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Why A Weekly Debate Between Bongbong Marcos And Leni Loud Robredo Would Be Better Than Another Electoral Protest

The Philippines already has had its first time in MANY YEARS where the president and vice president came from the SAME PARTY. Both Bobong Marcos and Sara Duterte-Carpio are from Uniteam. Right now, I think the Kakampinks are still too focused on insane schemes and the rejection of the parliamentary system. Would have the Philippines been parliamentary then the fight would be far from over . However, some Kakampinks are still stuck with the same mentality about the " Marcos Parliament " which has been long disproven by two dead men namely Ninoy Aquino AND Lee Kuan Yew. The late Cesar Virata was personally handpicked by the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. A real parliament would have the party pick its prime minister who may become the opposition leader if ever they become the minority. Is there the possibility that Kakampinks will file an electoral protest even after outgoing Vice President Leni Loud Robredo has moved on? If so, it's a real waste of time. They need to see why

How I Believe "Ang Probinsyano" Should End (Warning: Read At Your Own Discretion)

Just a Photoshop, CHILL!!!!! Ang Probisyano is still ongoing from 2015 up to the PRESENT, right? I felt like the show just needed to end some time ago. Since it doesn't look like it's going to end ANY TIME SOON so I might as well write an ending. I compared this show to the Korean drama Kill It which provided me the inspiration for this rather grim post. Maybe not so grim but you know how it's going to end, right?  Cardo Dalisay is a rather impulsive guy. Watching Kill It's rather sad ending made me think it might become comedy gold (or dark comedy, take your pick) if ever the ending is applied to Cardo himself. Kim So Hyun (acted by Jang Ki Yong) had a rather bad end. The SWAT ended up shooting So Hyun after he killed Chairman Do. I felt it would probably become a rather DARK BUT FUNNY ENDING if it were done in Ang Probisnyano . My ideal ending arc is that Cardo goes nuts due to how the villains just keep winning. Sure, we can slowly get rid of the villains like Lily

Susan Roces' Sudden Passing Reminds Me Of Why "Ang Probinsyano" Should've Just Ended Years Ago

The news of Susan Roces (Jesusa Sonora-Poe) passing away at 80 was kind of too sudden. I guess I'm too used to some people passing away near 90 or past 90. Eddie Garcia passed away at 90 years old who did some contributions to the "hit series" Ang Probinsyano . The last appearance of Susan's character as Lola Flora was on May 20, 2022. This really makes me think about how the "hit series" should've just ended YEARS AGO which was 2015. The series itself is what I'd call gone rancid as a result of going on for too long. It's pretty much like how new episodes of Spongebob Squarepants and later episodes of Fairly Oddparents are no longer the funny sitcoms they used to be. I remembered writing an article on why Ang Probinsyano is an utterly pointless teleserye . It was last 2020 when I wrote it and now it's 20222 meaning the show now has 1,600+ episodes. I wrote a series of articles such as why Korean crime dramas are better , why Kill It is bette

It's Best To Take Pinklawan And Red Narratives About The Marcos Years With A GRAIN OF SALT

  Make no mistake that I've become a staunch anti-Marcos critic. It's really that hard to write something about the Marcoses without drawing flak, especially with Bobong Marcos supposedly winning the race against outgoing Vice President Leni Loud Robredo. I decided to watch The Kingmaker which featured some facts about the Marcoses. However, the presence of the late Noynoy Aquino, Etta Rosales, Leni Loud, and Andres Bautista is making me think, "Is this a reliable anti-Marcos narrative or is this just a Liberal Party propaganda to get them back into power after it died before Noynoy did?" It was written and directed by Lauren Greenfield. This has me wondering is she just another American pretending to be an "expert of the world" or is she, like Stephen Sackur, dug up into the research?  Do the Pinklawans want to make themselves look like the "paragon of virtue"? Right now, I feel Maria Ressa's credibility sank when she got the Nobel Peace Prize

Could TROLL FARMS Be The Reason Why "2 Good 2 Be True" Is TOP ONE This Week On Netflix Philippines?

I was logging into Netflix to continue watching what I'm watching. Shocker (or not) is that 2 Good 2 Be True starring both COMELEC violators Dennis Padildo and Kathryn Bernardo . I remembered watching Hello Love Goodbye so I could write a review about it . ABiaS-CBN has had a contract with Netflix Philippines just like with GMA-7 though some of their shows are no long renewed. I wonder if the timing of the removal of Ang Tanging Ina films had to do with elections? Outgoing Vice President Leni Loud Robredo tried the Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat approach and LOST . I decided to see through it that it's worth 130 EPISODES shown DAILY. Yup, it isn't like a few like The Haunted and He's Into Her which had better pacing. Top ten? Number one? I could be wrong but I think TROLL FARMS are involved especially since the Kathniel Bandwagon didn't help Mar Roxas win . I remembered writing that  teleserye high ratings might be linked to troll farms.  I don't have proof of

The Fight Won't Be Over For Kakampinks If The Philippines Was Under A PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM

  I'm just amazed at how some people continue to use the Marcoses as an excuse not to shift to the parliamentary system . The EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE against it is already there from the late Lee Kuan Yew's book From Third World to First to the late Ninoy Aquino's speech in Boston . The way Lee called the late Cesar Virata as NO POLITICAL LEADER should show it was a fake parliament. A real parliament doesn't have the president pick the prime minister. Ninoy even explained how the British parliamentary works. Yet, you've got some idiots who believe that the Marcos Years were a real parliamentary when it's just for show. Some say the battle isn't over Leni Loud. However, it's really over (for now) if there's no real parliamentary system. But, what if the Philippines were a parliamentary system? As explained MANY TIMES - a parliamentary system has both the Government and Opposition ruling. Right now, we've got both Bobong Marcos and Sara Duterte-Carpio a

The Lees Prove That Political Dynasties Need Not Be An Issue In A Real Parliamentary System

  It's amazing how the parliamentary system is maliciously attacked by naysayers with terms like "term extension" (rather than term RENEWAL) or that it will perpetuate political dynasties. The "solution" is to apparently pass an anti-political dynasty bill (and congratulations, it FAILED) or maybe they should've passed an anti-Marcos law and anti-Duterte law. For the Dutertards, they should petition to pass an anti-Aquino law and anti-Cojuangco law. Though, in the long run, it wouldn't matter if an Aquino, a Marcos, a Duterte, a Romualdez, etc. will be in power if we're in a parliamentary system.  Valuable insight of prime minister from father to son The late Lee Kuan Yew gave a valuable insight towards the end of his book From Third World to First about his family. The Lees had formed a family greater than the Aquinos, the Marcoses, and the Dutertes combined. In fact, the Lees had a political dynasty after all. Lee Hsien Loong is the incumbent prim