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Beware Of The SISI Terrorist Group

SISI is ISIS spelled backwards. This is a new joke meme where terrorists are given the faces of Kiko Pangilinan, Renato Reyes Jr., Noynoy Aquino, Antonio Trollanes, Pia Ranada-Robles, Franklin Drilon, Marbobo Roxas, Gary Alejano, Leila Dilemma and Leni Loud Robredo. This is a meme that's created to address the problem of the sisi culture. Sisi is a Filipino word that stands for blame and not to be confused with the English word sissy which is synonymous for coward. Then again, they are a group of sissies and using the name SISI fits them well.

The problem today is that we have people who would rather blame others than take responsibility for their mistakes. The Noynoying Years became a place for that when he kept blaming his political opponents for blunders he committed himself. The Yellowtards have developed a culture where they still blame the Marcos Years for the 30 years of suffering the Philippines is going into. They choose to blame others so they can escape responsibility o…

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