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The Epals And Hypocrites Of Politics May Consider Crucifying Themselves This Good Friday

Somehow, I could not resist thinking of how epal candidates are. Mar Roxas himself had shown several levels of epal when he became a laborer, a tricycle driver, a traffic aide and painter to gain the attention of the people. Meanwhile, I remembered the joke I wrote that President Nobita performed the penitensya.  Now I thought it might be the most absurd thing if hypocritical and/or epal candidates may consider doing the absurd, that is the penitensya.

The act of penitensya means penance, or an act to do something to atone for one's sins though the whole meaning has been distorted by some Filipinos who took it to a whole new level of wrong. The Philippines had a practice of supposedly flagellating one's self while wearing a crown of thorns, get crucified and then go down from the cross after a certain period of time. It was even featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not. Pinoy Pride anyone? What I think would be interesting is if the politicians actually took their hypocrisy…

Lessons To Be Learned From The Three Drug Mules' Deaths Last March 30, 2011

After writing about lessons to be learned from Flor Contemplacion's 20th death anniversary, today is the anniversary of the death of the three drug mules namely Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva. May I begin my stressing some lessons that can be learned from the incident.

1.) The drug mule phenomenon itself is a rising problem among OFWs and note, they are NOT dupes, but they willingly did their part

While there are decent OFWs with a plan, but I have to admit there are more OFWs that remain poor. When I think of OFWs, they do earn more abroad but they end up spending all that hard earned money on stuff that they do not really need like video game consoles or worse, feeding the mouths of lazy fiends (friends) and/or relathieves (relatives). While in Singapore you may earn PHP 13,035.95 to PHP 16,294.93 a month but that means a lot of HARD work right? On the other hand with the spendthrift habits of OFWs that they spend their salary so fast, they want easy money ri…

With Tekken 7's New Filipino Character Josie Rizal, Expect More Failipino Pride Coming In!

Brace yourselves, Pinoy Pridists who can be alternatively called Failipino Pridists coming!  While I have NOTHING against Namco's new character Josie Rizal (but please DO change her surname), I am expecting a flood of Failipino Pridists.  Based on my experience, FLIPFAG nationalism is nothing more than a series of self-contradictions.  I will probably discuss on my experience before I'll start talking about this new character in Tekken.

Pinoy Pride always has its tendency to shift for convenience as we know it especially with the, "Sariling Atin Only" Mentality.  I remembered how I used to be in a FLIPFAG infested environment where people would say, "You should prefer only made in the Philippines." and even one "values education" teacher taught it like calling patriotism as, "Only buying your country's products." even to the point of taking Jose Rizal and Mahatma Gandhi out of context.  What made my FLIPFAG peers hypocritical was th…

Earth Hour Becomes A Huge Pile of B.S. Especially With FLIPFAGs' Dirty Habits, DEAL WITH IT!

Today is Earth Hour and heck, I am NOT participating in that stupidity because I should be environmentally friendly all year round. For example, I minimize the use of plastic, I practice recycling, I turn my biodegradable waste into compose for my garden, I use unleaded gasoline, I make sure my car is not smoke-belching, I don't litter and those simple practices are more beneficial than turning off your power for an hour right?

I just thought of how Ilda from Get Real Philippines wrote a similar post on Earth Day Fun Run was not so fun for the environment. Why did she write that post? I remembered the event had a fun run AND guess what, the run was hypocritical. I couldn't get over the sight of how FLIPFAGs are with their cleanliness habits. If you take a look at the picture on the left, you can see how hypocritical it was. If it's supposed to be a run for the Earth, look at what they did. They threw away all their paper cups and garbage JUST EVERYWHERE. Also, what may b…

Has March Really Become Victim Card Mentality Month In The Philippines?

It seems to be March is already victim card mentality month in the Philippines instead of victim card mentality awareness month. Why do I say that? I defense of my opinion, I would present some of my facts why I think March has become "Victim Card Mentality Month". I remembered watching "Magpakailanman" which had the story of the late Flor Contemplacion's daughter. Remember that the late Flor Contemplacion was given the death penalty for murder on March 17, 1995. On March 9, 2011 we would also witness the arrest of Flor's three sons the late Sandrex (who died in jail) and the twins Joel and Junjun were locked up for drug pushing. On March 30, 2011 then it happened that the three drug mules Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain (no picture) were executed in China after they were found guilty of drug trafficking after a three year investigation period.

