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Looks Like Mayor Sherap Has More Brains Than President Nobita!

He's not so stupid after all... for someone who didn't get a degree!
As much as I agree that Sherap Estrada deserved to be put on trial for his Jueteng Scandal but I can admire a few facts about this guy.  First, knowing his guilt he voluntarily stepped down (Unggoy should just admit his guilt and PAY BACK the damages) knowing that he could no longer cover up his scandal.  Second, he formally issued an apology to Hong Kong for the botched Rolando Mendoza incident for the betterment of the Philippines.  Third, he actually has stated that a second term for Nobita may be worse for the Philippines.  Fourth, he donated PHP 100,000.00 to the families of deceased SAF soldiers while he gave the injured troops PHP 50,000.00... DIRECTLY while that idiot President Nobita plans to give it through Stinky Soliman.
So what's the difference between Mayor Sherap and President Nobita here?  As much as I hate to keep pointing out Sherap's stupidity like banning Claire Danes or his lack o…

The Hypocrisy of the "Sariling Atin Only" Mentality

Nothing is wrong with asking for nationalism. Nothing is wrong with desiring your country to be free from foreign control. The Americans went against the British to free their country. Going against the Spaniards was a result of the abuses done by the Spanish Empire. What is wrong is when we take it to the wrong direction. The problem is nationalism gone wrong or ultranationalism. Any decent-minded Pinoy rejects the folly of Pinoy Pride and chooses to do what it takes to become a positive Pinoy. Pinoy Pride can teach the wrong value of "sariling atin only" or "our very own only" mentality. I would like to discuss why this mentality is hypocritical.

Way back in elementary having been to a FLIPFAG school, I remembered how the supposed "Values Education" classes taught a warped view of nationalism. It was taught that people should buy only local products and not imported products. One script that got the highest grade was when a person deliberately threw awa…

So Philippine TV Networks and Theaters Are Heavily Reliant on Foreign Entertainment To Keep Them Running Huh?

Soon to be on ABiaS-CBN... "Loving Never Forgetting"....

Knowing ABiaS-CBN will air "Loving Never Forgetting" this February 2, 2015 I really had my thoughts on why nonsense laws like ban K-Drama or anything anti-foreign usually does not push through. Years ago in my Personal Blog, I wrote about the congress proposal to remove Filipinos' rights to bring any foreign media from abroad. Fortunately it wasn't pushed through, maybe because the oligarchs, whether they hate to admit it or not, are already reliant on foreign stuff to keep getting ratings and maybe these nationalists are just hypocrites. Perhaps that hypocrite Toady Casino for all we know sneaked into the screening of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno wearing a fake mustache with his family.

The huge problem of FLIPFAGs is that they can't tell the difference between colonial mentality and liking foreign stuff. They have their mentality that because you're Filipino you must always support anythin…

Time to Get Rid of the Pro-Birth Mentality in the Philippines!

I remembered conversing with a Murican swine who I believe I'll never see again said, "I don't care if I were living in the streets, dirt poor, having to scour the garbage cans for food - as long as I have lots of children."  For one, he doesn't really know that the poor are suffering behind the "smiling faces".  He says he sees that a lot of Filipinos are happy in spite of being poor.  Sometimes what is behind a smile is just a sad nation waiting to collapse.  Maybe the street children may be playing and laughing but behind it all is a facade.

Later on, they will be hungry and remember food in the garbage is awful.  I couldn't imagine myself as a beggar digging here and there for garbage.  Whenever I throw the garbage, I would think that it's disgusting that's why I throw it.  Stuff like expired food and rotten meat are not fit for consumption therefore it's only necessary to throw them away.  Sometimes, I even think whenever I throw …

Failipinos/FLIPFAGs Have The Wrong Type of Jealousy Problem!

I previously wrote on the jealousy delusion, I had overlooked one important fact in life. That is, there is always the thinkers doers issue. Why is that gold diggers are afraid of being gold dug or the womanizer can accuse any of his women of cheating? It's because they are doing the same thing at the same time, they are a group of self-centered idiots. I would try to talk about the bad habit of Failipinos being jealous of fellow Filipinos who are doing better than them. I have observed more often than not that Failipinos have the attitude of laziness, impunity and not to mention being arrogant and self-centered. It's already bad enough to be arrogant, it can also lead to a culture of laziness. Their actions get every good and law-abiding Filipino fed up one way or another. Again, do I need to keep reminding these FLIPFAGs that theirbeing a Failipino is a CHOICE?!

