Reckless Driving - It's More Fun In The Philippines!

After reading this post from GRP Shorts, I really want to write this post about Failipino drivers.  Nothing has been more annoying than the idea of motorcycle drivers and car drivers who choose to be Failipinos.  It's really a problem that the Philippines is just so full of people who don't even follow simple guidelines.  This is also the problem of Failipino drivers are here and there as they ruin the day of decent Filipino drivers who love to follow guidelines.  For them, guidelines is nothing more than repression of freedom or as some call me, I adhere to dictatorship because I call for discipline.

I could share my experience of how it is to drive among Failipino drivers.  It's just like I made a wrong turn, they laugh at me perhaps because I didn't do it on purpose like they did.  But that is just a preview of how horrible they are.  I could share the horror of what it is to be driving among Failipino drivers who never follow guidelines.

The common bad practices of Failipino drivers whether it's the public drivers or the private drivers.  When it comes to road practices they do stuff like overtaking, not obeying traffic lights, purposely taking the wrong turn, shifting lanes without warning, honking their horn at a person who's in hazard status, speeding beyond reasonable limits and just stopping anywhere they want either to pick passengers or just to do nonsense.  I guess that's why they laugh at people who take a wrong turn by mistake because they take a wrong turn on purpose.  Most of the time, they usually end up getting away with what they do no thanks to a culture of impunity.  Even if a proper traffic enforcer decides to charge them for their civil offense accordingly, you may consider that the Commission of Human Rights may just defend them instead.

I have observed some bad practices that are somewhat exclusive for taxi drivers considering they are metered while jeepneys are not.  I remembered how a taxi driver refused to let me ride because I was a citizen but he freely let some American guy ride.  Another incident are the taxi drivers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which con passengers for a huge amount of cash... still more fun in the Philippines, Mr. David Guerrero?  I also experienced how at one time, a taxi driver purposely took a long route to get a huge amount of cash.  I guess these taxi drivers are so spendthrift that they want huge money immediately without realizing their practice is risky for a steady cash flow.  If you think of it, if you take all your passengers at the right place at the right time... you get more cash flow but no, those idiots never come to think of that.

Not to mention, a lot of them also just throw their garbage anywhere or use the public place as their toilet.  Ugh, I am disgusted to think how they urinate here and there or some of them poo here and there.  I also think about how it's offensive to think that while you're driving you are distracted by pieces of paper or paper cups that hit your window.  No wonder traffic is very hard to manage and please don't give me the excuse that traffic is a sign of economic growth.