Before the execution of the three drug mules, this video has become a huge mainstream and the …

Seven Things That Filipinos Can Learn from Singapore's Rise to Power

With the death of Lee Kwan Yew at 91 years old (my belated condolences to the person who made Singapore the way it is, he died three days ago), the Philippines can learn a lot.  Singapore started out as a poor country but thanks to the leadership of Lee Kwan Yew, the Philippines can improve.

Right now, the Philippines has room for improvement only if people cooperate.  If Singapore can do it, I don't see any reason why the Philippines can't do it.  The problem is always with Failipino Pride which every decent Pinoy or Filipino must combat at a daily basis in one way or another.

The Philippines can copy these stuff from Singapore in order to achieve more progress:

1.) It's time implement strict rules against offenses like littering and peeing anywhere.

Never mind if FLIPFAGs will say stuff like, "I will kill myself if I had to follow rules like that."  Do you know why Singapore is very orderly?  It's because of rules that put a huge fine on them.  When you ca…

A Wrong Sense of Optimism Won't Help the Philippines!

The biggest picture of the wrong sense of optimism...

I had previously written on the subject of how David Guerrero's STUPID SLOGAN is creating a culture of dysfunction, now it's time for me to write on the issue on the wrong sense of optimism. It is good to have optimism and it is good to have hard work. You can have hard work without optimism and optimism without hard work. Optimism is defined as the "the feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future".

However what we must watch out for is the wrong sense of optimism. While it's necessary to be optimistic but it does not stand alone. Optimism is just one component of success, you cannot just have optimism AND then leave the rest behind. Success is a case-to-case issue, not something than you can just instantly get and bingo. Just like baking a cake, there are many factors that determine whether or not you will succeed.

Optimism without doing any hard work to improve one's situation

I remember…

Why Local Networks in the Philippines Should NOT BE DUBBING EVERYTHING INTO TAGALOG!

Above is a badly done clip from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive which was dubbed into Tagalog by yours truly, ABiaS-CBN. But ABiaS-CBN is not the only culprit of doing that but also almost every local network in the Philippines. Why is that that anything that's already been in English has been freaking dubbed into Tagalog?! I can understand why Anime, Tokusatsu and the like get dubbed into Tagalog but come on, must the TV stations dub even English shows into Tagalog? I remembered how I partly learned English through watching American TV shows and the Bioman English dub as a child, so really why are TV stations dubbing everything into Tagalog? Back in the 90s, I was able to watch Tagalog-dubbed Japanese shows and American shows in their original English thus allowing one to master the national language AND the international language.

I remembered back in high school how I read the Failipino leftists would say that one must get rid of English and we discussed it over in an Englis…

Marcoses VS Aquinos Is An Aliens vs. Predator War: Regardless Who Wins, We LOSE!

The latest Aliens vs. Predator movie... starring President Nobita and Senator Bongbong now in theaters!

While I am skeptical of any alleged charges against the late Corazon Aquino or the late Ninoy Aquino, however the problem has to do with the Marcos vs. Aquino war as of recent. It's an Aliens vs. Predator war between the Marcos loyalists (those IDIOTS who keep insisting that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos years were the best years when it is NOT) and the Aquino loyalists who are making incompetent members of the late Ninoy's clan as leaders because... of Ninoy Aquino (especially that dimwit President Nobita Aquino and the perverted Senator, Bum Aquino). I am writing this right now because some people are already thinking of giving President Nobita Aquino a second term while others think Senator Bongbong Marcos may be the best bet for 2016.

Freddie Aguilar could sing "Anak" and go to jail for singing it to President Nobita...

