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It's Stupid To Blame President Rodrigo Duterte For Maxine Medina's Loss!

Here's a picture from the anti-Duterte organization known as "Change Scamming" that seeks to discredit President Rodrigo R. Duterte for the Philippines' loss in the Miss Universe pageant. This raises the question on what does the loss of Maxine Medina and the victory of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach have to do with the presidents? The answer is nothing at all. Pia Wurtzbach was definitely not a winner thanks to the Liberal Party. It was just timing that got the Philippines to net the Miss Universe crown during Ms. Wurtzbach's time as a candidate. The analysis is stupid because what in the world does the president have to do with the losses or wins of Filipinos who compete in international competitions?

Kung Hei Fat Choi: Eight Reasons Why Mainstream Chinese Films Are Usually Better Than Mainstream Filipino Films!

Don't get me wrong there are some Filipino films that are worth a watch. Some of them like "Anak" can make you think about what's going on. There were a couple of good Filipino film oldies that had real quality. But the problem today is the overflow of trashy Filipino entertainment. Before you start throwing the argument that I'm a traitor to the Philippines, I hate Filipinos or I'm racist... I'd like to backfire with, "Don't tell me none of those films you watched were filmed without the use of imported equipment?" as a counter-argument. Don't tell me that Filipino films are better "cause it's in Tagalog." because the spoken language has nothing to do with the film's quality compared to the plot, acting and just everything about the film. 
Let's get started with eight reasons why Chinese films are usually better than most Filipino films. Take note that I'd still trash any badly made Chinese film since I don…

Kung Hei Fat Choi: Mar Roxas As President Could've Triggered Philippines' Defeat Under China In Less Than A Day

I can't forget how I'm glad Mar A. Roxas isn't the current president of the Philippines. Some people right now wish that President Rodrigo R. Duterte weren't president. There are sore losers who claims that only Liberal Party could do a good job. Considering that it's Chinese New Year made me think this over that Mar as president could mean war between Philippines and China. Before you shout Pinoy Pride then here's something you need to think about whether or not the Philippines is ready to beat China. Some idiots may think they're manlier than the Chinese men but in reality they're just cowards. Not that all Filipinos are cowards but sad to say a lot of them have grown to be cowards no thanks to the telebasura culture. That's not a good warfare tactic is it?

Kung Hei Fat Choi: A Lot Of Frustrated People May Want To See Noynoy Aquino And Joseph Pabaya Get Run By A Train Over Tonight!

Do you remember the cancelled, national would have been blockbuster known as Sagasa 2016? They promised that if the expressway from Baclaran to Bacoor were not done by 2015 then both Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Emilio A. Pabaya said they'd get run over by a train. Well it's an obvious hyperbole but one must realize the problems faced with the MRT. I bet many people wish that it really were a literal statement. 
One must realize how terrible the Metro Railway Transit was during the watch of Pabaya himself. Although his real surname is Abaya but you can't help but call him Pabaya due to his willful negligence. The MRT deterioration caused heavy traffic in Manila yet Pabaya has the nerve to say that traffic isn't fatal. As I said, I dare Pabaya to get injured and to get stuck in traffic and let's see if he doesn't die as a result. The MRT deterioration is making the life of the hard working Filipino even harder while giving habitually tardy Pinoys a justification to…

Kung Hei Fat Choi: Filipinos Should Learn How Maoist Economic Policies Brought China To Poverty

Since it's the night before the Chinese New Year then prepare for another insulting post towards those who are against Foreign Direct Investment policies. It's time to examine why Mao Zedong's economic policies were a failure. While he was a good military tactician in the Art of War but he certainly failed as a economist. Let's take a look back at the idiocy of Heneral Lunatic's meme which repeats the same error Mao did. A good study of how Maoist economic policies failed would help Filipinos understand the need to support the plan for economic liberalization.

My Reaction Towards Senator Leila Dilemma's Comments Against President Rodrigo R. Duterte's Reopening Of SAF-44!

I hope that I'm not getting overly emotional or angry. The fight that President Rodrigo R. Duterte is having with Leila Dilemma reminds me of the fight I had with somebody who's as nasty as she is. This just in GMA-7 News has reported this incident concerning Leila Dilemma's latest accusation that Duterte is trying to use Mamasapano incident to "cover things up":
Senator Leila de Lima on Wednesday accused President Rodrigo Duterte of using the Mamasapano massacre to cover up a leadership "crisis."

De Lima made the statement after Duterte said he would form a top level fact-finding commission that would reopen the investigation on the Mamamasapano tragedy, which claimed the lives of more than 60 people, including 44 members of the Special Action Force (SAF).

