her insults she better do it in straight English. But no, she hurls the rest of her insults in TAGALOG.

Again, like it or not but many Filipinos have the bad habit of NOT FOLLOWING GUIDELINES. If the site was written in Tagalog then I would say, react and comment using Tagalog to keep things smooth. It's just like if you are in your Filipino classes, speak in Filipino and if you are in your English classes, speak in English! It's all about following simple guidelines.