The Failipino Activists And Failipino Pridists Are Deluded To Think The Philippines Is Ready To Beat China!

It's annoying to how these Failipino activists have their nonsense of Anti-Americanism but they have social media accounts, Facebook like pages and websites. After they protest against America you have them protesting against every foreign nation which is hypocritical. Don't tell me that they aren't using any foreign stuff. It really sickens me to think how these people have their stupid idiotology of Pinoy Pride better called as FAILipino Pride because they are taking pride of their failures, instead of learning from them. I want to ask them of how they even plan to beat China without the aid of American military equipment and reinforcements from other countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries that may be victims of the dragon's bullying. Are they even sure that they can win against China's huge army and modern equipment? I really applaud that other countries are aware they don't stand a chance against China but the Philippines is full of stubborn people who think we stand a chance no thanks to the stupid Failipino Pride they willfully choose and follow.

When I think of one military mishap after the other, I can only think of the stupidity of Failipino Pride. I hear some people say that if they get help from the American army, their Pinoy Pride will be ruined. Wow, it's really pure stupidity to say that they won't receive help all because their Pinoy Pride will be ruined?! I simply laugh at the idiocy of these people who think that our country can stand against China itself. I mean think of how the Mama Si Papa Napaano Incidentwhich claimed the lives of 44 soldiers, the botched Manila Hostage Crisis, the inability of the Philippines to even take care of the Abu Sayyaf... and now they are bragging they can beat China? They are really deluded to think if they can defeat China without U.S. help, proper equipment for defense and proper military training. I really have to applaud their arrogance and stupidity in this situation.

Their stupidity is rooted with how the Philippines cannot stand against China alone or two, if they think their Pinoy heritage would help them defeat China. They can go ahead and flash the flag that says, "FILIPINO PRIDE" or "PINOY PRIDE"... maybe they can march with really ill-equipped weaponry, they can go to battle unprepared, they can go ahead and say that fate is with them but again, they are marching to their deaths. A small army can win if they have a proper plan and proper equipment. However the problem of the Filipino army is a lack of both proper planning and proper equipment. I really wonder if our soldiers can last against well-trained Chinese soldiers and they couldn't even handle the Abu Sayyaf problem that has plagued the country for too long. If they think they can defeat China's army with with their stupidity, they have to be dreaming or if they think that they can scare China with their placards, THINK AGAIN because the Chinese Army massacred a lot of people in Tiananmen Square in one easy blow and what makes them think they are any different? If Pinoys were invincible or the most powerful race in the world, then explain the deaths of Filipino soldiers here and abroad!

Plus do they think we can win with a Sariling Atin only mentality model? Today, I even view the Philippines to be full of whiny losers and the amount of Filipinos who aren't is just very few. China's army is not just about firepower.. they are also a group of fully trained in severe conditions type of soldiers so don't expect them to just have firepower. They want to have more money for the economy but they reject foreign investors in fear of invasion. That whole ultranationalist mindset is another good reason why the Philippines has economic overprotectionism which destroys a reasonable amount of free trade. If anybody wants to blame free trade to why the United States is going down need to think outside of the box. There are many factors why a country goes down like government overspending of its resources, natural disasters one after the other (ex. Japan), high crime rate and economic imbalance like economic overprotectionism. Again, where is their brain? Did they sell it at If then, let me buy their brains because they willfully sold it away!