How The Philippines Can Relate To The Illustrative Story Of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?  Depending on which version you read - the boy either dies or he is submitted to face the consequences of his own actions.  He always threw the wolf false alarm because he felt it was "boring" and he always had a good laugh whenever the villagers came to his help when there was no wolf at all.  By the time the wolf came, nobody helped him because they are sick of his false alarm.  The illustration can be seen like this - the sheep are the Filipino civilians, the boy is your average Failipino and the villagers are the Filipinos who are in charge of public safety.

While the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" was not a true story and it was just an illustration of a false alarm but today, it's not just boys who cried wolf.  You also have men who cried wolves or women who cried wolves or girl who cried wolves.  In short it's already the person who cried wolf.  I hate to admit it but the Failipino sense of humor is really utterly repulsive.  Sad to say but the story of the boy who cried wolf doesn't limit itself to the shepherd boy, the wolf and his sheep but it goes beyond that when it comes to real life.

It's very annoying that these stupid people think that false alarms are funny.  In the story, remember the boy kept crying wolf just to get a load of fun.  He laughed at the frustration of the villagers.  In today's society it's protocol for security, military, police and fire department to respond to an alarm right?  When I think of how a Failipino reacts when people get mad at their false alarm, they can say something like, "Hahahaha!  I am just here to expose how stupid you people are to fall for that trick!"  This of course is a very huge demotivation of anybody to do their work properly right?

I can also think of the victim card mentality at work in the Philippines with the story.  It gets annoying that many Filipinos choose to adhere to the Failipino value of holding a victim card mentality.  When you remember the boy who cried wolf, I think the boy was also crying out wolf not only to make fun of the villagers but also to gain their sympathy.  Whenever the Failipino cries out that they are oppressed when they are not, they are just crying out wolf as well.  When the real time that they are oppressed comes, any decent minded Filipino may just dismiss it until it's too late.

When I think of the current Philippines vs. China conflict, why do I even suspect that China has become the wolf?  I know there has been the Spratlys conflict in between the two countries though it tends to go away depending on who leads China.  I guess Failipinos have always shouted, "China is invading us." or whatever nonsense in the past until China has become a real threat.  I am afraid that today, the Philippines is already suffering the consequences no thanks to Failipinos and their boy who cried wolf mindset.


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