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Paredes Minded People Also Contribute To Why The Philippines Hardly Progresses

I can't deny that some Noynoy supporters aren't like Jim Paredes in defending their stand and I give them that. But it's a problem when there are the Noytards, Dutertards, Marcostards, etc. because they suffer from Paredes' ego. Just think about how Paredes had displayed his arrogance during People Power. He said that all colors are welcome so why is he heckling the small Duterte supporters in the area? If he's so brave with his group go to where there are more Duterte supporters to confront and have a fair fight?

Remembering The Super Epal, Self-Contradictory APO Singer Jim Paredes

I remembered how there was the show on ABiaS-CBN and the 'Sang Linggo nAPO Sila show. Right now, he's shown how much of a bully he can be with how he not only made biased accusations towards President Rodrigo R. Duterte but he's also shown how much he should be renamed as "Jim Parada". He's always parading his nonsense. Before that, I could try and show the hypocrisy of this guy with one song I never knew existed. This is one guy that I hated watching even as a child but in my case, I was just pursuing that American dream until I realized that the problem isn't being Filipino but the kind of Filipino that puts the Philippines to shame.

Leila's Dilemma Is That Many Want Her Arrested #SupportLeilaDeLima

This picture really amuses me with this irony. Leila Dilemma won the senatorial bid with 13,793,947 voters but she also lost their support. Democracy placed her in power but also supported her arrest. What an ironic twist of fate that some of those who voted for her would eventually turn against her.

Leila Dilemma's Arrest Might Be Linked With Acts Of Sedition #LabanLeila

Leila Dilemma's arrest today may be where she said she's supposedly proud of being arrested for standing up against President Rodrigo R. Duterte. It's so annoying how there are still PNoys out there who have #OneForLeila and #LabanLeila among a few hashtags used in their campaign. But what many may refuse to accept with what she did is making up falsified evidence in her seditious attempt to unseat the current president. 

Senator Leila Dilemma Is A Very Good Example Of What's Wrong With Filipino Society #OneForLeila

It's time to commend Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. and Senator Richard Gordon for now toppling Senator Leila Dilemma. Although the process was long but a lot of evidence has been mounting against Dilemma herself that had led to her arrest. Maybe Justice Secretary Aguirre and company should pose in public covering their ears while Senator Dilemma talks all her nonsense during her arrest. Just because she's a senator doesn't mean she she's immune from arrest. All she did was to put manufactured evidence against President Rodrigo R. Duterte while accusing the latter of doing the same against her. It's the Filipino trait of calling the kettle black. Right now, let's just discuss of how Dilemma herself is a picture of what's wrong with Filipino society.

Yes! We Must Remember The EDSA Revolution!

Yes! We must remember EDSA but not in the way that the Liberal Party wants us to remember it. As much as I still think burying the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani is a mistake but it doesn't mean I support the Aquino Clan's stupidity either. The cycle of the Aquinos and the Liberal Party also involves necropolitics. Ninoy died and Cory became president. Cory died and Noynoy became president. Jesse Robredo died and his widow Leni Robredo ran using her husband's death as part of the campaign. That's why I think that when Noynoy dies then Kris Aquino or her eldest son Joshua A. Salvador may become president someday.

Removing The Rights Of Filipinos To Bring Home Imported Media Is Stupid

Even if it's already 2017 and the proposed bill was so last 2013, I still felt compelled to write it. The reason is maybe it's because of Maxine Medina's loss for the Miss Universe crown. I could imagine what if pseudo-nationalist groups like Makabobo would send Renato Reyes Jr. to stir up trouble at the French embassy all because Miss France rightfully won the crown. Even if the whole stupid proposal wasn't signed by former president Noynoy Aquino but I still feel like bringing it up for the sake of bringing it up. I don't think the whole bill won't die so easily especially when you've got sore losers like Senator Neri Colmenares of Bobo Muna who are still in power.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre's Mind May Still Be Stuck In The Events Of The SAF-44 Hearing

Even if Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. regretted not trying to patch things up with the late Miriam Defensor Santiago during the SAF-44 trial but I don't think that's why his mind is stuck on it. Maybe a lot of people already moved on from his minor offense during the Renato Corona trial. But I don't think a lot of people would have moved on from the tragedy of SAF-44.

Justice Secretary Aguirre may have indirectly patched things up with the late Santiago by not only being at his best behavior but also not siding with Alan Impurisima. He acted as Getulio Napenas' lawyer which was a wise choice. Although the late Santiago gave Napenas a sermon but it was nothing compared to that Impurisima received. Would have he chosen Impurisima as his client he would have suffered the same scathing again. He later stated that Noynoy and Impurisima broke the chain of command.

