Lessons To Be Learned From the Flor Contemplacion Incident in Singapore Last March 17, 1995

Considering it's the 20th anniversary of Flor Contemplacion's sad story, I would like to write about the lessons that can be learned from the Flor Contemplacion incident in Singapore. Forget about the screwed up film called "The Flor Contemplacion Story" where the late Flor's twin sons Joel and Junjun appeared as themselves. Instead, I will focus on the truth of the story on what can be learned from the incident.

1.) Economic protectionism has created the OFW phenomenon

Again do I need to keep repeating myself that OFW phenomenon does not mean that Filipinos are taking over the world? It happened during the Ramos era which is a post-Marcos era. To Marcos loyalists, I'm sorry to say but the Marcos years laid the foundations for decay in the Philippines one way or another. Economic protectionism was enforced from 1972, reaffirmed in 1986 and it still continues as of present which creates a lack of jobs, therefore forcing Filipino to serve foreign masters on foreign soil, rather than foreign masters who are bound to Filipino laws. In turn, OFW families are causing family problems and lack of bonding

2.) The OFW phenomenon has become some kind of escape route leading to family estrangement

Allegedly, the late Flor's family was already broken to begin with when her husband Efren (who is now in jail with current live in partner Violy) alread had an affair. She may have left for Singapore to escape a bad marriage. No sooner did the whole problem start to estrange the whole family as the twins Joel and Junjun could not recognize their mother when she returned after some time. They should have solved the problems at home first.

3.) OFW spending habits aren't exactly smart spending habits

While I do not know the real scenario of the late Flor's spending habits or family, it's highly possible that the family didn't even spend the money properly. Allegedly, her husband and the third party used the remittances for their shenanigans. Maybe, just maybe the children used the money to buy stuff that they did not really need instead of the stuff they really need. What must also be understood is that a lot of OFWs remain poor because of poor spending habits and bad work habits.

4.) Flor Contemplacion was really proven guilty by Singapore's competent investigation standards

Again, OFW means Overseas Filipino WORKER and they are bound to the laws of whatever country they are in. When the late Flor was verified guilty based on the evidence after a three year investigation period, she had sealed her fate. Singapore was very careful to make sure that they do not execute an innocent person whether it's their own citizen or foreigners. Investigation was done for three years. Forget about the scene in the movie where the late Flor was tortured by the cops, Singapore also has STRICT RULES against police brutality.

5.) Standing by your guilty citizens is USELESS

When you do the crime, you do the time and that's it. Just because the offender was a foreigner does not mean that the laws of their country will prevail on the foreigner. In whatever country yo are, please follow the rules. Most developed countries will not care about any form of pleading and rally whether it'd be from the civilians or the government of that offender's country. When Michael Fay broke the rules, he got what he deserved despite ex-president Bill Clinton's pleas for pardon on 1994 so what made Filipinos think the late Flor will also get pardon? In fact, two prisoners tried to stand by the late Flor but it was useless as truth was now made clear that their fellow mate was GUILTY.

6.) FLIPFAGs make heroes/heroines out of the wrong people

After the execution of the late Flor, instead of accepting the fact she was guilty of a crime, she was instead declared a heroine. Not long after, a screwed up film based on her was created with plenty of fabrications and malicious lies against Singapore. The syndrome continued later on in March 30, 2011 when Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain were executed in China after a three year investigation for drug trafficking. Instead of condemning the wrongs of guilty Pinoys, they choose to condone to it. I wouldn't be surprised if leftist politicians will want to make her the national heroine of the Philippines.

7.) The victim card mentality is prevalent in the Philippines

The whole incident from start to end showed the prevalence of victim card mentality. They want to present the world that Filipinos are an oppressed race. After the late Flor was wrongly declared a heroine for her rightful death sentence, one cannot deny how the victim card still continues. Every time a Filipino commits a crime abroad, the Failipino sub-group among Filipinos draw their victim cards then condemn decent Pinoys who refuse to stand by that guilty Filipino.