It's Time to Stop Giving Too Much Emphasis on Celebrity Misfortunes!

Last year, I could not forget the Vhong Navarro incident where people were treating his case as if it was so special, as if there weren't any other worse victims.  Yesterday, Jam Sebastian who sadly died of cancer, the whole country mourns for Jam Sebastian's death by stage four lung cancer at 28 years old.  I do admit it is a tragedy for the Sebastian family and his fans.  However what is wrong is when one gives TOO MUCH emphasis to it.

The death of the 44 Special Armed Forces soldiers was a much sadder event thanks to a stupid chain of command from President Nobita down to resigned PNP Chief Alan Impurisima who said he just gave an advice, not orders.  The SAF were trying to defend the country at the Mamanosapano Incident.  Those were 44 soldiers whose families were deprived of the breadwinners as a result of the slay incident.  That matter is a much bigger, BIGGER problem than the death of Internet sensation Jam Sebastian.

If I am to take a look back at the past, it also reminded me of similar incidents.  I had a classmate who was a die hard Kris Aquino fan.  She had frequent absences and her excuse was she was worried about Kris Aquino's marriage with James Yap was falling apart.  Instead of aiming to finish her practicum as needed, she chose to prioritize the misfortunes of Kris Aquino.  For her, Kris Aquino's problems were her problems and that finishing her College wasn't a priority.  It's really stupid isn't it?

It's indeed a problem that a lot of Filipinos act like as if the celebrities know them.  Whether it was the facepalming chaos in the SM Mall of Asia over that One Direction ticket or somebody who filed a fake sick leave to attend the Rurouni Kenshin press conference, the incidents are no better than the other.  It's okay to be a fan but please don't put make entertainment as a need, just treat it as a want instead!


  1. majority of filipinos ay utak-showbiz, paano aasenso ang bayan natin kung ang pagiisip ng mga kababayan natin ay showbiz-oriented? we can live without showbiz celebrities.

    1. You are right. It must stop. It's no wonder our political arena are ruled with incompetent idiots.


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