Most Pinoy Localization of Imported Shows: What's Wrong with Them?

Okay let me get this straight that there is NOTHING wrong with the idea of localization. For example, Toei needed to have Super Sentai localized as Power Rangers if they wanted to reach the American market even if they had to share profits with Haim Saban, Disney and as of late Haim Saban again. However a lot of Pinoy localization itself can be notoriously stupid and badly done which I can show a few examples.

Before you accuse me of being "anti-Filipino" and "that Chinese scum who should go back to China" PLEASE READ EVERYTHING FIRST OR YOU ARE JUST A POINT MISSER!

Zaido... Pulis Pangkabobohan!

I remembered how Zaido came in to GMA-7 as an unofficial sequel of the Space Sheriff Trilogy. While it was an authorized show by Toei but I cannot deny that the show itself was full of bad writing, too many fillers, slow-paced, etc. It's not an excuse considering GMA-7 aired Kamen Rider which has a TV drama format... they could have made Zaido a weekly show, try to learn Kamen Rider's pacing and the show could have turned out fine. But no, Zaido had to turn out so bad it looks fake even if it had legitimate licensing. Zaido is just one small picture of a bad remake.

For GMA-7 and ABiaS-CBN, they did remake some foreign shows. Now I have nothing against localizing something to a more Filipino setting as long as they add some original twists. I mean, Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango set in Taiwan instead of Japan. A localization, remake or adaptation in itself is not inherently bad but how it's carried out. GMA-7 and ABiaS-CBN usually end up making shitty localization of shows one way or another.

GMA-7's remake of Full House with All-Heart No-Brain Evangelista (who just married Cheese Escudero last month) really made the whole show a pain to watch. For one All-Heart No-Brain Evangelista is really, really OA and regardless which TV station has her (she used to be at ABiaS-CBN), she is a PAIN TO WATCH REGARDLESS. ABiaS-CBN's version of Lovers in Paris was nothing more than a bad remake as well. What went wrong? Inferior acting, too many fillers, overacting, toning down of plots and poorly placed plots make the whole show painful to watch. The localization of the shows were bad not because they were made in the Philippines but because of all the reasons I just stated.

The hypocrisy at the same time kicks in when they say that, "Anything that is Filipinized is superior over than its foreign original." appealing to the "sarling atin only" mentality. Why is that? First, didn't the show exist because it was INSPIRED BY FOREIGN INFLUENCE?! Again, I love to raise the argument that DO NOT TELL ME ALL YOUR APPLIANCES ARE FILIPINO MADE AND FILIPINO BRANDED?! Again, enough is enough... all that "protectionism" is just making things worse.H


  1. Murka does bastardize a lot of shows, but the Failippines is just a lot worse....


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