A lot of problems are created thanks to the problem of jealousy. One may observe how more often than not that Fa…

Manila SHOULD Really Do Something About Its Traffic Problems For the Sake of Improvement!

The authorities in Metro Manila should realize that they have long neglected many problems. All that President Nobita says is that, "Well traffic is a sign of growing economy." That is B.S. as unmanaged traffic is NOT the sign of growing economy. All their "pwede na yan" is a culture that must be gotten rid of. While it was a good move to penalize Cebu Pacific for the problems last December but remember, Manila is also in much need of traffic solutions. You can read more in When in Manila.

Here's the world's top ten worst traffic countries based on average:

Here's the top ten. Now I would select Bangladesh is ranked #3 and Philippines is ranked #9. Kenya is also a very poor country. What must be realized is that traffic is not always a sign of a growing economy or maybe, never a sign of growing economy. Here's the reality, most of the countries above the Philippines have worse economies like Kenya and Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country that's …

Falipinos And Their Definition of Maturity

FLIPFAGs aren't known for Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations for nothing. They have their own twisted view of "maturity". Failipinos have their own definition of maturity which goes against the decent Pinoy's definition of maturity. Again FLIPFAGs, you'll just miss the point and say I'm Anti-Filipino again huh? I am writing this for the sake of every decent Pinoy who goes against the wrong notion of maturity.

As an occasional fan of Japanese shows, I do agree I shouldn't be talking about Anime or Tokusatsu in the workplace BUT there is nothing wrong if you still watch it. While I don't talk about it more often than I should because of age but there's nothing wrong to watch cartoons. I mean, I still do watch Tokusatsu whenever I want to feel young. Now I would like to tackle on the issues of feeling mature. I remembered the time I was a teenager and I was always told to, "Grow up." by FLIPFAGs because …

Why It's More Than Time To Open Up the Economy of the Philippines

I have previously written against FLIPFAG economics. Now I will write on the benefits of an open economy. One can see how an open economy has benefited countries like Singapore, Taiwan, COMMUNIST China, Japan and the like. On the other hand, the Philippines suffers from the consequences of a closed economy. Here's what the government should understand and I hope they are greedy enough to consider the following benefits.

The idea that OFWs means Filipinos is taking over the world as I love to say it is absurd. When you step in foreign soil, you must bow down to its rules. When a foreigner is allowed 50% to 100% ownership in the Philippines, his/her firm must comply with the Philippines by laws or not be allowed to invest at all. That means, every foreign firm must pay up to the PAG-IBIG, BIR, DOLE, DTI and the like to get their firms up and running. Even if the firm can run without a Filipino partner, however they cannot open legally if they don't comply with the necessary age…

Kris Aquino's Spotlights ARE Weapons of Mass Distraction

I just wrote an article on why we need to separate Kris and State, I would like to write how she is a weapon of mass distraction. One may consider the reality. Why are people giving TOO MUCH emphasis on Kris Aquino. Don't get me wrong, I do read entertainment news from other countries and I seldom read Filipino entertainment news. The problem is when we are putting TOO MUCH emphasis on entertainment as a need and not as a want.

I could bring back the issue of the fight between Kris Aquino and Rufa Guiterrez. Come on, why can't she just keep the fight to herself? The same thing went for her married life during the time she was still married to her ex-husband James Yap from disputes to divorce. Then you have every minor detail about her like her allergy, her son Bimby being bitten by their pet dog Prada, her buying land for her two sons one from her former boyfriend and the other from her ex-husband and her allergic reaction.  SERIOUSLY?! Her personal life SHOULD NEVER BE THE C…

Being Pinoy Is Just An Ethnicity, Being A Failipino IS A CHOICE!

As I said, it's really time to STOP using Pinoy as a derogatory word for bad Filipinos. Some people use the word "Pinoy" simply to refer to a native of the Philippines or a shortcut for Filipino. That is, being Pinoy is not a choice. You are born with your ethnicity. Nationality on the other hand like being Filipino, American, Chinese, etc. is mostly a choice.