Now let me get this straight. The late Cory…

Commission on Human Rights Under Etta Rosales In The Philippines Is Nothing More Than Stupidity

The position that Etta Rosales holds as the Commissioner (better called Konsomisyoner) of the Commission on Human Rights is really nothing more than stupid, stupid and STUPID. After I read that the Mamasapano Tragedy was not a massacre (from ABiaS-CBN), I am amazed by how STUPID she really is. Stupid not because of her IQ (I don't care how high or how low it is) but she has willfully thrown away common sense in exchange for whatever agendas she has.
Meanwhile Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte calls her a bad example. All I can say is that, I agree with him even if I'm a bit skeptical on what negotiations he has with the terrorists in Davao. But as far as concerned, he is right to call her a bad example for not supporting Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista for slapping twice an arrested DRUG DEALER. Come on, if issues like drugs and the like arent' dealt with in Manila, how can it progress and attract more investors compared to other parts of the Philippines? I mean, the Visaya…

Crab Mentality And The Recent Mamasapano Tragedy

Crab mentality can be understood in a bucket full of crabs. Having had observed crabs whether it was bought by my late paternal grandmother or in a restaurant, I have observed how crabs behave. Whenever a crab tries to escape, the others would drag it down that is you don't want to see others succeed and you attempt to hog the glory for yourself. Likewise, I have observed it how often it happens among Pinoys that crab mentality is more common among them than not. It was just like somebody I knew how wanted to prove himself superior above others at the cost of his group suffering from a delay thanks to his arrogance. Come on, it's a GROUPWORK and everybody must contribute and cooperate, not compete against each other!

What I would like to point out was especially about the SAF Incident that I have discussed on the dinner table. The SAF Incident could have been minimized if not prevented if their was actual cooperation of the soldiers. Lt. General Rustico Guerrero and Major Gen…

The Need to Instill Fear of the Consequences of Breaking Rules is NECESSARY For A Better Philippines!

The problem of the Philippines is that a lot of its people do not know how to follow simple guidelines. As a citizen of the Philippines it does get annoying with how I face people who refuse to follow simple guidelines and worse, they enjoy breaking the rules on purpose one way or another. While I have done some offenses myself but I got a blue slip for a wrong turn not done on purpose or two, I got charged for jaywalking because I was walking on the streets while having a sudden LBM attack. We all make mistakes but the problem is when the mistakes are done on purpose.

The problem of Failipinos breaking guidelines (hence making decent Filipinos/Pinoys have a bad day at work) may spring out from not only a lack of penalties and fines like Singapore does it but also because people lack awareness of the consequences of their actions. Now before you cry out, "Foul! Dictator! Nazi! Communist! Go back to China you Chinese dictator!" or "That's Filipino, not Failipino!&qu…

Possible Foul Play Against One Direction's Concert Organizers by Philippine Government?!

First and foremost, I'm not a fan of One Direction but I feel that this is OPM protectionism at its worst again.  Just recently as I read from Phil Star, One Direction concert organizers are asked to pay PHP 400,000.00 worth of cash bond by the Bureau of Immigration.  Last year, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson were involved in a marijuana incident.  They already cleaned up their act to where they had offended.
So what's my reaction?  I am already suspecting foul play against One Direction for this reason...
If your remember last year, when the tickets got sold out, there was a mini-chaos that ensued in SM Mall of Asia.  It was the first time that it happened that people lined up that LOOOOONG just to get a ticket and were willing to spend a ticket that's super duper expensive.  Nobody ever went that crazy over OPM in the past.  Rather than innovate, one has to think that the Failipino culture always begs for protectionism rather than to see to be competitive.   Again, I am…

When Will Failipino Activists Learn That Rallies and Protests To Save Failipino Criminals Abroad ARE USUALLY USELESS and MORE IMPORTANTLY, UNETHICAL?!