"The second anniversary of the Mamasapano incident is again being used by Duterte to divert attention from the crisis his current leadership is facing, rather than to actually give justice to the…

How Mar Roxas May Have Responded To Certain Disasters If He Were The Current President Of The Philippines

Since today is the second anniversary of the SAF-44 and due to a series of disasters that happened under President Rodrigo R. Duterte's watch, I decided to write this article on how Mar Roxas would have responded if he were president. The death of Jee Ick Joo at the hands of the Philippine National Police made PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa melt in shame. In fact, Dela Rosa even thought of resigning to maintain the integrity of the police force even if it wasn't his fault. But let's just think about how Mar Roxas would have responded to the disasters if he were president.
Let's start with the Davao City Bombing Incident. Let's just say that Duterte lost the candidacy to be president and had no choice but to return home to Davao City. I guess what he might do is go to Davao City and do more or less the same tactless remake he made in Tacloban City. Do you remember when he said "Your mayor is a Romualdez and your president is an Aquino."? It was a facedesk momen…

Mamasapano Incident Could've Been Avoided Only If Former PNP General Alan Impurisima Just Followed Simple Guidelines

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the Mamasapano Clash. The case shouldn't be declared closed and I'm afraid that many cases in the Philippines are still unresolved due to a weak justice system. Among these cases involve the late Ninoy Aquino's assassination (which Bongbong Marcos is willing to continue its investigation), the Vizconde Massacre (which Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II should try his best to also resolve it) and right now, the Mamasapano massacre is a pending case. Let's take a look at the whole problem with one person: resigned PNP Chief Alan La Madrid Impurisima. Just because the late Miriam Defensor Santiago had already died doesn't mean that the case should be declared over.

Butthurt Philippines' Short On Telebasura Productions

Here's a funny Butthurt Philippines clip (please click to enlarge or kindly open to another window) showing the possible step on how to make telebasuras. These four steps may actually reflect on what's wrong with the credit grabbing culture. This is going to be a pretty outrageous post so be ready for just anything. Remember you've been warned? Are you ready?

PNoy Pride Logic: Tragedies Not During Noynoy's Term Are Always Worse Than Tragedies Under Noynoy's Term!

It's time to examine the mind of the Yellowtards or PNoys to show how illogical they really are. It would be interesting that PNoys would now dare to say that the incident killing Jee Ick Joo is more "nakakahiya" than the whole Manila Hostage Crisis incident. But allow me to point out some differences that happened between the two incidents. Manila Hostage Crisis could have easily been solved but Noynoy took no action while he was nearby. General Bato Dela Rosa melted in shame over the incident. What might need to be pointed out that Alan Impurisima's term as PNP Chief left Bato with a LOT of responsibility to clean up the PNP due to a lot of corrupt cops that need to be kicked out. That's just a few things that I could name. Not to mention did you know that National Geographic featured the whole fiasco called the Manila Hostage Crisis

How Can The Philippines Progress If Too Many Filipinos Prioritize Petty Issues Instead Of Real Problems?

Based on this clip from Butthurt Philippines, one can see an illustration where a patient died because the nurse got distracted by something so trivial. I hate to admit it but it seems to be another point in common between many Filipinos and many Americans to focus on petty issues. Let's take for example one petty issue would be like a Star Wars vs. Star Trek fan war or KPop vs. JPop. What I want to tell them is "WALA AKONG PAKI!" to such people. It's not like as if a Star Wars vs. Star Trek (or anything similar) is a big issue or that the whole nation will die if either Star Wars or Star Trek will be shown at the cinema.

Did Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Just End Up Spilling The Beans?!

Do you remember Antonio Trillanes IV's failed coup that landed him in jail for a while? The coup was so short-lived that one could go ahead and question his abilities as a leader. That was just an example of how stupid Trillanes is.

This time, GMA-7 News has given a rather interesting take that he wants to have social media trolls held accountable. Here's what it says and read it for yourself:

To protect the public from misinformation, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has called for a Senate investigation on the proliferation of fake and misleading reports, saying authors and “social media trolls” should be held accountable under the law.

Trillanes filed Senate Resolution No. 259 urging the Senate committee on public information to conduct an inquiry on the proliferation of false, erroneous, distorted, fabricated and/or misleading news and information on social media.

“Instead of being a tool for empowerment, the social media has become a platform for political propaganda, deceit …

Will Noytards Or PNoy Pridists Please Form Their Own Separate State In Some Uncharted Island/s?

It entered into my mind that maybe it's more than time to tell Noytards to get out of the Philippines and find an uncharted island where they can form their own separate state. They could ask Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis to buy them an island or some uncharted islands, go there and they could go there and form their own separate state. For starters, the symbol of the Philippines is the Filipino flag and not the yellow ribbon. Filipinos may be alternatively called as Pinoys (and I hate the idea of using Pinoy as a negative word) but NEVER as PNoys. Pinoy is just a neutral term and there's a good Pinoy and a bad Pinoy. But the world PNoy should always be associated with words like thief, murderer and crook. The PNoy is the bad Filipino whose loyalty belongs to the Aquinos and not the Filipino

Those Annoying PNoys Just Love To Play The Blame Game

PNoys are indeed a constant source of trouble for every law abiding Pinoy who wants to see the Philippines improve, aren't they? The PNoy Mindset is that like former President Noynoy who was also called PNoy during his term (and I use that term to describe Filipinos whose loyalty is towards the Empire of Aquino) is the prevalence of the blame game. Since their mindset is PNoy First then it's only natural that these idiots think that everything Noynoy does is good and everyone else is bad. It's just like how that idiot Loida Nicolas-Lewis believes that only the clown Mar A. Roxas and Leni M. Robredo are capable of running the country. What's Mrs. Lewis going to say next? Kris Aquino should be president? Please Mrs. Lewis just shut up because you don't own the Philippines!