So what about the word Failipino? Failipino is a combination of Fail and Filipino. Filipino can either refer to nationality or ethnicity. But mostly, it is referred to as a nationality. On the other hand, why do I use the derogatory word Failipino? It's to specify the lowly, bad Filipinos who are making the country a disgrace. Using the word Pinoy as a derogatory term can become utterly racist and not to mention, just plain wrong. Pinoy can be used either positively or negatively, but not the word Failipino.

So why is Failipino a choice? Nobody chooses to be born black, white, yellow or brown right? It doesn…

Five Stuff That Make Failipino Drama STINK BAD!

One of the reasons why I don't watch Failipino drama is not because of my Chinese blood.  Rather, they are fail but really stinky.  Sometimes the definition of "high class" is relative but the reality must be faced.  One may consider how these elements are really repugnant.  I got this idea from Get Real Philippines.

Rich People are Usually the Antagonist

It's a huge problem that Failipino drama teaches rich people are usually the antagonist.  Never mind really that the broadcasters these drama are the OLIGARCHS like ABiaS-CBN.  So let's get to how rich people are usually portrayed.  Antagonistic and evil, doing crime, mistreating their servants, spoiling their children... well that is true for SOME but NOT FOR ALL.

Some rich people make good real life protagonists, kind, treat their servants and rights and DO NOT spoil their children.  Sometimes, you may even see a rich man who refuses to buy his son a concert ticket worth PHP 17,500 because it's "too e…

Why Are FLIPFAGs Joining Cultural Change Filipino Facebook Groups Like Get Real Philippines?

FLIPFAGs is that they are joining cultural change Filipino Facebook groups like Get Real Philippines.  Whether they use a pseudonym (they have their reasons) or their real names is not the issue. The troll is anyone who derails a conversation/discussion by any means possible like insulting, name calling, posting angry comments and you can name every underhand tactic these DIRTY FLIPFAGs have. Sometimes one who isn't using his/her real name may be nicer than the one who is using his/her real name.

So what's the reality of them joining the groups? Remember there is the old tactic of infiltration right?  Assassins and spies try to blend into the crowd to destroy an organization. The police force may send someone to pretend to be a crook. Criminal organizations may use a spy to destroy a police force.  Likewise, these FLIPFAGs infiltrate Filipino for change groups like Get Real Philippines to spread their toxic agenda.  It's an old trick BUT IT WORKS. If they can enter their …

Many Filipinos Should Learn to STOP Acting Like Them Celebrities Knew Them!

Whether it was the One Direction ticket line incident OR the Rurouni Kenshin fan event, one cannot deny the problem that some people act like as if the celebrities knew them.  While no headlines for One Direction ticket line said, "I filed a sick live to line up here.", a fellow fan of Rurouni Kenshin (I'm a fan to) had the audacity to tell everyone that she filed a sick leave, bought a ticket out of Davao to Manila to attend the conference.  Facepalm!

Let me get this straight.  Nothing is wrong with attending fan events or lining up for that ticket (just make sure you have calculated your money) IF you are on a day-off (most of those who attended were adults considering the weekday schedule).  But please do not lie to your boss with a fake sick leave, fly all the way there AND act like as if the celebrity even knew you.  All I cay say is that the person who did that should have not even gloated about it.  Takeru Sato DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HER!!!!!!

Why act like the cele…

These Facts DO NOT Make Me Anti-Filipino!

So many people accuse me of being Anti-Filipino. I just got inspired by Chinocracy to write on the same matter. Note these traits I will discuss is why FLIPFAGs think I'm Anti-Filipino! I am not Anti-Filipino JUST BECAUSE:

I am Chinese by blood but that does not make me Anti-Filipino. Some historical figures in Filipino history were Chinese - Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo, Sergio Osmena, Tomas Pinpin, Manuel Quezon and Ignacio Paua were Chinese. Andres Bonifacio the founder of the Katipunan was 1/4 Chinese. Heck, even President Nobita Aquino IS Chinese from both sides. Some Pinoys are just a disgrace to their own country with what they do.

I love some foreign stuff over Filipino-made stuff. So what? It doesn't mean I don't support all Filipino stuff in general. I don't support anything that is garbage whether or not it is Filipino-made or imported. Please stop confusing xenophobia with nationalism and loving foreign stuff with colonial mentality!

