The Stupidity of Nobitards is SO AMAZING

Nobitard logic is amazingly stupid one way or another.  As if the 2010 incident of President Nobita Aquino refusing to apologize to Hong Kong for the botched Rolando Mendoza incident weren't enough.  Now it's time to take a look at the current problem of the SAF killings to negotiating with terrorists, what in the world is he thinking?!  Now it's time to look at the logic of Noytards one way or another.  I would like to talk here as neither a pro-Marcos or a pro-Arroyo since those sides aren't good either.

For the Noytard, the Aquinos are always good because of Ninoy's legacy.

That logic had created necropolitics. Why did the late Cory become president? All because the late Ninoy was shot by one of Marcos' parties. Why did they vote for President Nobita in spite of his lack of achievement?  It was because he is named Benigno, after his late father. One must think that the late Ninoy although he did the right thing by giving up Sabah to Malaysia (it was THEIR territory to start with) but Noynoy had done nothing at all.  Ninoy was the one who did all the fighting against the Marcos dictatorship, not Noynoy. Unfortunately after the late Ninoy's death, people just voted for his relatives just because they were related to him with little or no achievement. Also for Senator Bum Aquino (who looks like a pervert), I guess nobody bothered to look at his business awards and just voted for him because he looks a lot like his late uncle he never met at all. They fail to realize good kings can also sire bad sons too!

If you are not for President Nobita, you are for Gloria

Looking at how more often than not that former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is President Nobita's scapegoat. Nobitards more often than not love to play the logical fallacy called false alternative where alternatives are restricted even if there is more than one or two possibilities. It is not all the time that we are locked up with just one way or another. In life, there are cases where we are restricted to having to choose and there are times you do not have to choose. Just because I now oppose the very person I voted into power doesn't mean I am siding with Gloria who should also pay for her crimes during her administration. Nobitards just love to say that everything is Gloria's fault, just like their idol President Nobita.

If you are opposing even just ONE Aquino, you are immediately supporting the Marcoses

Now just because I oppose a certain Aquino does not automatically mean I support the Marcoses nor do I want Bongbong Marcos to restore his father's dictatorial legacy. Having Bongbong Marcos for president is equivalent to voting for another spoiled brat. Again, this is false alternative to have it that just because I oppose an Aquino that I am automatically Marcos. I mean, I can go ahead and support Bum Aquino while I am opposed to President Nobita. Besides, one must remember that the late Cory's cousin Eduardo Cojuangco was a Marcos crony himself.

President Nobita is leading everyone to the straight path

While everybody makes mistakes, Nobitards somehow treat President Nobita as if he's never wrong (and agree with him on that everything is Gloria's fault). What they ignore is that aside from the Rolando Mendoza incident and SAF, in between are the unethical DAP, PDAF, protection of his cronies, not doing a thing about floods, heavily unmanaged traffic (which is NOT a sign of growing economy) and the MRT still left unchecked (and again blame Gloria all over again), all these are taking us to the path of No Direction.