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Is Blocking ABiaS-CBN's Renewal A Threat To Democracy Or Aquinocracy?

It's very easy for the Yellow Garbage crowd to say that "Democracy is dead! Martial law is back!" with this video. Is ABiaS-CBN defending democracy or Aquinocracy? I don't think President Rodrigo R. Duterte is just being personal but he's also talking about OTHER candidates who were affected. Chiz Escudero wasn't his vice president but he also spoke up for him. Even if President Duterte has a temper that he should control but I admire how he faced his other rivals with respect. He even attended the wake of the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago when she died. 
This is a video where ABiaS-CBN and its associate media are getting what's coming to them one way or another. Is it democracy to just have the Yellow Garbage do what they want and let them run the country without any healthy opposition? The Liberal Party isn't even healthy opposition but it only cares about its agenda. Please, Filipinos are to pledge their allegiance to the Philippine flag and not t…

North Korea's Heavy Dependence On China Proves That Self-Industrialization Is Just A Sick Man's Fantasy

I remembered how I wrote my entry asking this question that if protectionism is so good then why is South Korea doing better than North Korea? It's an answer that could be answered with the difference of political and economic policies. I'd like to take a bit of a flashback on a made-up imaginative guy I call "Heneral Lunatic".

This is one of the most retarded stuff I've read and I'm not even an economist or a historian. Whoever made this meme is a lunatic and should be rightfully called Heneral Lunatic. The maker of the meme tells people to study history while he dares to say that first world countries succeeded not through accepting foreign businesses but through economic protectionism. I wonder where are his sources to prove that? He says that by protecting the local businesses that a pambansang industriya was born. But as said, whoever made the meme should first test his theory on an uncharted island. I don't need a doctorate in economics to know it&…

It's Time To Rewrite The Song "American Junk" Into "Yellow Party Junk"

Do you remember how Danny Javier once was the lead singer of the song "American Junk"? It's time to rewrite the song into Yellow Party Junk. Here's how it'll go with new narrations in honor of Javier's support for President Rodrigo R. Duterte:
Leave me alone to my new world devices
I don't need your stupidity
You just want to use my mental resources

And you leave Filipinos poor and in misery
Third world blues is what you've got
Troubles, yes you've got a lot

(Yellow Party Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
Yellow Party Junk) Get it out of my system
Yellow Party Junk)
I can only take so much
Yellow Party Junk)
Gotta get out of who I am

You call it OPM
I call it pollution
You music I now see on my television
(OPM Top 40)
Why is it now I can only sing
In Taglish language that you people bring
(In Tag-taglish, in Tag-taglish)
Why is it now that they only
Play OPM music on TV and radio
It's been so long since I had
A glance of what I think I shouldn't be

So Your Favorite Sources For The "Facts" Are Komiks, Pelikulas And Perhaps Teleseryes Made By The Biased Media?

It's really time to target on one part of anti-intellectualism in the Filipino society is where in the world do they get their sources? One could guess that they come from biased media presentations. Instead of looking for documentaries they want to use komiks, pelikulas (movies) and teleseryes as their source to back up their claims. 
Do you remember the comics that Mar Roxas made called "Sa Gitna Ng Unos"? I hate to admit it but I met a few people who were 18 and above who decided to use the comics to defend that Mar is the superhero of Yolanda. He even had the audacity to say that its based on what really happened when it isn't. I even thought about this one that I don't think any Manga publisher in Japan will ever produce a comic based on the Roxas comic except to make a parody of it. 
I'm still reminded of the Flor Contemplacion Story even if it's already 22 years. The reason is because that B.S. movie is probably used as a valid source to hate Sing…

Why The Dysfunctional 1987 Constitution Should Go Kaboom First

It's quite unfortunate that Richard Gordon himself who I admire also has said that federalism can't work immediately and that the Filipino attitude must change first. Just like President Rodrigo Duterte, I also don't agree with everything Gordon says. Sure Gordon is right when it comes to not being "pro-poor" and he got mad with David Guerrero's tagline. Now it's time to think about the whole getting rid of the old system. I hope that this reaches Gordon and he can see his mistake. This is just like I support President Duterte but his supporters must criticize him when he's wrong.