I believe in being on tim…

Rebutting The Principles of FLIPFAG Economics 101

Although I DID NOT graduate from economics, but these things are learned when you study the basic of College economics. I had a talk with an economics professor on this matter. She had discussed how often it is that FLIPFAG Logic with Economics 101 is flawed and stupid.

Here's some of their stupid logic with economics:

Allowing 50%-100% ownership to foreign firms means they are taking over the Philippines


What you may consider is this. Do FLIPFAGs even know this principle? Even if a foreign firm is allowed to own 100% in terms of intangible assets in the Philippines, foreign investment MUST obey the laws of the Philippines. It means, these foreign firms will partially be under Filipino control... in sense that their Filipino branch MUST conform to Filipino laws. This is common sense and it doesn't take a rocket genius to figure that out.

So let's think... if a foreign firm has full ownership in the Philippines, whose law was it? Philippines. That means, the forei…

Is Migraine International Going to Invoke the Name of Flor Contemplacion Again In An Attempt to Save Edz Ello?

While what Edz Ello did may not get him executed but... there's a good number of FLIPFAGs too who are defending him.  I wouldn't be surprised if there will be the "Edz Ello Movie: Injustice in Singapore" to be released by the same staff.  After all, there was the Flor Contemplacion Movie which had put several good Pinoys in danger.  Some Pinoys who knew the truth either working in Singapore or JUST BEING IN THE PHILIPPINES, already knew that the whole movie was a fabricated B.S. from start to end.  Apparently the late Flor Contemplacion is already the "patron saint" for victim card holders.

Having been forced to watch the movie as a child has further traumatized me because I was called a "killer" simply because I was Chinese by blood.  Okay this is just a clip but this is PURE FABRICATION.  Singaporeans have EVERY RIGHT to be enraged of this monstrosity known as The Flor Contemplacion Story.  The film is really this - it shows how often victim ca…

Do FLIPFAGs Think They're Taking Over The World Huh?!

Memories of distant past have started to show up in my mind. Horrible experiences with FLIFPAGs as a child was never pleasant. FLIPFAGs have their mentality to brag about the OFW phenomenon. They think that becoming an OFW means Filipinos are taking over the world. But the contrary is very, VERY FALSE. W on OFW means WORKER and WORKER means you are under a master. Overseas Filipino Worker MEANS a Filipino who is in SERVITUDE TO A FOREIGN MASTER.
The problem of OFW phenomenon was already in the late 90s but I had no idea why. What I discovered from the 1987 Constitution was that it carried over the protectionist policies from the 1972 Constitution. Because of the 60/40 policy, it restricts foreign investments all with the excuse that "foreigners will take over the country". Instead, it was really to protect incompetence. I mean logic dictates... if foreigners do business in the Philippines, AREN'T THEY UNDER FILIPINO AUTHORITY INSTEAD OF THEIR HOME COUNTRY? Foreign busin…


There is a difference between a minor insult AND a defamatory hate comment.  So one may look at the comments he had actually posted minus the third one:
These comments DO NOT sound like a joke at all.  He was already either raising a false alarm, a cruel hoax OR you can say it's really equivalent to sending a death threat.  No death threat is laughing matter.  He also violated Singapore's anti-racist policy and the hospital's anti-racist policy.  What he did was already starting a hate campaign and depending on the severity of the offense, deportation and persona-non grata would be a real good punishment.  
This is also something.  Being a nurse means the more you have to be careful about your behavior.  The fact he wished all Singaporeans will be kicked out and HE IS IN SINGAPORE is proof that it's already a heavy offense of libel.  It's not like those Noynoy memes... instead, it's a real severe offense that is calling for a very open act of rebellion.

Here Comes REAL Pinoy Heroes: Pinoys Who Expressed Disgust Over Ello Ed Mundsel Bello

While there were Failipinos who were standing by him (no surprise) but there were some Pinoys who truly deserve to be called heroes with these comments that they DO NOT condone to the evil done by a fellow Pinoy:

He is right.  He has shown that there are still Filipinos worth dying for.

I agree that deportation is an option.

She is right.  The nurse is responsible for his actions.  She has the brains to never condone to the wrongdoing of a fellow Pinoy!

Analyzing Edz Ello's Failipino/FLIPFAG Pride

Here's a screenshot of the incident taken from The Real Singapore.  Sad to say but this Edz Ello can already be considered an online troll.  A troll does not necessarily use a nickname... they can go ahead and use their real account and still be that troll.  They derail people, make people irritated... and I would assume Edz Ello is one.  Let's take a look at his offensive use of social media.