In truth, what he and President Rodrigo R. Duterte are doing right now with reopening the SAF-44 i…

PNoy Pridists Better Explain DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo's Hard Work Over Former DSWD Secretary Stinky Soliman's Massive Neglect

Did you remember the last time I showed some faulty analysis of PNoy Pridists such as blaming President Rodrigo R. Duterte for the stupidest issues? Some of them that I have mentioned are blaming the president for Maxine Medina's loss and the misleading PSEI analysis. Now it's time to throw another intelligent analysis on the performance of the Department of Social Welfare and Development with Corazon "Stinky" Soliman vs. its current performance with Judy Taguiwalo. This would be a more practical comparison in contrast to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach's victory during Noynoy's term and Medina's loss during Duterte's term.

Many Filipinos Tend To Turn Anthills Into Mountains

Do you remember the incident that happened with Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. during the Corona Impeachment Trial? What Justice Secretary Aguirre did was wrong but the Senate made a mountain out of an anthill. When Senator Jinggoy Estrada admonished him why wasn't Justice Secretary Aguirre just made to move out of the room immediately? If he were just asked to move out immediately and the Senate decided to admonish him THE NEXT DAY the problem could have been solved. Instead, they decided to sensationalize what was an act of jaywalking in the Senate. A slap on Justice Secretary Aguirre's wrist was more than enough as punishment for what the Justice Secretary did during the late Senator Santiago's tirade. It's not like as if he actually did something that could have harmed someone's well-being like the Jetblue Flight Incident.

Serious (But Not Abusive) Military Training Needs To Be Done In The Philippines

It's just amazing how Korean actor Lee Seunggi who's about to complete his services by October has become "a beast". Here's something that I find has proven South Korean men to be more manly than what many Filipino men think themselves to be. Here's what Shindong of Super Junior says according to AllKPop:
Lee Seung Gi transformed into a beast once he entered the military. He would run shirtless 5 to 10 kilometers (3 to 6 miles) every morning... He works out like crazy.

Yes, Kris Aquino Should Get A New Timeslot!

As part of the whole anti-corruption drive it would be best to also imprison one one of the Liberal Party's biggest attack dogs namely Kris Aquino. Before you say that it's unfair or harsh let me share why I think she should be jailed as well.

Does Mar Roxas Realize That Economic Liberalization Is Necessary To Create More Jobs For Filipinos?

What made me go HUH with Mar Roxas is that he thinks he can create jobs without changing any flaws of the 1987 Constitution. Does he think he can create jobs with such lousy economic policies upheld by people like the Monsod couple? I'm sorry to say but the whole idea that "only foreigners will get rich with free trade" has to go. If Christian and Winnie Monsod aren't stupid (in spite of their outstanding academic records) then they're scheming (because they know the truth and use it to the advantage of the Aquino Empire).

Do You Want To Commit Suicide Rather Than Correct The 1987 Constitution?

I used to admire Hilario Davide a lot back when I was a College student until I realized that the 1987 Constitution is faulty. Just hearing him say that that he'd be willing to die for the faulty constitution is such a headache. It makes me want to say, "Want to commit suicide than correct the 1987 Constitution? Go ahead be my guest!" It might be very beneficial for the Philippines if all the PNoys would commit suicide than give up their PNoy Pride.

Why am I saying that I don't care if these people would rather commit suicide rather than correct the constitution? It's because that these people are just making the Philippines even worse. Stupid policies like the presidential system that runs on winnability over credibility, the Imperial Manila system and economic protectionism contribute to an ever failing Philippines. Don't give me the whole idea that, "But it's more fun in the Philippines." I'm afraid that David Guerrero's slogan is ju…

Leila's Dilemma With Her Unsubstantiated Claims About The Philippine National Police Under President Duterte

Picture taken from Duterteism
I don't blame a lot of Filipinos who were misled by Leila Dilemma's acting skills. I didn't realize she was really a dirty person until late in Noynoy Aquino's term. Some people may just be thinking that she's just framed up. But now, it seems that her true colors have shown up at another level. She has revealed how her playacting is no longer effective. Like every cunning villain she's now decided to show her true colors after she's run out of alternatives.

Don't Let Noynoy Aquino Get Away With His Involvement With The SAF-44 Mishap

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. talked more about the SAF-44 in recent interviews. As much as I fumed over what happened last 2012 but in due fairness he was well-behaved during the SAF-44 hearing. He served as Getulio Napunas' lawyer during the SAF-44. The late Miriam Defensor Santiago grilled Napenas over one issue: he's also a failure but he shouldn't take all the blame. Worse, Noynoy thinks that he's clean of the SAF-44 case but evidence now suggests otherwise.