I remembered how I discussed with the K+12 program during one of my conversations with a college professor. I was asked by him, "What do you think of the K+12?" I soon said, "We need to change the attitude of people first." Then I was told, "That will take forever! The Philippines is too used to associating the Pinoy identity to enjoy their blunder.…

Happy Birthday Leni Loud Robredo

Yes, this blog wishes Leni Loud Robredo a happy birthday but not in a good way. Today is her birthday and here's here last minute "birthday gift" from Making It More Fun in the Philippines. I am wishing her an explosive birthday.

How's her performance to the eyes of common tao observers like myself? Instead of focusing on her supposed job as vice-president (I hope the recount happens soon to prove or disprove the accusation she won by cheating) she's just doing pictorials and pa-epal. She was given her job as housing czar but what did she do? I guess she was procrastinating instead of doing her job. Now she even thinks she can get away with blaming Bongbong Marcos for the impeachment rap against President Duterte.   Do I need to graduate from political science or get a doctorate in law to understand that she's not fit to be vice president? Do I need to be an economics major to understand that she needs to understand how Yellow Economics doesn't help beat …

Leni Loud Robredo's Statement She Ran For VP To Avoid A Marcos From Returning To Power Is Simply Stupid

It's not really surprising that Leni Loud herself is well, loud. It's not surprising that she is already saying that she ran for vice president to prevent a Marcos from coming back to power. Here are the lines that Leni Loud herself also said that she won fair and square. But if she did win fair and square why is she against any possibility of a manual recount? Hmmm her words are eating her up aren't they?

Here's why Leni Loud's getting more and more irrelevant. Here's what GRP Shorts is addressing to Leni Loud:

Hoy, Boba! Haven't you learned yet that the Marcos card doesn't work on the Filipino people anymore? Besides, Bongbong's case against you in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is advancing as it should and he doesn't need you to be impeached. You being impeached is immaterial to his case, it has no bearing whatsoever to PET.

[In reference to the ABS-CBN News report Robredo tags Marcos as hand behind impeachment bid.]

And if you'…

My Imagined Hypothetical Scenario That The Liberal Party Would Attempt To Do Another Light-A-Fire Movement

It just entered my head would the Liberal Party attempt to redo the Light a Fire Movement which happened during the Marcos Years? Think about how much of sore losers the Liberal Party members have become and if worse comes to worse, it might be time to light a fire for them. It reminded me of the whole movement where the late Esther Paredes, Jim Paredes' mother was involved and the late Cory Aquino foolishly pardoned her. I haven't had a whole picture of the Light a Fire movement but it definitely wasn't heroic.
Here's something that Get Real Philippines wrote about the Light a Fire Movement and the hypocrisy of the anti-Marcos movement:

The bomb blasts were deadly and were clearly meant to kill people as much as destroy high profile targets. One bomb exploded in Rustan’s department store in Makati killing one American tourist. Another exploded at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) while then President Ferdinand Marcos was in the building.

Indeed, in …

The Liberal Party And Its Supporters Would Rather Divide The Nation Than Unite With The Opposition For A Higher Common Cause

I read one of the latest posts from Get Real Philippines called "Four aspects of Filipino society that are unlikely to change, even in a Duterte presidency". Here's one thing that struck me the most. I could take not of this because I tend to become a political retard myself:
One can see this in our political scene for the longest time. Rather than getting to the mundane task of building a nation together, Filipinos would rather stew in the past. If their candidate won, they become sore winners; they just can’t stop gloating, and they assume that just because their side won, then they don’t have to win their non-allies over, that they will just bend over and obey. If their candidates lost, there is no moving on from that. They focus their energies instead, on waiting for the winner to make a mistake, so that they can pounce on it.

