Seven Things That Filipinos Can Learn from Singapore's Rise to Power

With the death of Lee Kwan Yew at 91 years old (my belated condolences to the person who made Singapore the way it is, he died three days ago), the Philippines can learn a lot.  Singapore started out as a poor country but thanks to the leadership of Lee Kwan Yew, the Philippines can improve.

Right now, the Philippines has room for improvement only if people cooperate.  If Singapore can do it, I don't see any reason why the Philippines can't do it.  The problem is always with Failipino Pride which every decent Pinoy or Filipino must combat at a daily basis in one way or another.

The Philippines can copy these stuff from Singapore in order to achieve more progress:

1.) It's time implement strict rules against offenses like littering and peeing anywhere.

Never mind if FLIPFAGs will say stuff like, "I will kill myself if I had to follow rules like that."  Do you know why Singapore is very orderly?  It's because of rules that put a huge fine on them.  When you can't do obedience at a small scale, you cannot expect to do obedience at a huge scale.  Just think of all the problems that can come from if people are just allowed to litter, dispose body waste in public, pick flowers in the public areas, not flushing, bird feeding, water wasting and spitting everywhere?  Just expect all the bacteria, pests, insects and the like to spread disease.  Singapore becomes a very clean city thanks to all those policies.  If people learn how to follow guidelines, the Philippines can indeed get a step to progress.  I would also suggest caning should be put for penalties like destruction of public property to teach a hard lesson.

2.) It's time to open up the economy like allowing foreign investors to have 50% to 100% ownership in order to increase investments and employments.

I hate to be a broken record but I do need to KEEP EMPHASIZING to my countrymen that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion AND that, OFW remittances are not very reliable in the long run.  Singapore got wealthy with foreign investment and again, foreign investment means that anybody who invests in that country must BOW DOWN to the rules of that country.  If the Philippines has high foreign investment then it has a lot of foreigners bowing down to it.  On the other hand, if the Philippines has more OFWs than foreign investments then it has to bow down to several countries and NOT taking over the world.  If protectionism were removed, then more Filipinos will have more jobs and even if your boss is a foreigner, he or she still has to bow down to the Philippine laws even if he or she has 50% to 100% ownership.  Protectionism only increases cronyism and it started with the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. (that brat Senator Bongbong Marcos is wrong to say we would have become the next Singapore if it wasn't for his late father) and still continues under President Nobita Aquino.

3.) It's time to STOP pleading for the pardon of guilty Filipinos abroad and believe in "If you do the crime, you do the time" mentality.

The FLIPFAGs tend to use Flor Contemplacion as their patron saint or goddess of sorts whenever I mention Singapore.  They accuse the Singaporean government of being unfair and spread the word that Flor Contemplacion was an innocent domestic helper unjustly executed, even when the truth was, SHE IS GUILTY.  In Singapore, if any of their citizens foul up anywhere, there is no begging for pardon and they believe that anybody who does the crime does the time.  Contrary to accusations that Singapore does not punish its own citizens and uses Filipinos as scapegoats, they better read the Singaporean news where EVEN Singaporeans were given their just punishments.  I would suggest it's time to return the death penalty.  I would care less who enters the chopping board of the law if they are guilty of crimes worthy of death like massive plunder and drug dealing... and maybe that way even those illegal Chinese who deal with drugs will be executed.  Groups like Migrante International should be disbanded and outlawed as well.

4.) It's time to develop the culture of accountability and get rid of the cover-up culture and scapegoat mentality.

Singapore is progressive thanks to a culture of accountability.  The problem of the Philippines is that a lot of its people are thinking of only having fun and accountability ruins fun doesn't it?  As of late, the Philippines is ruled by a man-child in President Nobita who blames his predecessor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for everything wrong in his administration.  If people are taught to be accountable then they will commit less mistakes in the long run.  For example, if strict traffic rules happen, a person who gets a traffic ticket and gets fined for it will learn to be more careful.  If a person has to clean up his or her mess, he or she will be more careful not to repeat the mess.  However the Failipino view of doing things is stand by your guilty citizens, friends and relatives and not to be accountable for one's mistakes.  With all the covering up and condoning the sins of fellow Filipinos (who are better called Failipinos because they give Filipinos a bad name), it's no wonder why a lot of mistakes cannot be corrected.

5.) It's time to focus on a proper definition of human rights on who really needs it

Forget about that idiot Konsomisyoner of Commission on Human Rights (better called Criminals Have Rights) Etta Rosales a.k.a. Madame Victim Card of Akbayan who said that the SAF deaths was not a massacre.  One must consider the reality that a crime is a crime and that every guilty person must share the same prison like the Changi Prison gives NO special treatment to rich criminals.  It saddens me how wealthy criminals are locked up in luxurious cells or two, any wealthy crook continues to escape the law regardless by simply paying up the government while his arrested henchmen serve as scapegoats.  Also, it's time to raise up laws against squatting (and have proper relocation programs) and the need to repeal Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan's law on being too lenient to juvenile offenders.

6.) It's time to have a justifiable, fair tax system 

When you think of it in ASEAN, the Philippines ends up paying too many ridiculous taxes and as of current, you get 32% for a minimum income of PHP 500,000.00 no thanks to the Bureau of Internal Robbery.  Even worse, Kill Henares is really killing everyone with her "Tax, Tax Baby" system.  The Philippines needs to LOWER down its tax rate considering that it has a ridiculously high rate compared to its ASEAN countries.  If taxes are too high, that will encourage crimes like tax evasion, money under the table and protecting of robbers.  If taxes were justifiable that is not too high nor too low, the crimes I just mentioned would be avoided and more people would declare their income properly.

7.) It's time to get rid of any mentality of ultranationalism and Failipino pride and promote cultural harmony without having to split the Philippines.

With the recent Edz Ello incident, Singapore had not only apprehended Edz Ello but they have also sacked some Stinkaporeans (bad Singaporeans) who were writing anti-Filipino statements.  The Philippines should really have strong anti-racist laws and not abide by the Failipino double standard of, "It's okay to make fun of other races but not Filipinos" mentality.  If the Philippines can get rid of the feeling of ultranationalism, every person who is considered a Filipino citizen will be respected even if they are not Pinoys.  As a Filipino-Chinese, I did experience those annoying ultranationalist Failipinos who wanted a Philippines for Pinoys only.  If the Philippines had more anti-racist policies then certainly, it can become like Singapore.  Unfortunately, racist jokes against non-Filipinos seem to be very taken lightly by the Philippines as of late.