Who Does Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis Think She Is Anyway?

So there's the LeniLeaks and it looks like that it's real. So what if Leni Robredo was given a Steve Harvey declaration as the winner when Bongbong Marcos might be the real vice president? Right now, it looks like AMERICAN-Filipino idiot Loida Nicolas-Lewis is already acting like she owns the Philippines. She's calling President Rodrigo R. Duterte to resign so Vice President Leni M. Robredo can be the new president of the Philippines. This is really nothing more than her arrogant attitude and her arguments imply that she wants to tell Filipinos that she owns them.

I'll raise the issue that she's an AMERICAN-Filipino yet why is she acting and talking like she owns the Philippines? Did she buy the Philippines for an exact sum and was she even given authorization that says she's the owner of the Philippines? That really sounds utterly preposterous. FILIPINO-Chinese have more ground to talk for or against the president because they're part of the FILIPINO peop…

Just Because I'm For Foreign Direct Investments Doesn't Mean I'm For Nickelodeon's Plans For Palawan

Just hearing that Nickelodeon plans to build an underwater theme park in Coron, Palawan makes me cringe. Before you start shout, "See! That's were foreign direct investment will take us! They'll just exploit our country and our people!" All I can say to these whiners is "SHUT UP! Don't act like as if there aren't any abuses done by local businesses! I'm for foreign direct investment but I'm not for irresponsible acceptance which is as bad as protectionism! Both practices are bad for the country! It's all about balance! Get your facts straight!"
These economic neanderthals need to understand the limits of free trade unless they're just going to tell me to shut up because I'm just a "political analyst wannabe" or because I'm not an economist. Then it's time to ask, "Will you really listen to a real political analyst who has way more credentials when they will be the ones to speak to you?". Just because …

What Filipinos Can Learn From The Galactic Republic And The Galactic Empire

Trying to get more of Star Wars lore whether it's both the Legends storyline or the Disney canon (take your pick) one can see the differences between the two governing systems. In Revenge of the Sith, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine rearranges the Galactic Republic into the first Galactic Empire promising "long lasting peace and stability" but his promise didn't come true. By converting Coruscant into Imperial Coruscant, Palpatine's reorganization of the parliamentary into a unitarian government led to several years of failure and the eventual decay of his empire.

I.) Let's compare the Galactic Republic vs. the Galactic Empire's decision making structures

A Parliamentary System Could Have Ousted Noynoy Aquino For A Better Prime Minister

Here's one thing that I could raise up. I guess PNoy Pridists don't want a parliamentary system because it could have ousted Noynoy Aquino. Here's what CoRRECT Philippines has to say about the differences between the two systems:

In a presidential or separation of powers system, the chief executive, or the president, is elected for a fixed, constitutionally prescribed term. He or she cannot be forced by the legislature to resign,except for cause through the highly unusual and exceptional process of impeachment.Being directly elected by the people, the president has full claim to democratic legitimacy. The legislature is an assembly of elected representatives similarly enjoying fixed and constitutionally prescribed terms. As such, it cannot be dissolved by the president and possesses as much democratic legitimacy as the executive. Because of this essential characteristics, Linz has described the presidential regime as a system of “Dual democratic legitimacy” to emphasize th…

Many Filipinos May Not Really Understand Obvious Hyperboles

Do you remember the time when Noynoy Aquino said that he and Joseph Pabaya would allow themselves to be run over by a train or the time when President Rodrigo Duterte said he'd ride a jetski to China? I guess this is a problem right now between Dutertards (who put honest-to-goodness Duterte supporters to shame) and Noytards or any "-tards" have. It's the problem that they can't understand hyperbolic statements or hyperbole. A hyperbole is an exaggerated statement that's not meant to be taken literally. Sad to say but many people tend to miss the point that it was just an exaggeration. I guess it's all part of being emotional isn't it?

It's Stupid Trying To Open The Jar Of Progress With The Faulty Aquino Constitution

I considered that I would write about opening the jar of progress with the faulty Aquino Constitution as my first post this 2017. Before you comment please consider reading this post properly otherwise, you're just exposing yourself as a think you're so smart but you're so stupid and emotional type of person. Go ahead and write all the angry comments but none of them will be published here so look for some other place where the website is "brave" enough to accommodate your emotional outbursts. There are people who keep saying, "Noynoy is the best president ever! Ipagpatuloy ang Daang Matuwid!" then it's time to consider this sad fact: the PNoy First Policy caused the Philippines to fail. Noynoy had six years to implement more important reforms like the removal of the 60/40 policy but he never did. All the former president did was that he had to rely on sensationalism to make people believe that he's the best president ever.