Unfortunately, Filipinos combine this behavior with an inability to accept valid criticism, and an inability to see past personalities, and tak…

The Super Lousy Tagalog Dubs Done By ABiaS-CBN And GMA-7

I remembered watching a lot of Tagalog-dubbed non-English foreign shows during the 90s. Who could remember watching Filipino-English or Tagalog-dubbed Anime or Tokusatsu assuming they were born in the 90s? I grew up and discovered the wonderful world of Tokusatsu fan subs. That moment just made me think that I couldn't appreciate the dubbing. While dubbing is okay (like the American dub of Animes are still good) but a lot of dubbing done by Filipino oligarch networks really turn out super bad.
Here's an example of that one. Did you remember the time when GMA-7 aired Kamen Rider OOO? This is just one example of how bad the dub really is. It's almost lifeless and Eiji Hino sounds like he's either having a toothache or a cleft lip when he doesn't have those defects. Just sitting through even ONE EPISODE of Kamen Rider OOO dubbed was so awful. Is he a superhero or is he a zombie? The dubber makes Eiji sound like a zombie. 
Here's a clip of Kang Chi. Who in the wor…

Filipinos Shouldn't Even Care If Kris Aquino Is Going To Hollywood Or Not

WTF! I don't know whether or not this is even worth a headline that Kris Aquino is supposedly scheduled to appear in a Hollywood movie. Is this another tabloid or fake news from the Philippime Dumbing Daily, the Non-Inquirer or Crappler or is this giving me another reason to avoid most American media? So what's the big deal?

Trending Topics Today reveals that Kris may have written this on her Instagram account:

For a year, I experienced rejections. A part of my spirit broke. There were two shows I lost because hiring an Aquino for TV was a political risk not worth taking... But something happened March 23, 2017- a Tony & Grammy award winning Broadway producer, Jhett Tolentino contacted me through Cong. Len Alonte and Manang Nene Chan. He was helping a Filipino-Chinese-American agent friend of his reach me to ask if I'd want to audition for a big Hollywood studio movie about to start filming.

Is Kris really confident and that delusional to think that she'll automatic…

Teleseryes Are So Bootleg In Terms Of Quality

While bootleg in legal terms would mean anything that's not a licensed reproduction but the term itself has been defined by Online Slang as cheap, second-rate, displeasing or something that's too old and ratty even if they're not illegal reproductions based on any show. Some of them may not be based on anything but they're still bootleg due to the quality of the show. Some people end up calling a show bootleg not because it was an illegal reproduction but because the quality feels like it was an unlicensed reproduction or it was just so horrible you could compare it to pirated versions of authentic brands.

How bootleg (or cheap) are teleseryes in terms of quality? If you've seen the scene above from Palyang Robin Hood from GMA-7 then you'll get what I mean. That stupid water gun looks like something that I could buy from a sidewalk vendor instead of a toy guy from a toy distributor. It's almost like a commercial for a toy gun from a sidewalk vendor than som…

Stop Demanding For An Equality-Ran Society

I always think of the use of the tale of two regimes in China. One was with Mao Zedong and the other was with Deng Xiaoping. You think about how the idea of "You're all equal." is fatal to the development of any country. After looking at how Mao ran China vs. how Deng ran China should at least give a situation to how the dream of equality can't be achieved.

Here's the situation we want to consider to why equality is not always achievable. Let's take a look at distribution by equality vs. distribution by equity. People who need more should get more support and people who get less support should get less support. In the third scenario, equality is possible because they can all see the game without the fence. But the first idea is how Mao ran China and it really led to terrible consequences.

The flaw of the equality model vs. the equity model 

Mao's China lost motivation to work because you get paid the same whether you work or not. Deng's China worked bec…

Raissa "Gaga" Espinosa-Robles Should Be Charged With The Misuse And Abuse Of Her Right To Free Speech

Just thinking about what WTF stupid statement that Raissa Espinosa-Robles is really annoying. I gave a thought that not listening to her can save anyone from autism or cancer. I suggest it's time to charge her with her misuse and abuse of her right to free speech. Some of these charges that can be used against her are libel and possibly both treason and sedition.

