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Aren't The Anti-Duterte Activists Too Old To Have Imaginary Friends?

It's really mind-boggling that the Anti-Duterte Rallyists (and some of them even asked former president Noynoy to resign before) are confident that they will succeed. They had several rallies whether it was September 21, 2017 and followed by the November 5, 2017 rally in EDSA -- but President Duterte is still the president. This has me wondering do they have imaginary friends attending their rallies.

So what's the fake news right now? The Philippine Daily Impunity said that thousands attended but look at the video. It's barely even half a thousand and traffic was hardly affected. They probably just showed a close shot to make them look "mas marami sila". This raises the question if such people hare having imaginary friends while they do their rallies. If they do have them then aren't they too old to have imaginary friends? 
Either way, I really can't help but laugh at how these guys think they're still the majority when the tide change is no longer in…

Boracay's Current Condition Makes It NO LONGER FEASIBLE For Philippine Tourism

It's obvious that the Anti-Duterte group (and I don't want to lump them together with people who are critical of President Duterte while staying logical by approving of the good he does and criticizes him of some of his actions) are making up nonsense again. Some say that shutting down Boracay for now is going to weaken the economy (HUH?!) or that President Duterte will "sell Boracay to China" (HUH?!) need to see what has happened to the once wonderful island and tourist spot known as Boracay.
Nothing could help me but still feel disgusted to what happened to the island. I remembered how I heard of Boracay was a nice place to be -- but I went there last 2012 and found out how it's not the best place to be. I simply couldn't help but feel disgusted and even regret why I even went there. It was so filthy! President Duterte is right -- it's a pool of feces or sh*t. I'd like to say nakakadiri which means disgusting. If I'm using my income to pay for …

#KungHeiFatChoi: Applying Confucian Principles With Economic And Constitutional Reform

Although I don't agree with everything Confucius says but I agree with a lot of things he says. I decided to try and make an essay on applying Confucian principles to economic reform since it's Chinese New Year. We could start with the basics such as the quote above or the golden rule.
Here's the basic plan. There's the need to plant rice, plant trees and EDUCATE children. How can the Philippines be rice sufficient and tree sufficient if there are no laws against the overuse of natural resources as well as squatters are very well-tolerated? How can we educate children properly if the schools are plagued with so much PNoy Pride and there's not much done to strengthen the economic literacy of Filipino children? I support K+12 but it still needs to be accompanied by CoRRECT's three point agenda. It sounds simple but it isn't easy to implement.
Not satisfied with just the simple quote -- I decided to do some research and found some interesting information on w…

The Dark Side Of Chinese Communities In The Philippines

I don't deny that Tsinoy communities have their contribution in maintaining the economy of the Philippines. Many of them have been job providers no matter how small and form a huge part of the Filipino business community. But do you know that there's a downside to the Tsinoy community? You may think that the Mano Po films are an exaggeration, the Joy Luck Club is an exaggeration but those materials were contributed by ethnic Chinese people. You may even consider reading Bruce Lee's biography and watching the movies based on his life.

Maybe I could focus on the Mano Po movies and the plots that they were brought. It's all about the problem of the old generation Tsinoy communities. It's time to ask the question why did some Chinese leave China for other countries and not just the Philippines? It was to escape the Communist Revolution of Mao Zedong. Many of them went to different places but formed their own Chinese communities than to assimilate. You may find that…

#FactsMatterPH Is Shooting Itself At The Head With Its So-Called War Against Fake News

It's so amazing at how there's #FactsMatterPH but is it about facts? It's not and the whole movement is nothing more than a sham. It would be like the whole fake news that the Aquinos are the heroes that restored democracy or any fake news Antonio Trillanes IV is spreading through social media. 
Now, there's the latest forum at Ateneo De Manila Rockwell Campus where you have it sponsored by fake news makers such as CRappler, ABiaS-CBN News Network and Philippine Daily Inquirer. It's not that they are wrong all the time -- but the problem that they insist that they are right even when they are wrong. This is laughable that they are holding a forum on fake news and why fake news and disinformation threatens freedom -- because they themselves are spreading fake news.
Here's something that Rigoberto Tiglao also stated this about CRappler:
IN a panicky tone, the news website Rappler ( insisted in an article that the lie it had fabricated, that there were…

Like Ninoy Aquino, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Is "Fighting For Filipino Freedom" In The United States

Yup, Antonio Trillanes IV is the new Ninoy Aquino. He's seeking political asylum. The only difference is that he went to the United States but it's not for a heart treatment. Perhaps he went to the United States for a head treatment. But what we know is that he's not a political prisoner. He's simply seeking asylum in the U.S. as he plans to "fight for freedom". 
Like Ninoy, we can see that Trillanes himself is now delivering his privilege speech though they aren't in the same place. Ninoy was in Boston while Trillanes is currently in Chicago. He's delivering his latest speech there where he thinks he's "fighting for freedom".

The riskier part is that the current war that President Duterte against the New People's Army can get ugly. Let's just say that Trillanes gets randomly shot by an NPA should he return to the Philippines. Maybe he's not the target but he got shot anyway along with other people. This may result to mass pa…

WTF: Is Kabataan Representative Sarah Elago Confident That Leni Loud Robredo Will Be President By February 25, 2018?

I heard that Sarah Elago said that President Duterte will be ousted by February 25, 2018 (DREAM ON) -- I'm just taking a trip back memory lane. Do you remember how supporters of Leni Loud Robredo once said that she's the new Cory Aquino? Some even gloated that it will be twice in Philippine history that a widow beats a Marcos -- once during the martial law years and another during the post-martial law years. Now are they even thinking of doing the same for Leni Loud? 
Having a picture together is not always enough evidence, right? We saw Antonio Trillanes have a picture with President Duterte. We saw Noynoy Aquino have a picture with President Duterte. Any possible evidence of Leni Loud's alignment with Kabataan Partylist is not with the picture she had with Represenative Sarah Elago but any possible evidence that she may have is that she's NOT even stopping Elago from doing so nor rebuking her. 
I would say it'd be good to have Leni Loud investigated not because …