"Blessed Flor Contemplacion, deliver them on the hour of their death..."
After recalling the events of Flor Contemplacion's 20th death anniversary the other day, I thought about the drug mules' death anniversary is this March 30 and it has been four years. I would like to address the STUPIDITY and FUTILITY of Failipino activist groups like Migraine International, Bobo Muna, AkBobo, Gabriela and the like in their rallies to save guilty Failipino criminals. Some crazy fat blog Murican said about this matter as, "That's what makes life worth living in the Philippines, a people who stands by their citizens no matter what." It's not surprising he said that considering the fact he'd rather trust criminals instead of law enforcers, saying law enforcers kill for no reason and criminals kill for a reason. To be honest, I'd avoid any stupid confrontation with that fat blob whenever I can but still use him as an example of people who adore FLIPFAG stup…

Lessons To Be Learned From the Flor Contemplacion Incident in Singapore Last March 17, 1995

Considering it's the 20th anniversary of Flor Contemplacion's sad story -- I would like to write about the lessons that can be learned from the Flor Contemplacion incident in Singapore. Forget about the screwed up film called "The Flor Contemplacion Story" where the late Flor's twin sons Joel and Junjun appeared as themselves. Instead, I will focus on the truth of the story on what can be learned from the incident.

1.) Economic protectionism has created the OFW phenomenon

Again do I need to keep repeating myself that OFW phenomenon does not mean that Filipinos are taking over the world? It happened during the Ramos era which is a post-Marcos era. To Marcos loyalists, I'm sorry to say but the Marcos years laid the foundations for decay in the Philippines one way or another. Economic protectionism was enforced from 1972, reaffirmed in 1986 and it still continues as of present which creates a lack of jobs, therefore forcing Filipino to serve foreign masters on …

The Possible Dangers of a Jejemon Bitay Presidency This 2016!

Yup the Bitays have completed their political dynasty!
If enduring a 2010-2016 administration led by a man-child is already bad enough, Jejemon Bitay as president may be even worse. Why do I think it is worse? The Bitays are no better of a political dynasty than the Aquinos. Jejemon becomes vice president, then do expect the Bitays to get away with their crimes. I mean, Mayor Junjun Bitay is a corrupt mayor, Senator Nancy Bitay's cake scam is indeed not worth the cake, you know everything about the Bitays would be very bad.

Why do I think Jejemon Bitay is skipping investigations? I do suspect he is really guilty. It's just like when Pink Lacson fled away, he must have had some charges. Running away instead of facing the investigations can be used as proof of Jejemon Bitay and his family are guilty of the scams they are accused of. After all, didn't the Bitays accumulate so much wealth as a political dynasty in the first place? Just because I'm against Aquino does not m…

President Nobita's Administration Threatens Free Speech TOO MUCH!

I have to be honest but his late father Ninoy Aquino said these words, "You can end the man, you can imprison his body, but you cannot imprison his soul.  And as long as man will refuse to be defeated, you are never defeated."  The late Ninoy fought for freedom of speech and two, he may have given Malaysia what was rightfully theirs.  Remember the Marcos years?  Those years were not the best.  Now even the Nobita Administration is not the best as Get Real Philippines reveals that he threatens to crush his critics.

So what's the reality of the Nobita Administration?  Remember the Anti-Cybercrime Law?  The Anti-Cybercrime law wasn't really a law to stop cybercrime, it was more of political vindictiveness because of people who were pretty much angry with President Nobita's incompetent ruling.  If anybody can remember the 2010 incident, some people had already gone mad with President Nobita's refusal to apologize to Hong Kong for the botched incident which strai…

How Can the Philippines Achieve Progress If FLIPFAGs Ignore EVEN SIMPLE TASKS Such as Cleaning the Place Up?!

Looking at this picture at the Makati City Hall left by Bitay followers (since Mayor Junjun Bitay is also facing corruption charges too and I believe every Aquino guilty should be locked up as well), one can see a real dysfunction of the Failipino or FLIPFAG culture in the Philippines. This is a really horrid sight for any decent Filipino/Pinoy who does his/her part to be a decent citizen by adhering to proper guidelines. The incident shows just what kind of culture is really prevalent in the Philippines. Typical Pinoy or better yet called the FLIPFAG because Pinoy is just a neutral term while FLIPFAG is meant to be an offensive term, sad to say there are more FLIPFAGs among Pinoys than there are decent ones among them.

So what do dirty places tell us about Failipino culture? Failipinos who think that they are the greatest race in the world which can also be called the "haciendero mentality". Remembering the incident when ABiaS-CBN somehow sensationalized when Mr. Tsip Chao…

Wake Up! The Philippines Isn't Ready to Beat China!