So let's take a look at his really hurtful words.  His comments are in fact spoken in the way a FLIPFAG would do so.  Carabao English, offensive language laced with arrogance.  Sad to say, he is a microcosm of what's wrong with a lot of Pinoys.  I would believe that any decent Pinoy worker at his workplace condemned the very act.

First he assumes that Singaporeans are losers.  If Singaporeans were losers, why is the Philippines STILL SO LEFT BEHIND?  Does he even realize that the Philippines' economy is more or less a rathole no thanks to dysfunctional Failipino culture?  S…

Well That Failipino Nurse Edz Ello Got What HE DESERVES!

Here's Edz Ello the Failipino nurse who earlier tried to his his Victim Card, fortunately Singapore's Tan Tok Seng Hospital DID NOT honor it.  Above is a picture of what he wrote.  What was amazing is that he even wrote that DURING HIS PROBATION.  Perhaps having no choice, he was FORCED to admit he did it when he tried to say it was hacked.  Huehuehuehueheue!
Why do I think he deserved to be fired?  Anybody and NOT JUST PINOYS will deserve to get fired for writing such a derogatory comment.  Sad to say but it's very common for a lot of Pinoys to choose the path of being a FLIFPAG.  Also, he was under probation and he shows his attitude of being mayabang or arrogant.  Being Failipino is not inborn in the Pinoy, it's a choice that sadly many Pinoys make for many reasons like family values and friends.  Pinoys can choose either to become the good Filipino or the Failipino.  Again so many point missers will start rushing in who will shout "RACIST" before they ev…

How Do FLIPFAGs Define Smart Anyway?!

The word smart is defined as, "1.) Very good at learning or thinking about things and 2.) Showing intelligence or good judgment." One has to realize that the problem of Failipinos is how they define smart. It would be very important to realize what smart really means. Smartness is something you don't develop overnight, it's a lifelong battle to keep it. Every person has the "Stupid me" and "Smart me" but which part is the one that is dominating in each and every one of us?

It's time to really see the Failipino definition of smart. Now there is NO Filipino, American, Chinese, etc. definition of smart. It's a universal value and it's not restricted to one race. Unfortunately for Failipinos, they have all their definition of smartness. Some even say they aren't FLIFPAGs because they supposedly think they are competent and knowledgeable EVEN IF the evidence says otherwise. They are in short, a disgrace to every enlightened Filipino.

I …

The Reality of FLIPFAG Paranoia

There's no doubt FLIPFAGs are really paranoids as well. Paranoid can be defined as, "A person who is often characterized by anxiety of fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion." How are these people paranoid? One can think of how they have fear of almost anything so they resolve to tactics like attacking below the belt, getting nasty and harassing others. In reality, they have their hidden fears they don't want to be revealed. Note that a lot of these actions are a result of THINKERS DOERS!

FLIPFAGs think Filipinos are always oppressed
The FLIPFAG due to their Pinoy Pride always has their irrational fear that the world is after Pinoys in general. They fail to see the reality that any racist person won't just hate Filipinos, they will hate anybody OUTSIDE their race. If a Filipino becomes a victim of any racist government, he or she is not the only one. There's nothing "special" about the Pinoy in general to make them a special victim.…

Filipinos Need to Differentiate Disciplinarian Rule From Communist Rule

FLIPFAGs are among the worst offenders when it comes to breaking guidelines. What can be blamed is the type of government the Philippine has. In my case, a lot of their kind tend to call me a Communist or a tyrannical ruler
because of my views. First, do they even know what a Commie is? It's stupid to compare a teacher who punishes a student caught cheating during an exam with a zero, sending them to the discipline office to Fidel Castro or Mao Zedong.

