A Wrong Sense of Optimism Won't Help the Philippines!

The biggest picture of the wrong sense of optimism...

I had previously written on the subject of how David Guerrero's STUPID SLOGAN is creating a culture of dysfunction, now it's time for me to write on the issue on the wrong sense of optimism. It is good to have optimism and it is good to have hard work. You can have hard work without optimism and optimism without hard work. Optimism is defined as the "the feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future".

However what we must watch out for is the wrong sense of optimism. While it's necessary to be optimistic but it does not stand alone. Optimism is just one component of success, you cannot just have optimism AND then leave the rest behind. Success is a case-to-case issue, not something than you can just instantly get and bingo. Just like baking a cake, there are many factors that determine whether or not you will succeed.

Optimism without doing any hard work to improve one's situation

I remembered how more often than not that in the Philippines, people expect to succeed without hard work. It was stupid how I know somebody whose estranged husband wouldn't work if he wasn't immediately promoted which is plain stupid. I can also recall our former manservant who raises his lazy nephew or worse, the fact of why so many OFW families usually enter into financial problems or remain poor. I can say that these lazy people are optimistic but they are indeed lazy. At the same time, this kind of wrong thinking might explain why a lot of Filipinos end up becoming Failipino Drug Mules. Rather than work hard to get a buck, they want easy money to fall down which sadly had caused the well-deserved executions of Failipino criminals left and right in other countries who then end up being posthumously made "heroes" by Failipino activists.

Optimism without planning things properly and treating important stuff like they are just a game you can restart all over again

This can also be observed how often FLIPFAGs have optimism without proper planning that is, "I can do it." believing that they are going to succeed regardless just because they are Filipinos. I mentioned earlier about people who failed in either a comprehensive exam or board exam because they did NOT study. They didn't plan time to study or to attend the review classes or to request for one. I have observed how anything unplanned even in my own experience of success and failures, failure is usually minimized when planning is done vs. when no planning is done at all. Of course, planning also requires action and strategy (which looks at the plan deeper than it is to how the plan is better carried out) to work out but everything must start with a good plan to define what has to be done.

Optimism without the necessary talent like aspiring to be a good singer even when one has a terrible, terrible voice

Now it's good to have optimism but one must understand what talents one possesses. For example, my talent is in writing and that's where I must work hard the most. While I can certainly learn the basics of stuff like martial arts or music but I can never be an expert in fields I am not a master of. I may learn to do the basics of kung fu but due to my lack of that ability, I cannot truly become a true martial artist or I can learn the basics of dancing but because I'm not good at it, I cannot go beyond basic classroom dancing. Everybody has their own talents. Unfortunately some people cannot accept that they do not possess that talent and insist on doing on what they are weak at and when they fail, it can create a culture of laziness and crab mentality just because one hates one's assets and wants to have what the other has.

Optimism without knowing your limitations like a lack of certain positive attributes

Optimism to succeed without knowing your flaws is just as stupid as knowing your flaws and not having optimism to succeed, both must go together. When I mentioned about talent, I should also talk about limitation. An example of the problem might be with Alan Impurisima aka Bobocop who is now President Nobita's other scapegoat after Getulio Napenas. I remembered the time I said, "If you do know your are dumb, then why take a task you can't do?" Being dumb is not necessarily stupid... you are only stupid IF you know you are wrong yet you refuse to accept it or you refuse to accept your limitations. For example, why I refused to run for office even when I was offered to back in College was because I know I easily lose my temper and two, I knew I had attention deficit disorder and a certain degree of Asperger's that would limit my performance while I accepted the offer to write for the publication because I knew I was good in that area.

Optimism believing to always look on the bright side of life while doing nothing to improve one's situation

Sad to say but the whole Nobita Presidency can be summed up with the, "Pwede Na Yan" mentality or "That Will Already Do" mentality like, "You are still alive, that will do." and he just continues to say, "That will do." while not really taking care of the problem of the situation. While it does help to look at the bright side of life but it does not help to do it while doing nothing at all. What must be done is that while one must have an optimistic view, one must never ever let go of the aim to improve one's situation. Even if you cannot become a billionaire but at least make sure you do not sink into miserable levels of neediness.


  1. Actually, Corona is replaced by Sereno as the Chief Justice.

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