A clear picture of China beating up the Philippines so easily!

I thought about a stupid Youtube video (with that idiotic Tsinoy, President Nobita) that claimed that the Philippines can beat China but oh really?  I can't help but die laughing at the video because the current state of the Philippines is way much different than the time Douglas Macarthur set foot.  The Philippines today thanks to the Marcoses and almost every succeeding administration is a losing country.  Douglas Macarthur may have had impressive Filipinos under his command but today, the Philippine Army is already a weaker force and it needs to be SERIOUSLY MODERNIZED.

During the Mamanosapano incident, the Special Action Force of the Philippines resulted to the death of at least 44 officers, the whole event was a fiasco especially with stupidity involved.  The Philippine Army is not the same Filipinos who were known for bravery and courage.

The Stupidity of Nobitards is SO AMAZING

Nobitard logic is amazingly stupid one way or another.  As if the 2010 incident of President Nobita Aquino refusing to apologize to Hong Kong for the botched Rolando Mendoza incident weren't enough.  Now it's time to take a look at the current problem of the SAF killings to negotiating with terrorists, what in the world is he thinking?!  Now it's time to look at the logic of Noytards one way or another.  I would like to talk here as neither a pro-Marcos or a pro-Arroyo since those sides aren't good either.

For the Noytard, the Aquinos are always good because of Ninoy's legacy.

That logic had created necropolitics. Why did the late Cory become president? All because the late Ninoy was shot by one of Marcos' parties. Why did they vote for President Nobita in spite of his lack of achievement?  It was because he is named Benigno, after his late father. One must think that the late Ninoy although he did the right thing by giving up Sabah to Malaysia (it was THEIR ter…

Why President Nobita's Blaming Of Gloria Arroyo Won't Help The Philippines

The Nobita Aquino administration in one picture...
First, I would like to address just because I am criticizing the current performance of President Nobita Aquino or that I speak against Kris Aquino demanding for a separation of Kris and State, DOES NOT MAKE ME A PRO-MARCOS OR PRO-ARROYO. I am here to be more rational than those Aquinotards or any form of political retardation by pointing out the facts.
Okay I will not deny that Gloria Macapagagal Arroyo herself has her own faults but that does not make President Nobita a saint. Looking at how the whole administration of President Nobita was, much of its rule was always blame Gloria, blame Gloria and blame Gloria. Not even Gloria had the habit of blaming Joseph "Sherap" Ejercito Estrada that much, as to go as far to give him a pardon (although Sherap should have served more jail time for the jueteng scandal). But Sherap's jueteng is not much compared to President Nobita's mismanagement of funds like the DAP and PDAF …

The Problem of Too Cool for School Attitude in the Philippines!

Education itself is pretty poor in the Philippines. There is the problem running among FLIFPAGs that some of them have the problem of thinking that they are pretty much "too cool for school". I used to think that the problem is exclusive among the wealthy but I was wrong. During my College days, I met a couple of people who were not even rich but they would waste their time in school doing stuff like not attending classes, not cooperating with group work, not doing their homework, etc. which for me is probably a result of undisciplined upbringing. Why do I say that? It's because I'll admit I used to be a slacker but my parents though they didn't demand that I get honors, still would scold me if my grades were pretty poor. It pretty much paid off because by College even if I didn't get honors, I was more or less concerned about my own studies.

I could remember some stupid troll (who thinks he's that smart) who would heckle me and say that he's there t…

Five Good Reasons Why The Idea Of A FLIPFAG Welfare State Philippines Is Stupid

The welfare state of the Philippines is already developing...

I wrote on how Failipino culture punishes the diligent Filipino and rewards the lazy Failipino, I can now write on why the idea of a welfare state Philippines is stupid. It's already bad enough that the Philippines has become so lenient on squatters, refuse to do relocation programs and squatters become beneficiaries of sorts. For one, I even dare to believe that among Filipinos, the Failipino/FLIPFAG sub-group wants to have a welfare state where the government takes care of their needs.