So what's the problem with her? Let's just think about this conversation between her and former APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes:

Screenshot taken from GRP Shorts

I don't agree with everything Get Real Philippines writes up but I could agree with them that Mrs. Robles has her selective outrage. So she says that the government is trying to denigrate the Philippine media and foreign media. This is a situation where she's calling the kettle black. After all who is trying to deceive the foreign media but the likes ABiaS-CBN, Non-Inquirer and Crappler all who do their Heil Aquino Empire. Only if ABiaS-CBN w…

How Teleseryes Promote The Pwede Na Yan Culture To Its Viewers

Teleseryes will never be world class nor will they really make big time to the foreign market. You can go ahead and get mad  t me all you want but teleseryes are part of the Pwede Na Yan culture. So how are teleseryes really part of the pwede na yan? Here's how it goes:
Basta may script tayo pwede na yan

Good writing or seeking to improve one's writing has never been part of the teleserye trend. Sure Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Japanese drama, Korean drama, Taiwanese drama, etc. do have their bad moments but the difference is they keep learning from their mistakes and bad seasons are pretty much 1 out of 10/100/1000 compared to teleseryes. Teleseryes just submit the script for the sake of having a script.

Basta may mga artista na magpalabas pwede na yan
There's really no real priority of getting actors who could act or at least help them in how to act better. The TV stations could care less as long as there's a cast to carry out the teleserye. One good example is how oft…

What If Nagpapakako Sa Krus Si Mar Noong 2016? Binoto Mo Na Ba?

I decided to write on a hypothetical event that could have happened last 2016 wishing that it really happened. I imagined that Mar "Palpakman" Roxas the very source of inspiration for Shippaiman would have dared to carry out the penitensya. Sure, it was just a hypothetical question at best on what if Mar would have allowed himself to be crucified then would you vote for him? My answer would still be a huge no.

Let's just say that Mar really allowed himself to be crucified last Good Friday of 2016 as a publicity stunt. The outcome may just be as bad if not worse than all his publicity stunts combined. It may not only win him more ridicule but his popularity rating would have dropped. Maybe he thought that allowing himself to be crucified on a Good Friday would get him votes but the results were pretty much the opposite. Instead, it backfired making people hate him even more.

The comedy that could happen to him being unable to bear the nails as they pierce his hands and f…

What Leni Robredo And Leni Loud Have In Common?

I guess it's time to call Leni Robredo as "Leni Loud" after the character in The Loud House. What do Leni Robredo and Leni Loud have in common? They're both fashionistas who have almost no clue of what's going on. Although Leni Loud is made dumber than usual because The Loud House is a sitcom but you can't deny that Leni Robredo does have things in common with Leni Loud.
I can't forget these words by Leni which I read from the Non-Inquirer
"Kailangan lakasan pa rin namin ang aming mga loob. Kung sa palagay namin hindi kami sang-ayon sa polisya ng gobyierno, lalakasan ang pagpahayag ng pagkontra , dahil tingin namin isang mahalagang elemento ito ng isang demokrasya (We should be braver. If we think we don’t agree with the government policy, we make our opposition louder because this is an important element of democracy),"
There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. Bravery means facing your fears. If some very stupid people fear ever…

Eight Reasons Why Teleseryes Will NEVER Make It To The First World Foreign Market

If you think teleseryes will make it to the first world foreign market think again. You have to be awfully delusional if you think that teleseryes will be world class. Here are eight reasons why teleseryes will NEVER make it to developed countries. Plus, every decent Pinoy who hate these teleseryes may pass this around to piss off teleserye viewers.

1.) Terrible one-dimensional characters whether it'd be the heroes or the villains 

Characters in teleseryes are very one-dimensional characters. There's the problem of too many stereotypes that keep getting played over and over again. Examples of these leading character stereotypes are the poor hero in love with a rich girl (and yet he's not even worth fighting for because he's a bum) and the rich daughter who must follow her heart even if the poor guy she's in love with is not worth marrying because he's a lazy bum. It's very typical also to see that the rich are flamboyant never mind that lifestyle is not alw…