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Mar Roxas' Flip Flopping Anyone?

The picture above from Showbiz Government shows how Mar Roxas had changed his stand last year 2000 and how fifteen years later (?) as who might be President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" C. Aquino's successor, I really must say that this guy is a flip-flopper. First he wants to start basic economic reforms to open up the economy then later, he thinks the Constitution is not our stumbling block? I just wonder what is this guy thinking when he thinks that it's not a priority to remove the Anti-FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) from our constitution. Please, don't give me Heneral Lunatic's stupid excuse since I wonder how much of history has that guy studied, if he did it must be from history books from DepEd which are very biased. It is true that protection needs to be offered to local businesses but not at the cost of employment. 
What might be worse is that many Filipinos are also lacking knowledge in even basic economics. The natural law of supply and demand is beyo…

A Nation Filled With Mostly Lazy People Deserves A Lazy Ruler

Do you remember the story of Juan Tamad? Although I've only read the story where he gets away from his laziness and becomes a diligent man, most of the stories he's been known for are his being lazy like when he told the crabs to go to his house rather than bring them home. The same goes for President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino III who might be best described as "Noy Tamad" if we have Juan Tamad. The funny Photoshop above may show what kind of people are common among many Filipinos.
I still remembered the old campaign garbage that said, "Kung walang korupt ay walang mahirap." or "If there are no corrupt people, there will be no poor people." Isn't getting out of poverty your OWN responsibility? If you look at developed countries that are still in power, they do not get the poor out of their poverty and the poor must get out of their poverty. If certain poor people in developed countries were corruption index is so low …

Toady Casino's Selfie Shows How Hypocritical Or Self-Contradictory He Is!

Well this slapped pass by me but looking at this picture, Toady Casino has really exposed himself as a hypocrite in this situation but this is not the first incident. Taking a look at many of these ultranationalists, they protest against anything that does with opening up the economy. They are upholding the stupidity of Sariling Atin Only mentality. But in the midst of his ultranationalism, they are actually contradicting themselves with the fact that they are acting like as if they aren't using anything foreign or born out of foreign influence
The same goes for Toady himself. If he is so against progress, he and his friends should have not taken a selfie in the first place. Filipinos did not invent the camera nor are there any cameras made in the Philippines and don't give me the excuse Filipinos work in that factory, the brand of that camera is not Filipino either. Smartphones that allow you to take selfies are a result of progress. To even pose this selfie on social medi…

Those Annoying Filipino Leftists/Ultranationalists Just Hate To Follow Rules, Don't They?

Just take a look at this meme of the protesters against APEC. If one is travelling along the roads, just look at all the vandalism they do to public properly. I would understand that there is freedom of expression but like any freedom, there is a limit. Just because I have the freedom of speech does not mean I have the right to shout or speak when it's not called for. 
These activists are really displaying that annoying trait many Filipinos have namely their refusal to follow simple guidelines. If many Filipinos just keep refusing to follow simple guidelines then don't expect progress. Looking at the leftists, many of them just hate to follow rules because they think having strict rules like Singapore is being draconian. These guys tend to appeal to the slogan of David Guerrero which which may have promoted a culture of impunity. A lot of Filipinos have the tendency to have a dysfunctional sense of freedom as shown by the picture. They are also fond of promoting the victim ca…

These Memes Show How Ignorant And Stupid Those Ultranationalists Can Get!

It's something to use social media to promote ultranationalism which is an act of hypocrisy. Face the facts - Filipinos DID NOT invent social media, the Internet, gadgets, etc. and neither are they made in the Philippines and why in the world are ultranationalists still using them? I thought they hated foreigners and only want Pinoy Pride? Oh boy, be ready for all the contradictions!
This meme using Alma Moreno is trying to dismiss any progress in the Philippines due to foreign investment. For starters, I don't even want to endorse the Elizabeth Taylor of the Philippines as a Senator. I am already sick and tired of seeing how often many Filipinos keep voting for STUPID PEOPLE into power. Instead of voting for more qualified people into power they instead choose people based on winnability instead of credibility. Looking at this annoying meme, I am really getting ready for the possibility that Kris Aquino may be president someday.

Going back to the meme, to say that the Philip…

This Pinoy Is Not Ashamed To Work As A Janitor While Studying In Australia!

Remembering that incident several years ago of some Filipinos who were complaining about the "offensive" Hong Kong textbook that called Filipinos as "domestic helpers", now here's somebody Ic an proudly call a "bagong bayani" or "new hero". This is a Pinoy who works in Australia as a janitor and he is not ashamed to do menial work unlike some butthurt ultranationalists who whined about that textbook. What did they think Filipinos are? Rulers of the world? Get real
Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys are nothing more than whiny crybabies who are occupied with their Pinoy Pride. It's a sad fact really but a lot of Pinoys belittle manual labor which I might give credit to their "haciendero mentality". I noticed a lot of Pinoys tend to belittle menial tasks and even if it's a Pinoy authority that tells them to pick up the piece of paper, they show how "tough" they really are. It's no wonder why progress does not come …

The Statement "You'll Never Be Cheated In The Philippines" Is A Blatant Lie

Even after Mr. Banh the Vietnamese had returned home safe thanks to Singaporeans who helped him out of his predicament from a tourist trap store, this comment came to my mind because of the Tanim Bala incident, now for that same stupid comment that I shared in a very old post I wrote last year (which included Mr. Banh):
It's pure harassment, swindling, robbery, holdup, to a foreign tourist who came from a 3rd world country. Do you think they will do that to a foreigner who came from a developed country. Is this a normal practice in Singapore that they don't explain 1st to the customer the way the warranty should be charged. I said harassment because they threatened the customer that they will not give $600 refund if he call the police. In UNITED KINGDOM, warranty is optional but they charged it 10% of the selling price good for 1 year. 
I thought Singapore POLICE is very tough when it comes to customer complain much more Mr Banh is a foreign tourist? Mr Banh the next time you s…

The Tanim Bala Scam Is No Joke

Until now, I can't still forget what some person really said like, "You'll never be cheated in the Philippines." to some Vietnamese who got conned in Singapore (but the situation is now solved). Now it's time to talk about one very hot issue called the "tanim bala scheme" going on. If this goes on, Philippine tourism can die down which in turn will also hurt the economy.
Looking at the "tanim bala scheme", here's how it works according to ABS-CBN News which I don't really trust and I take their news with a grain of salt...
This has to be an inside job due to how effective and efficient it's been going on. What happens is that they look at the potential victim perhaps those who they deem has a lot of money.

Some Stupid Ways That Many Filipinos May Die From Their Willful Neglect To Follow Simple Guidelines

It's really a problem that a lot of Filipinos refuse to follow even simple guidelines. When I'm asked, "What good did you do for the country? You're not a hero." but I can always raise this up that I try my best to follow simple guidelines. Guidelines are commands - they are not merely suggestions. Whoever thinks they are merely suggestions really needs to consider their own well-being because people can die from their willful neglect to follow simple guidelines.

If people can get harmed because of people who refuse to follow guidelines, then people can also die as a result of not following simple guidelines.

Here's a few examples of how people can die for not following simple guidelines which I hope I can expand this list:

1.) Traffic mishaps 

The road is one huge source of disasters. A pedestrian can die when they are run over by a speeding car because they crossed the road when they aren't supposed to. A person can die as a result of drunk driving. A r…