How Wharton Graduate Mar Roxas Became Marbobo Roxas Under A Presidential System

Who says that it's just a matter of changing people but not changing the system has to observe this fact that systems do matter! I have written something about how Bam Aquino going Bum Aquino. Now it's time to focus on how one-time Wharton graduate where he majored in economics and became an investment banker in New York City. Doesn't that sound promising? Unfortunately, Mar ended up going from what you'd call a promising guy who once sat as the Department of Trade and Industry secretary under Joseph Estrada.

How did the presidential system turn a once promising man into an idiot? Well, surviving in a presidential system requires one thing -- trade in your credibility for popularity. Under Estrada, we once agreed to remove the 60/40 and other unreasonable foreign investment restrictions. However, when he became Noynoy Aquino's choice for a vice president and as successor -- he ended up saying that economic liberalization wasn't the top priority. So seriously, wh…

Is ABiaS-CBN Now Even Blaming President Duterte For The Earthquake In Bali?

Well I don't care if ABiaS-CBN doesn't like President Duterte or that they are critical of him or anybody who they don't side with. However, there's the journalism principle that news is news and you have to be FAIR and UNBIASED when it comes to delivering the facts. They can go ahead and like Noynoy Aquino or the Yellows better -- however they must be impartial with their delivery of their news and not be biased. Unfortunately, ABS-CBN deserves to be called as ABiaS-CBN because of it being biased towards anybody who doesn't support their political views. After all, think that they only aired Jim Paredes' side of the story of the EDSA 2017 incident but NOT the side of the Duterte Youth members in said area.

Now they even want to blame President Duterte for something beyond his control. Is it me or is ABiaS-CBN now telling us that President Duterte's arrival caused an earthquake to hit Bali when he arrived? It's no better than Jover Laurio's Pinoy A…

Many Complain About Inflation Because They Feel The Need For Lavish Celebrations

Well it's the -ber months and is it me or is the Christmas season in the Philippines much longer? It seems to be the real problem that when September 1 strikes -- the very mind of many Filipinos thinks of Christmas more than the other occasions of September to November. December is supposedly the Christmas season yet people think of Christmas festivities when September arrives. Now, with the news of inflation coming and kicking in (and yes, there's also the bad habit of blaming incumbent presidents for it and not just in this administration) -- people are now getting worried and complain about the fact that stuff that are used for the annual Noche Buena Dinner are now getting more expensive.

Unfortunately, here's the reality about inflation. It's not a problem exclusive in the Philippines. I even heard of how President Rodrigo R. Duterte is considering on suspending gasoline excise tax to help fight inflation to a certain extent. When gasoline prices from the world ma…

Can't Leni Loud Robredo Differentiate An Entrance From An Exit?

It's just amazing at how Leni Loud Robredo herself proves once again that she and her fellow supporters can't follow simple guidelines. We've already tackled about election guidelines that only 100% shaded ballots count as valid votes yet the Yellow idiots want to have the obviously fake 25% shading honored as valid counts. She's also made a fool out of herself by disrespecting the Holocaust Memorial and by not following rules in Kuwait concerning appropriate attires. Now, she's doen the absurd by actually ENTERING from the exit of the Congress' Plenary Hall of all places? What in the world is she thinking when ever she shows that she refuses to follow simple guidelines.

Do you know why there are Entrance and Exit paths in many establishments? It's for an orderly entrance and exit. Can you imagine how it'd be if people tried to enter and escape at the same time in the same path? It would be absolute chaos. The beauty behind the Entrance and Exit areas …

The Same Old Stupidity From Peke Aeta -- All Complains While Offering Very Little To No Solutions At All

Just when I thought that Peke Aeta has finaly STFU -- he has returned with yet another rant. Rant all he wants but he doesn't seem to offer any real solutions except "all should go back to agriculture", "support cottage industries" and in one of his Get Real Philippines' articles called "The Bamboo Network" -- he actually goes against foreign investments. So what's with Peke Aeta anyway? I think if he's ever an Aeta -- he could be a part of the socialist or communist organization known as the Katribu Partylist. It claims to give power to the indigenous people. However, it's actually a leftist organization and the way that Peke Aeta writes seems to suggest that he's actually a member of said partylist or a socialist. But is it really a group of empowering the oppressed minorities or just another power hungry group?

Here's an excerpt of his latest rant called "More of Same Plus More" which really makes me think of whet…

Prices Of Gasoline Per Liter In Some Developed Countries Are Much Higher Than The Philippines

It's no joke that the prices of gasoline have indeed increased because of the world market. I remembered writing some time ago where Dilawans blame President Duterte for the increase of prices in gasoline which is just stupid. The issue of gasoline price increase is a world market issue and sadly not too many are aware of it. Now it's time to consider another issue about gasoline prices in developed countries.
Here's a bit of comparison of the prices of gasoline from different parts of the world per liter. The prices there are in US Dollars converted to Philippine peso. I just had a thought of Asian countries where I have some kind of obsession with learning from their economic successes such as Hong Kong (presidential under China), Singapore (parliamentary) and South Korea (which is semi-presidential and unitary) have more expensive gasoline per liter than the Philippines. If you do the Math then you will realize that gasoline in those DEVELOPED countries are higher than…

I Support Neither Mocha Uson Nor Jover Laurio

Sometimes or most of the time -- it's best not to vote straight for any political party or to be a solid supporter of one party! Why? I support President Rodrigo R. Duterte's policies such as no public smoking, his plan for federalism, the removal of excessive restrictions towards foreign investment and shift to parliamentary system but I don't approve of him shooting his mouth off way too many times or worse -- the faulty appointment of the very under-qualified Mocha Uson as Assistant Communications Secretary! Besides, I support President Duterte's good policies more than the president himself! I mean, I don't mind people criticizing President Duterte's shortcomings because he needs them to do a better job! 
Now, let's talk about the side of the Dilawans with Jover Laurio who was dubbed as "Filipino of the Year" by the very biased Philippine Daily Inquirer. While I won't dismiss the Inquirer or ABiaS-CBN to be always wrong but always take wh…