Now I would like to raise my views that makes me "sound like a Communist":
The need for stronger military discipline and modernize the Philippine Army.More rigid patrol against crime.Stricter traffic rules are necessary to keep the roads safe and business going.Emphasis of workplace discipline and decency.Giving fines to offenses like mendicancy, littering, feeding birds, spitting anywhere, pooing anywhere, peeing anywhere and vandalism.Copying the caning policy of Singapore for certain offenses like massive vandalism of …

FLIPFAG Pride Is Like Having an Overdose of Pain Relievers

FLIPFAGs (Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely/Perpetually For All Generations) are quick to point out to call the enlightened Filipinos as "bitter" and "sour".  All they want is an eternal state of bliss, they don't want to experience pain at all.  Such a notion of wanting an eternal state of bliss can be considered a root cause of drug addiction.  Not all drug addictions can stem from a messy family background... some of them simply stem out from the desire to be in an eternal state of bliss, never having to feel sadness.  Some cases of drug addictions can even lead to simple problems like his mom made him clean his room.   And the problem with FLIPFAGs is that, the slightest criticism to the slightest insult is a big deal for them.

Some doctors have advocated medical marijuana.  Marijuana itself can be used medically like fighting cancer cells and as a pain reliever.  However like children's multi-vitamins they have a required dosage.  Nei…


Do you see all the tears? Do you see it? Well some people have the nerve to call me a crybaby whiner loser BUT LOOK WHO IS TALKING?! I would talk about the problem of Failipino activists and their cry baby culture. Nothing can be further than the truth than their own agendas, crocodile tears and sore loser culture.

So what shows these Failipino activists are nothing but cry babies? I always see those anti-American, anti-foreign rallies like that clown Toady Casino. I always find that guy a walking contradiction. If he's so anti-foreign why doesn't he live in a nipa hut, wear ethnic outfit, not eat out in fastfood, etc. because for one, Filipino culture is diverse. Filipino culture is divided between the good Filipinos and the Failipinos whether you like it or not.

How are Failipino activists onion-skinned crybabies? They protest against almost EVERYTHING that supposedly "wounds" Pinoy Pride. It's not so uncommon to see a Failipino activist get mad because of cer…

Are Some Failipinos Even Celebrating Poverty?!

I remembered how my economics teacher back in High School (she looks like Miriam Defensor Santiago) once said, "Well don't expect the rich to be the only people to give us a problem. Some of the poor even want to stay poor. It's the victim card mentality." Although she had moved away to Canada with her family, she was indeed a Pilosopong Tasyo of our day.

I have observed as an average nothing much kind of businessman that some of my laborers want to remain poor. While some of them take their jobs seriously to send their children to school, others don't. Now I am just assuming some things that poverty can be a choice. If you are born poor, it wasn't your choice but if you stay poor, it's your choice. Now not everybody can become rich but certainly, anybody can at least get out of poverty. You may not live in a luxurious mansion but at least, you live an a decent house in a safer area right?

Looking at how prevalent the victim card mentality is, it's h…

The Amazing Thing About Those STUPID FLIPFAG Trolls!

Well looks like this blog will be getting a lot of FLIPFAGs offended.  After all, FLIPFAG does not stand for "Failipino Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely/Perpetualy For All Generations" for nothing.  The term Failipino is always a negative term while a Pinoy refers to anybody who can be considered "ethnic Filipino".  So the term Pinoy is purely neutral because there are good Pinoys and bad Pinoys.  Now looks like this "Anonymous" person has gotten truly offended and has started to badmouth me in this post.  Whoever this "Anonymous" is has the marks of a FLIPFAG.

Moving on, I could really talk about what's so amazing about them is that they would actually be interested in sites that goes against them.  For example, the website Get Real Philippines has its own fair share of trolls attacking it daily.  Ilda Ilda's article about Marian Rivera and it launched a lot of hate from trolls.  Get Real Philippines (GRP) as a website and blog…

Reaction to "Pinoy in Hot Water for Anti-Singapore Rant"

So the investigation is still going on since the suspect claims his Facebook got hacked.  However let us take this with a grain of salt because a lot of Pinoys are very good at playing the victim.  Right now, considering the source is ABiaS-CBN, remember Failipino media is very good at glorifying the victim card mentality.

Now moving forward towards the incident itself.  Now here's what ABiaS-CBN had said:

MANILA, Philippines - A Filipino nurse is reportedly under police investigation in Singapore for posting "inflammatory" statements on Facebook against Singaporeans.

Asia One Singapore reported the nurse, who works for Tan Tock Seng Hospital, has been placed on administrative duties pending a police investigation.

In a Facebook post that went viral, the Filipino nurse allegedly called Singaporeans "loosers" (sic) in their own country.

"Now the Singaporeans are loosers in their own country, we take their jobs, their women, their future, and soon evict all SG l…