Anti-China Paranoia Won't Help The Philippines/China Conflict Over Spratlys

Now I am aware of the problems that certain people in China are causing like the problem of exploding watermelons last 2011, the melamine milk scandal last 2008, the ongoing stupidity of the Yulin festival, low quality Chinese brands... however these have caused some unfair hasty generalizations.  This just reminds me that many Filipinos are prone to hasty generalization but get mad when they are victims of it... double standard anyone?

How is the hasty generalization made?  Do you remember the incident concerning Rolando Mendoza where Filipinos were unfairly treated no thanks to President Nobita Aquino's refusal to do a proper apology?  Hasty generalization is when you decide to say that what is true for one is true for all when it is based on the truth that what is true for one is not necessarily true for all.  We can generalize that all Filipinos are humans but not all humans are Filipinos.

I am still aware of the stupidity that calls for boycott Made in China.  I really want to ask these people if they are sure that what they are using at home is not made in China just because the brand is not from China.  The reason was because of the recent China vs. Philippines conflict for Spratlys and if all out war breaks out, wake up, the Philippines isn't a bit ready should it ever happen.  If you ask me, it's really impossible to live life without goods Made in China even if it's possible to live life without Chinese brands.  Just me thinking none of my appliances are Chinese brands but they are mostly Made in China.

Returning back to the problem of Chinese food scandals, I admit they do exist but the problem is that many Filipinos fail to read in between the lines (or details) about the news.  A lot of them tend to be horrible point missers especially on social media.  It was just like the Yulin Festival that even if a good amount of China was against the torture festival involving cats and dogs, I still see some Filipinos who are still saying, "China is a nation of dog eaters." even if the specific site already said that a lot of Chinese oppose the festival.  The same went for the food scandals that even if China had been sacking people responsible for the food scandals, some of these Filipinos still continue to say that all Chinese eat unborn fetus, produce fake goods, etc. and are best wiped out of the planet.  If they just read the news article properly, you will realize that the Chinese government does not condone to the food scandals either.

There is also the tendency to call Chinese tourists and investors as "spies" who are preparing for an invasion.  Now I understand that China's government has been sending its forces to harass the Philippines and it's wrong.  However, do they have to blame all the Chinese and now... Filipino-Chinese for the mess?  Remembering what Confucius said, "Do not do unto others as you do not want others to do it unto you." it's time to ask how would these Filipinos who made bad generalizations about the Chinese like it if they get unfairly generalized as henchmen of illegal Chinese or that they are murderers?  Oh, I even want to throw my blame also to the activists groups who just keep defending guilty Filipinos who deserve the chopping board because they are also putting every decent Filipinos in a negative light.

In the conflict between China and the Philippines for Spratlys, it's very important to be rational and think that not all Filipinos are good and not all Chinese are bad.  You might consider not everyone in China is happy with the scandals in their country.  You have Chinese farmers who complained about how their harvest went bad, how some Chinese are continuously biting at Yulin's stupid dog and cat torture festival or how China's government is dead serious about chopping down the fake food industry.  Sad to say but the Philippines may be in the losing edge considering that we have a poor military, we overly rely on America, we just don't monitor our food safety and we are a country filled with people that keep condoning the wrongs of our countrymen.

All I can say is before many Filipinos start pointing their fingers at China for all the wrongs in China, they should look at their own yard first.  They should also ask themselves if such incidents happen in the Philippines, will our justice system be swift against them.  Sad to say but I think the Philippines if it will soon have numerous food scandals (like the recent durian candy scandal), it may just be taken lightly.  After all, Corazan Soliman of DSWD had been responsible for cases that should have caused her dismissal or even execution.  She should have been dismissed and executed like Zheng Xiaoyu if you ask me.