Five Good Reasons Why The Idea Of A FLIPFAG Welfare State Philippines Is Stupid

The welfare state of the Philippines is already developing...

I wrote on how Failipino culture punishes the diligent Filipino and rewards the lazy Failipino, I can now write on why the idea of a welfare state Philippines is stupid. It's already bad enough that the Philippines has become so lenient on squatters, refuse to do relocation programs and squatters become beneficiaries of sorts. For one, I even dare to believe that among Filipinos, the Failipino/FLIPFAG sub-group wants to have a welfare state where the government takes care of their needs.

It's time for me to discuss FIVE good reasons why a Philippines that's a welfare state for Failipinos which in turn destroys the diligent and hardworking Filipinos who keep the country alive:

1.) You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity

I remembered the typical mentality that low income FLIPFAGs have is that they believe that the poor are oppressed and the rich are evil for simply being rich. Just because one is rich does not make one evil and just because one is poor does not mean one is good. The problem of ousting the rich in order to legislate the poor into prosperity is stupid in this way. For example, where do the employees get their money? It's from the richer higher ups. Where do the richer higher ups get their work force? From the lower class. While not everybody can be rich but certainly, one can be out of poverty without necessarily becoming rich, that is the middle working class. If the rich didn't exist, then no poor person can get out of poverty and become middle class.

2.) When one person receives without working, one person must work without receiving

There is the problem of free riding in the Philippines. Just because the proverb, "Give me fish and I will have a meal for a day, teach me how to fish and I will have a meal for a lifetime." is Chinese in origin, does not make it inapplicable to the Filipino. The problem of paying people who do not work is nothing more than rewarding the lazy. In the process, somebody has to be robbed of their livelihood to support lazy FLIPFAGs. The system itself is stupid as paying people who sleep on their jobs and people who do their jobs properly; encourages laziness because you still get paid for doing nothing.

3.) The government cannot give to anybody that the government does not take from somebody else

The idea of a government that supplies the needs of the people for free is simply stupid. The system of taxation and fees was made because the government needs money to support itself but not that I support Bureau of Internal Robbery's Konsomisyoner Kill Henares' unjust taxation system. Taxes from revenue provide the government the money to operate. At the same time, the government must also avail of services from private firms if they want to get stuff like construction of roads and bridges, power plants and the like to be done. The government must first get resources from the people in order to give to others.

4.) Wealth is never multiplied by division

It doesn't take a genius mathematician or economist to figure out that wealth is never multiplied by division. After all 5 x 2 is 10 and 5 / 2 is 2.5. When you divide, you get smaller numbers which makes the idea of multiplying wealth by division as absurd and not to mention very stupid. In an illustration, one may think of a single serving of pie. If there were 5 people, the slices would be bigger and if there were 20 people, the slices will have to be much smaller. Wealth can only be multiplied by increasing effort to accumulate it so everybody gets a bigger piece of the pie in the long run! Like if I made more pie because there will more guests, everybody gets a bigger piece than one pie for many guests right?

5.) When half of the people think the do not have to work because the other half will take care of them, it creates a lazy population

Like it or not, life is based on mutualism and not parasitism or give and take, a value FLIPFAGs hate to do. The idea of one half doing all the work and one half being slaves is again giving the idea it's better not to work than to work because I get the same benefits right? In the long run, only a few people will work and will continue to suffer injustice in the process. The free rider system is created which in turn, diminishes the production workforce which in turn diminishes both quality and quantity. If too many people kills a workforce then again so does too few people also kill a workforce.


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