Mar Roxas Should Show Leadership And Management Skills NOT Become A Transformar

When I think about the tasks above, now I don't think it's degrading for any rich guy to do some manual labor as a form of exercise.  The issue is not Mar Roxas doing the menial tasks that many Filipinos tend to look down at but that he has become almost anything but a good leader.

It just reminded me that a group of laborers is never effective without a good leader.  For example, the boss arrives to the spot of the laborer.  He doesn't necessarily do painting for lifting of sacks.  Even if he may try to experience what the others are experiencing and to know how to lead properly.  When the boss is there to instruct everyone then the laborers become an effective work chain.  Let's just think when the boss divides them by groups to do specific tasks.  It's just like how factory effectiveness can be determined by how tasks are divided and assigned among laborers.

What Mar Roxas needs to show us is not that he can become different workers but how he can actually lead the workers to be more productive.  We have seen him paint, we have seen him do basic work... now he must show how he can be an effective leader towards people and not just do basic necessary tasks.


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