It's time for me to discuss FIVE good reasons why a Philippines that's a welfare state for Failipinos which in turn destroys the diligent and hardworking Filipinos who keep the country alive:

1.) You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity

I remembered the typical mentality that low income FLIPFAGs have is that they believe that the poor are oppressed and the rich are evil for simpl…

Most Pinoy Localization of Imported Shows: What's Wrong with Them?

Okay let me get this straight that there is NOTHING wrong with the idea of localization. For example, Toei needed to have Super Sentai localized as Power Rangers if they wanted to reach the American market even if they had to share profits with Haim Saban, Disney and as of late Haim Saban again. However a lot of Pinoy localization itself can be notoriously stupid and badly done which I can show a few examples.

Before you accuse me of being "anti-Filipino" and "that Chinese scum who should go back to China" PLEASE READ EVERYTHING FIRST OR YOU ARE JUST A POINT MISSER!

Zaido... Pulis Pangkabobohan!

I remembered how Zaido came in to GMA-7 as an unofficial sequel of the Space Sheriff Trilogy. While it was an authorized show by Toei but I cannot deny that the show itself was full of bad writing, too many fillers, slow-paced, etc. It's not an excuse considering GMA-7 aired Kamen Rider which has a TV drama format... they could have made Zaido a weekly show, try to lear…

It's Time to Stop Giving Too Much Emphasis on Celebrity Misfortunes!

Last year, I could not forget the Vhong Navarro incident where people were treating his case as if it was so special, as if there weren't any other worse victims.  Yesterday, Jam Sebastian who sadly died of cancer, the whole country mourns for Jam Sebastian's death by stage four lung cancer at 28 years old.  I do admit it is a tragedy for the Sebastian family and his fans.  However what is wrong is when one gives TOO MUCH emphasis to it.

The death of the 44 Special Armed Forces soldiers was a much sadder event thanks to a stupid chain of command from President Nobita down to resigned PNP Chief Alan Impurisima who said he just gave an advice, not orders.  The SAF were trying to defend the country at the Mamanosapano Incident.  Those were 44 soldiers whose families were deprived of the breadwinners as a result of the slay incident.  That matter is a much bigger, BIGGER problem than the death of Internet sensation Jam Sebastian.

If I am to take a look back at the past, it also re…

The Ultranationalist Disease in the Philippines!

The problem I am talking about is the problem of Pinoy Pride or better called as Failipino Pride which usually results to the problem of a wrong sense of nationalism. Being Pinoy is not bad and just because one is a Pinoy, the automatically become Failipinos or FLIPFAGs. A Pinoy can become a decent Filipino or a Failipino depending on his or her choice. The problem can we when the Failipino becomes the ultranationalist which I call them the "Pinoy Nazi". No decent minded Filipino would ever embrace any Failipino trait especially if it's the value of a Failipino sense of nationalism but instead they embrace healthy Filipino nationalism. All these ideas are no better than the Tokugawa Era of Japan or the Maoist Era of China.

Let us take a basic view of Failipino nationalism as a warped view of being a nationalistic Filipino. Perhaps the most basic of Failipino nationalism is trying to do the bad stuff that quickly (and unfairly) generalize all Filipinos like habitual tardi…

Like It Or Not, Poverty in the Philippines Breeds Malnutrition for Many Filipinos!

I still can't forget that stupid Murican who said something like, "How I envy the poor. The Filipinos are happy in spite of being poor. I don't care if I were dirt poor and living on the streets, that we have to dig for food in the trash cans as long as I have lots of kids." It's quite different from the idea that if all you want is a child born but not a child fed and a child educated, you are not pro-life, you are just pro-birth. Likewise, one has to think of it that poverty is not a situation you can laugh at.

A concrete picture of malnutrition can be seen in the poverty scenario. Unlike the poor of the developed countries like Singapore and Taiwan where they can afford the basic sources of protein, fiber and carbohydrates, most poor Filipinos cannot. Looking at the poverty scenario of the Philippines, it can be seen that the poor cannot or do not even meet the needed ratio of nutrients from their meals.

Depending the level of poverty in the Philippines, it …